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2044300078the telephone was blocked. Guest12015-11-04 21:53:11
2049826934 Guest42016-05-01 22:00:44
2042608267this moron claims to become my boyfriend LolaGuest12015-11-04 21:59:11
2044803978Said were from DATGuest162015-11-04 22:11:11
2047201296Invoice collectionGuest32016-04-04 14:56:07
2045881947Called my cell phone left no messageGuest62016-04-03 18:34:28
2044960493credit card processing BS. . . Guest32016-04-03 18:02:21
2044805061Owner is a machine just if you call back it could only record and it happens every daytime . I 'm not that just Individual that feels annoyed. You personally get told to hold the line for just one Second to Chat to some Representative and then it hangs up. If you telephone back it only records a message. Never does it state who it's Or Firm name or any other data. Please take these pranksters off your line. thank youGuest22015-11-04 23:02:11
2044771088Express send message to call back at that Amount above. Guest32016-05-24 00:04:56
2044305562block the Guest72016-05-23 02:48:27
2043186111Scamming Individuals from moneyGuest42016-04-07 11:34:24
2045876331Mad old guy keeps calling repeatedly wrong number. Guest32016-04-03 06:54:33
2049898235SpamGuest122015-11-04 23:53:12
2048816994Only static on line when it goes to VIM Subsequently W sec later cuts away. JJ32016-04-09 07:16:21
2044219130Serve me and have me arrested at my job in W hoursJody Lonzo72016-04-10 05:11:12
2045140989Quit calling its not funnyyan72016-05-22 14:39:25
2045583331this Individual is harassing meGuest22015-11-05 00:58:11
2042338856Calls all the time. A telemarketer. We 're so tired of the constant harassment that we probably will not have a acreage line in the next Home. . . Guest12015-11-05 01:07:11
2049952278Unwanted calls Hares singGuest42016-06-16 19:28:35
2049898996a few Manitoba assholesGuest152015-11-05 01:53:12
2048968306many scam attempt at a chanceGuest42016-02-15 21:48:49
2047202269becoming on my nervesGuest42016-04-06 05:32:01
2049898997Crazy BIGuest42016-02-17 17:57:50
2042290570wrought numberGuest42016-05-23 04:46:32
2047464586time wasterGuest12015-11-05 02:19:11
2043095294this was a unsolicited phone I knew it was from India and he said he would become giving me a Check and when he asked type my date of birth I said would you personally enjoy my bank details Additionally and do you personally think I am Mindless and he became abusive so I Installed upGuest82015-11-05 02:20:11
2048808730keeps calling threatening me along with legal actions. . . significant thick foreign accentGuest32016-05-23 19:57:34
2044828001W W EST Fake prefixnot answering72016-05-22 20:55:47
2046979025Royal United Mortgage calling me out of a Site form I partially filled Outside. Guest42016-05-23 04:27:50
2049898239Telemarketing phone for vigor Linked Merchandise. Shows Owner as Victrola. Guest72016-04-04 16:03:52
2048968321JerksGuest62016-06-16 21:33:21
2047746463this guy is trolling around on back page for escortsGuest62016-05-23 06:36:03
2049772275same matter happened for me I listened for the whole sepal Supplied an outdated credit card for them they pushed and pushed me for a fresh Amount. I called my credit card Firm and they attempted to charge me numerous times. This is a SCAM. Guest82015-11-05 03:30:12
2045876325they r annoyingGuest12015-11-05 03:50:11
2040372642ID FWYGuest62016-04-04 23:31:44
2048135998Invoice collectorGuest22015-11-05 04:01:11
2047208180telephone at 3 W 'm out of W W W using RogersGuest12015-11-05 04:04:11
2049951058do not a answerGuest12015-11-05 04:12:12
2049872044Calls and hang upGuest72016-03-23 06:50:35
2045146122Received text message quot I understand where you live. . . quot at W PST on March Th W. Guest32015-11-05 04:22:11
2042355030Phishing using a card I do not haveGuest12015-11-05 04:36:11
2046702243he said the was his workGuest32016-04-04 15:46:33
2045881945No message. . . unknown Guest32015-11-05 05:13:11
2049847608Call for muchGuest62016-03-18 13:20:23
2046702233HackersGuest12015-11-05 05:20:11
2044305561Brand new Company Address W E. Pacific Coast Road W Seal Shore CA WGuest72016-05-23 05:55:27
2049838620unblock 1 W WGuest72016-04-16 23:59:20
2047920421loserGuest42016-05-23 04:24:39
2042728029Debt CollectionGuest62015-11-05 06:14:11
2043889253exGuest52016-05-22 05:23:50

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