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2068665789I got a text and they wanted me to chat on yahoo IM at lilygirlie2. Wouldn't answer any questions. It's a scamPsage752016-07-08 07:46:35
2069051445This caller is calling within reference for your Government looking to file a litigation. I will be informing the Irs today. Guest602015-11-04 17:32:54
2068556759THEY LEAVE A MESSAGE The Government IS Processing Fit AGAINST You personally. Do not Telephone THEM BACK. SCAM SCAM SCAMGuest462015-11-04 19:15:49
2068015286Irs recorded message about being audited and supposedly Seeking for phone back immediately for avert Jail time. Guest102015-11-04 17:43:49
2068835104I vie been becoming calls out of that number as well they never leave a message the ID Merely says Framing Pork. Eileen42016-04-28 00:36:35
2062012314Gives no name as for who he is or who your call is for. Says he s quot Officer Burns. quot But it sounds like an automated message. . . . They said quot If you don t return the phone and if I don t Notice from your attorney either your only matter I can do is I want you personally an excellent Fortune as the Condition badly enfolds on you personally. Thank you personally. quot Do not be fooledGuest492015-11-04 20:54:26
2063171315Individual previously mentioned they Needed my private information and I would receive a free W People Authorities Grant. Guest102015-11-05 05:32:30
2064456235Definitely a scam Firm. I was unfortunately Taken within after Around your Th phone they made to me within one day they State they're a quot Microsoft Technology support Business quot and they quot Stadium t Marketing anything quot . They know your Windows certification code and come out of Seattle Region so sounded Maybe legit. They access your computer to tell you personally that your own Microsoft Guarantee is expired and that your own computer can Close down within a few days because of all that Malawi you have on it. Then comes your Message that for a 2 year Guarantee of just W. W they will mend your computer for you They became very pushy and that's when I shut them down on the Telephone and computer. Nothing new installed that I can locate. I find that today they're trying to telephone again. Gee sh. . . Don t reply this really is definitely a scam. Guest312015-11-05 06:32:38
2068556967Government scam. They tell you personally that you owe them a lot of cash. Also state they can become giving agents for your House. Guest612015-11-05 07:01:49
2067079969I got that same telephone on my phone and it was Boost mobile doing a survey seeing how I liked my Telephone. . . Boost person72016-04-04 13:14:47
2064892414This Amount continues for phone me. They state that I owe taxes and that I have for have a legal dept for symbolize me. They actually left a message and told me to phone back. It was a guy along with a strong accent. This Amount Isn't Actual. This Individual is Only Attempting for get money from you personally. BLOCK From Your Telephone. . . I did report the for the policeGuest132015-11-05 10:27:39
2062012523Ditto to zap hod above. These Men must be Simply starting this phishing run now as I got an email about the E trade thing as nicely just minutes after zap hod reported his. I would 've been more impressed if they had Truly given a toll free number but it would still 've been an Clear phishing scam even Afterward. Man these guys are Simply thus stupid. . . Zenster42015-12-16 13:31:30
2066934547asked for George and I said wrong Amount she attempted for get me for present data about myself. phishing scamGuest302015-11-05 14:07:46
2064062736You personally vie got it right there. Block or don t reply ALL calls from the W are code the code of scampers. John62015-12-21 01:35:54
2063557408Got this message but was sure not for Actual as don t think anyone like BMW would have my number within their books. Jen32016-03-03 11:53:51
2062518517Left a message on my express send but did not state what that telephone was Around or what Firm they were from. Guest32016-04-04 23:54:36
2068701290Actual Man did not need to leave a message. Inquired for company owner and when they would be available. Sparks62016-05-22 20:46:47
2068555239this is a scam asserting for become in the Irs and having a few issues along with your own Fees Don't Call BACKGuest12015-11-05 21:50:49
2062497313Called W 1. Said they were from your Government and we re gonna sue me. ND time within a month they called. Guest282015-11-05 23:46:28
2066932476No sound when answered. Perhaps your used that Fed don't phone list after they rang my phone though I uncertainty it. Guest202015-11-06 00:11:46
2067771969They had that incorrect Man. There is another Individual along with the same name that we consistently get confused along with. Guest662015-11-06 01:09:48
2062012511Anyone that has been harassed a by this recording and said you might have criminal allegations against you from the Government. Do not Believe This. There are Individuals from Jamaica and other places that are Striving for Attraction people for present them cash. These pitiful Bad entitled and lazy Individuals may don t want to work. That is a scam. I had many calls out of the Business. Guest102015-11-06 02:32:26
2069239348I Only got this same telephone stating that Irs is Processing a lawsuit against me. Be conscious. . . this really is a scamGuest92015-11-06 03:26:54
2069253990Government can never telephone you just Composed interaction. Additionally from Washington state. . Beware. Guest192015-11-06 03:42:54
2063939994i don t even bank along with sovereign. Enormous joke. suppose today is your daytime for the Latest scampennsylvania62015-12-14 20:21:27
2065196540Do not response it's called Lure and Switch. Yes it s Around pain alright. Don t get caught Upwards in the. Guest772015-11-06 05:48:41
2062091379Calls multiple times a daytime. Bands no message left. I am on that DC list. How do you stop these calls. Guest122015-11-06 12:13:27
2065121502I got your same call here within Laos angel es California i believe its a scam overly and can report for Irs. Guest192015-11-06 12:22:41
2069395160That is a spammer i did not ask because of this fax. i believe this really is illegal to send an unwanted Facsimile. 800-823-806442016-02-29 13:34:11
2063470600I consider This really is a automatic Face er. When I answer my Telephone from the number it immediately hang up on me. Guest62016-05-23 21:27:01
2066932465said i had debts and my Reports were frozen. i said bull sh t that Irs doesn't telephone you personally and they Installed upGuest222015-11-06 14:49:46
2064006855FIRST A threading Irs message. . Afterward they try to frighten that Slacks away of you personally. . If you personally take that they may keep piling it on you personally Striving for frighten you into giving them money. . . Its all abut Attempting for con you out of your Money. . . . . . . DON T TAKE IT TELL THEM WHERE To GET Off. . . . . . . . . Guest172015-11-06 16:27:35
2063178208I get a call out of this quot unknown quot number daily. They leave no voice mail or message of any sort. Guest212015-11-06 21:56:31
2064144856Acquired two express messages stating my loan was approved out of Cash Usa. Complete scram. I did t phone back. Guest52015-11-06 23:12:36
2068665597Gotten call from Government. . that I was being sued by Government. Owner left message of course I did not returnGuest212015-11-07 00:12:50
2064523476Caller made several calls to my cell phone from the and W W W telling me your Government was suing me. Crap. Guest82015-11-07 03:40:39
2066932331I overly have obtained a couple of calls from this Amount between 6 W and 6 W a. m. Nothing but not alive atmosphere. Guest42015-11-07 03:41:46
2062091375Received a text from 206-209-1387 saying my credit card had unusual activity on my account and gave a site to click on to securely update my information. Yeah right not happening I know better than that, but others may not. This is a scam don't click on their link or they will get into your credit card,Guest72017-02-20 18:08:23

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