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Phone list in area 226

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
2263746938youngster molesterGuest72016-04-04 14:06:53
2267065321Female asked for my boss by his first name refused to leave message. norobos62015-12-20 13:13:16
2268289991Don er for not for profit programGuest62016-05-12 08:29:39
2262209937Said I won a sweepstakes Clearly a scam. Hung Upward. Guest52016-02-16 03:28:27
2269211071bullshitterGuest62016-04-03 22:58:43
2262603737to can Va a Gambia. me Coy Que SE divert Como nun ca . defame Eli numeric P} cunt para Eli saguaro. Substantially as Grass Poe for do amenGuest12015-11-06 05:21:09
2262467765Ex's brand new ffGuest12015-11-06 05:25:09
2262407322Polling spam. Long long message before Prefer Outside. Michael42015-12-14 19:46:29
2262209938threatening Telephone callsGuest52016-05-22 08:43:27
2265569901international callerGuest92015-11-06 06:38:10
2264995489Coastal SuppliesGuest42016-04-10 11:29:17
2266066866House SchoolsGuest72015-12-08 10:54:30
2268027964leave me alone . . . Guest52015-12-20 14:07:42
2266062994testing foolGuest12015-11-06 09:22:10
2266696687TGuest82015-12-12 08:03:27
2269797800someone out of Guelph saying this can be their new Amount in a textGuest12015-11-06 10:08:10
2262716609keep on calling meGuest52015-12-09 22:20:29
2262721302Telling me how fine I appearance. I don t even understand the person. . . . Wants for text. Signs it W. Guest32016-06-15 20:29:25
2267912153Tries your overpay money purchase scam for Things Offered onlineGuest72016-06-17 02:37:18
2263785810Tammy Duck worthGuest42016-04-06 09:13:28
2267008117called 5 times in W Min's. i didn't reply they didn't leave a messageGuest52016-06-15 11:32:59
2263776095Came Upward as unavailable. They left no message. Jaime52015-12-14 13:12:59
2267851930Prank calls me Violence involvedGuest42016-05-22 14:04:22
2266264632dint know who it's and there harassing meGuest32016-04-05 09:12:50
2263448273Received call from the number 7 W W 5 PM. CID shows Thus LA and Amount but left no message. Mona52016-04-04 17:05:44
2263471059jGuest82015-12-19 14:40:34
2262669938I dint knowNicky62016-04-05 05:00:20
2262271675Stop calling meGuest62016-02-17 18:26:47
2266472506some wierd ohGuest62016-04-04 18:18:58
2263122029unknown number to me.Tom52016-04-04 12:45:38
2266273284Simply needs Naked pics Ill twisted pervertGuest12015-11-06 14:48:10
2263747656xxxnjj72016-04-07 13:09:37
2269211073keep stalking meGuest32016-04-04 12:10:32
226929081911 seconds of silencexyzzy32016-02-15 19:48:44
2266600052Just keep cussing me. Guest72015-12-09 22:53:39
2266262612they bugg me.Guest72016-05-23 20:19:07
2263747651PoliceGuest72016-04-05 18:04:07
2269090428Caller mumbled about my resume and when I questioned her she hung up.Guest72016-03-21 12:35:58
2265569915block memeGuest32016-05-23 07:43:38
2269896697The Individual has been calling me every day for your past 4 days. Guest72015-12-18 22:16:16
2268801368spamGuest42016-04-05 00:18:24
2261817022You're such lying dogs Around quot FREE quot Guest52015-12-08 07:30:33
2263445828mmGuest42015-12-20 19:57:47
2262365262Did not open the text. Would like them to stop sending me texts. Thanks!Guest32016-04-03 04:32:29
2263448268reminder call for appt.me42016-04-04 11:02:08
2262120334Only textGuest52016-02-18 17:10:26
2267063229unk---left no messageAl72016-03-23 03:36:16
2265804009same number 347-462-9420... I also have a cell number on the do not call list.BH62016-04-05 21:25:50
2264995492rude thug dnaGuest52016-04-03 15:56:59
2263492891Maybe you need education if you can't read, quit calling!!!!!!!Guest52016-04-03 22:09:25

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