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2343038158W W MirfakGuest82015-12-08 08:10:40
2348084208Unknown textrandom62016-04-04 18:42:49
2342002260Called viewing an account I don't 've. Guest162015-11-05 07:44:17
2349800363iGuest302015-11-05 08:05:18
2342542135Gotten text referencing they were from group anonymousGuest12015-11-05 08:16:17
2345425882telemarketingGuest72016-06-15 14:10:13
2347887395Dint what them callingGuest12015-11-05 08:19:18
2345426558No MSG left. . Rude. Must not become importantGuest112015-11-05 08:20:18
2348551226OnoGuest12015-11-05 08:24:18
2342286902don t know anyone within Ohio they text me I deletedGuest62015-11-05 08:32:17
2342449687SPAM CRAP . . . . . . Guest52016-06-17 01:32:28
2347060450FedEx delivery Individual. Guest32016-04-06 03:44:27
2348139032Spam phone from Attorney after Vehicle accidentGuest12015-11-05 09:15:18
2345421696He called saying he was an Specialist from your federal Business of many sort and if I did not resolution a financial subject by PM a warrant would be issuedGuest472015-11-05 09:16:18
2342170306Illegal ROB CALLGuest332015-11-05 09:48:17
2342071151political crapGuest82015-12-09 06:04:48
2345677580I m sorry u 've reach the wrong Amount goodbyeGuest12015-11-05 10:42:18
2345550120computer voice comes on says needs for Discuss for Around a pare legal matterGuest72016-05-22 21:05:43
2342068381Rec d text out of the Amount RE Advertisement I placed on Grisliest for sale of furniture. . . did not respond. . . Viewed Upwards Telephone number and it s a scummier. . . BEWARE. . . Guest272015-11-05 11:20:17
2343804892THEY Call Every Daytime. . There is no answer on the other Finish. Generally it clicks once and hangs Upward some times they will Stay there without speaking. Someone please Place an Finish to this they call at least 2 3 times a daytime. Guest382015-11-05 11:43:17
2342006493I think this really is a Gaming companycall report72015-12-18 23:03:40
2348558736Telephone rang totally unknown number I answered quot Hi. quot nothing heard simply Installed Upwards. Guest62015-12-08 19:07:22
2345212781C'S spamGuest82015-12-16 12:43:23
2344140914Grisliest scummierGuest12015-11-05 12:25:17
2342074924Was selling something on Kojak. Said he quot sent quot me cash and i would receive it when his bank Bank of America had received the money. Told him i found another Consumer and would refund that cash threatened to take me to court so i Directed} the phone. . no money. . Had for close my bank account. Going for contact Authorities and Bank of America along with the account Amount he Supplied me. Guest102015-11-05 12:28:17
2343031750Google plus messageGuest212015-11-05 12:44:17
2346540878credit card scamGuest122015-11-05 12:49:18
2343005130Said they were Processing a law suit against people. Said they were Central Income Services. Attempted calling the number back and your Amount they left. Neither Amount is working. It is a scam. Guest22015-11-05 13:02:17
2348131500Phone repeatedly coming for my CELL PHONEGuest12015-11-05 13:26:18
2345746877Owner is demanding private information. Guest42016-05-22 05:13:34
2345678910Spam dint answerGuest712015-11-05 13:36:18
2344216738 Guest72016-04-05 00:42:49
2343025230threats of legal actionGuest12015-11-05 13:56:17
2347060457N AGuest52016-04-04 06:54:50
2343039558Striving for find out who is callingS WALTERS52016-04-04 23:20:54
2342030160rudeGuest62015-12-14 17:36:07
2348150317Don t phone meGuest472015-11-05 14:20:18
2345219517I obtained a text on featuring the following quot Please phone W Your W Refund Voucher is Prepared Cheers for visiting your Site Re Discontinue to Hardware DC quot I was told I would get a package within your mail in 5 days including a W Voucher to Wall Mart and a bunch of other Waste like W away card etc. That Get is they request you to pay a 4. W Transportation Price for ship the package. It turns Outside that in Improvement for becoming your quot voucher quot I d also become getting 2 Software with a Day free trial and if I don t want for continue using their Merchandise I can telephone W and cancel that W monthly Registration payments. I instantaneously called that Amount after hanging up and consider it or not an automated teller informed me for call back during store hours. I did a few research amp checked out Wall Mart s site after reading through it I Recognized that I had definitely been scammed. Wall Mart states that Victor of your sweepstakes will simply become contacted through either Fed Ex or certified mail Just. Guest422015-11-05 14:41:18
2342075549Called and Put Upwards when I answered. Arrived from canton OH. Think calling about medical alertGuest452015-11-05 14:51:17
2343520226Called maintaining for 've a refund for me. Had erroneous info and name. Looks like scamGuest52016-04-03 13:10:52
2348550387Comes up Linda Cruz but the voice mail is for a John. They have been showing Upward to our development and local Companies for mend problems and charge your own insurance for work that dozen t need done. Guest22015-11-05 14:57:18
2342015435It was a friend from Gerard OhioGuest62015-11-05 14:58:17
2342814760They phone i answer they don t state anything and i could Notice lots of people talking in the History and Subsequently they hang Upward i call back its busyGuest22015-11-05 15:10:17
2345123451multiple calls from the No response upon Choose up and Subsequently it disconnects. Fishing for a computer Link. Guest922015-11-05 15:15:18
2343480927Called several times after PM saying we won jimmy buffet tickets. Guest62016-04-06 09:21:42
2342217767Caller text Edward How can I be Capable for comprise myself when I understand which you are within that shower appropriate now. Text back Thurs F To me this can be sexual harassmentGuest122015-11-05 15:36:17
2345254924Told me i was go within to get arrested toGuest332015-11-05 15:53:18
2345251564Calls repeatedly several times in a Line. When I response no one is there. Guest112015-11-05 15:59:18
2342491711He left me Approximately 5 text saying which he located my information at a Authorities net page offer me a job with a good pay. To good for become Accurate. Guest62015-11-05 16:35:17
2344010612This Individual also on Joined Within also Spamming Phishing Scamming etc. Guest22015-11-05 17:23:17

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