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2495496492I got a text from this saying I won a 1,000 dollar walmart gift card.Jennifer32016-06-15 12:43:31
2499448212Any ideas who calls from this number?Raymond42016-06-15 22:59:40
2499272495Hang-up call.Michele42016-04-04 23:31:50
2493844743Anonymous, unsolicited, intrusive, calls several times daily.Guest72016-04-04 23:22:01
2491145849An unknown caller who calls and hangs up.Guest62016-04-03 22:25:57
2498781252pimp who dont know wen to quitGuest72016-04-06 13:04:22
24934547483 rings and hangup - no message leftnikko52016-04-03 05:01:36
2493581267prank caller, talks about recruiting for Por n. very offensive , disrespectful and vulgar on the phoneGuest72016-04-05 08:26:47
2498784954Dont.pik upGuest62016-04-03 22:59:58
2494536035BelgiumGuest12015-11-08 22:30:45
2499215418RBC collectionsGuest72016-04-07 17:33:18
2498782548College Recruiter calls everyday I never requested info and I'm in college.Guest52016-04-05 15:12:15
2499272498KIA Motors Finance Company's LawyersJUNE32016-04-04 23:54:31
2494154403Not around call back laterGuest52016-04-09 01:52:47
2498771287Scammers. Beware. Don't send moneyGuest32016-04-03 07:07:34
2495496488On my vmail. They thought I picked up. Kept asking for me. No idea who it is!!Hakim52016-04-04 23:38:16
2492859983When I answered the call there were beeps on the other end of the line. They weren't fax sounds just beeps.Guest62016-04-04 10:28:49
2497534124Your blocked!!!!Guest32016-06-16 22:25:52
2493582662block itGuest32016-04-06 05:06:00
2492226288unknown number to meK62016-04-06 10:39:55
2493454749Got a call from this number- guy claimed he worked for windows and i had a virus.Guest72016-04-04 19:03:44
2498771285block #Guest52016-04-03 10:16:45
2492107125WalgreensGuest72016-06-16 12:26:32
2496998922AnnoyingGuest72016-04-03 16:31:17
2493454722612-808-5508 with caller ID unauthorized. It is illegal to use robo-calls in our state. You were warned!Guest42015-12-14 00:32:58
2492107130don't have the timeGuest62016-06-15 10:17:00
2492107117Stop thisGuest42016-04-06 02:33:37
2498771855Telemarker need i say moreGuest72016-04-03 18:02:19
2498499832you have been blocked from recipient. loose this number.Guest72016-04-05 18:14:51
2498784963block this personGuest52016-06-15 07:10:32
2499448201idiotbansky72016-04-07 15:53:44
2498776536Person is texting me, and won't leave me.alone telling me they will"rock my world"Guest12015-11-09 17:31:45
2498783680TelemarketerGuest52016-02-15 19:02:17
2495496489used in some type of job scam.Shawn72016-06-16 05:55:17
2498783687Don't want them textinGuest42016-04-06 22:49:49
2493454744harassmentGuest32016-04-09 11:21:32
2499552295textGuest62016-04-04 17:34:01
2498499836perpn liar try to use uGuest62016-04-05 07:23:10
2492283928called in the a.m. anyone know who this is?stopit!72016-06-16 03:16:09
2493581273Unknown - left text messageDoug42016-04-05 04:38:02
2494536039blah blah blahmichael42016-04-06 23:07:39
2498771278bad manGuest32016-04-04 12:01:37
2496740949caller harassing constantly, calling and sending text, don't know who this person is.Guest42016-04-05 03:50:11
2499552293x rated textsGuest62016-04-04 20:19:36
2498783700Walgreens telling you your prescription is ready.Guest32016-06-16 02:51:50
2499552291He scams people for money!Guest62016-04-04 17:59:39
2499272497DeniedGuest32016-04-06 21:21:54
2495496493EXGuest32016-06-16 02:17:56
2496066804womenjoe72016-04-03 22:38:03
2499171312I'm in a Doctor's appointmentGuest72016-04-03 09:48:44

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