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2648701917don't got timeGuest62016-04-04 04:07:19
2645934193About 20 to 30 text a day making lude sexual commentsGuest52016-04-04 03:19:08
2646532240sorryGuest72016-04-04 10:53:11
2646481279different people calling ask for different people. wrong number!!!!Guest32016-04-03 18:50:18
2642718542SPAMGuest32015-11-07 11:17:17
2643614569No message just hang upGuest62016-04-05 12:17:52
2647292645Calls repeatedly even though I'm on the do not call registry. Never says anything when I answer.Guest42016-06-16 14:32:45
2643871559Victoria said we had to send message to 10 other girls so such and such would happen.Guest42016-02-18 17:37:39
2643015437No textes or volcemailGuest72016-04-05 06:41:27
2644475438I don't f*** with youGuest72016-06-15 12:17:10
2646174988VerizonGuest42016-02-17 22:59:02
2643085644Your call or text is being blocked. Please do not call again. Thank you for your cooperation.Guest32016-04-04 00:40:07
2648516242text from this number asking if I had gone to school.Guest52016-04-09 03:53:53
2647292629This person call day and night. This person text day and nightGuest62016-04-03 10:24:39
2648516236InsultsGuest52015-12-20 18:49:48
2644475428Won't stop calling. Disgusting pervertGuest72016-04-06 08:01:04
2647292626You now why l am calling because I love you. I hope you receive this messageGuest32015-11-08 01:01:17
2646174992Dont want to talkGuest52016-02-18 18:03:39
2643075840yes block this number...schools keep calling.Guest62016-02-18 07:33:51
2645838355Hacked my cell phone multiple times using hack codes that are sent to my phoneromy52015-12-16 12:30:43
2643543975A fake personGuest72016-04-03 06:56:40
2643095431please stop these harrasing messages to my child's phone about drug dealsGuest72016-04-04 17:47:16
2642718553Apparently someone used my name and number as a reference.Guest62016-06-16 01:10:16
2643614578Wants email addressGuest32016-06-16 01:46:06
2644444134Prank call at 2AM.Guest52016-06-16 02:34:18
2646213208shes dead to me (smile face)Guest32016-06-16 22:45:52
2645838364hi i received the same letter and check like you did so the check is bad?irais32016-04-03 11:20:20
2643085533They asked me who I was.Guest62016-02-19 00:22:52
2646213205CAR THIEFGuest32016-04-03 19:44:21
2643543967I'm getting this call from Anguilla, but I really don't know anyone from there. It's a spam and the calls are coming in around 3:00 in the morning.Guest12015-11-08 19:10:17
2647292640harrassing and threatening. ignorant individuals. racists, and threatening murder. COWARDS.Guest42016-06-16 20:22:14
2643085639cray man tyroneGuest72016-02-19 05:12:49
2646532224I'm getting the same callsMike52016-02-18 08:38:45
2646174993After answering, they are rude and loud!Guest42016-04-04 10:42:50
2644587872Sends a fax with no auto opt out, no header with required FCC info. They should be finedr62016-04-04 17:15:54
2648068036SPAMGuest72016-02-18 20:07:07
2643095434Third party bill collectorGuest32016-04-05 15:06:17
2646174997noGuest62016-04-05 05:55:42
2645838255SCAM! Do NOT call this #Guest72015-11-09 08:08:17
2644444117curses on cell phoneGuest22015-11-09 08:09:17
2645838636I received a text message saying "Poor Honey".Guest42016-06-15 11:39:25
2643073703He did call again about 2 weeks ago and same BS.. of course he refused any information what so ever.gen42016-04-07 02:04:46
2643095444DifficultGuest72016-06-15 07:26:23
2649839875threating meGuest32016-04-03 07:07:07
2643095439Yes, I received a call from 727-342-5240 as well, but didn't pick it up since I didn't know who it was.Annoyed62016-04-04 22:52:29
2643005235Sorry Selissa is not taking your callsGuest52016-04-04 18:02:37
2648068040They say nothing then when you call back they are nastyGuest32016-04-06 12:51:47
2646481285Who is this personMike Webster32016-04-07 04:50:23
2645794577didnt understand the languageGuest12015-11-09 17:25:17
2648068038So dude telling me I gave him head said his name is mike Gomez problem is I'm not gay !!!Que42016-02-17 14:46:07

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