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2675318842Silence ...nobody there...what's their point!!!!?????!!!!!Don42016-06-17 10:45:17
2675318846Calls all the time but never leaves a message.Guest52016-06-17 10:45:26
2676666125My neighbor called me yesterday  5.31.2012 from Sarasota Florida and said she got a call from a Mark Turner with the number of 876 589 0019 and he told her she won 2 1/2 million dollars and all she needed to do was to go to walmart and send 1% of the 2 and a half million dollars by western union and to Identify herself at western union. Had to do that because the company doesn't pay for the insurance.  Also that she had one a 2011 Mercedes Benz from her drawing at Walmart.  Now she did enter a drawing at Walmart.  Send the $$$$ to 215 White Wood Ave,  Staton Island New York.  Robert Gates, and an Eileen Noone called her also to have her send money first.  876 418 4044 is also affiliated with these scammers~!At first she was told she won 2nd place and then the next day got another call saying she got first place with 2.5 million as the prize.Jessica Masterson62016-06-17 11:03:46
2672958764Stop CallingGuest62016-06-17 11:11:50
2673461527It's spamGuest32016-06-17 11:12:49
2678040187Aetna Health Insurance, Just talked to them about my benefits.Shumma in Texas52016-06-17 11:20:33
2678882512Actually not spam.Methodist Hospital Union Ave.April 14,2015.Guest32016-06-17 11:44:30
2676011900They call every other day but hang up when answered. No answer when called back.Guest52016-06-17 11:49:33
2675074625Fat copGuest52016-06-17 11:57:35
2672658287They just called me over an online payday loan I never applied for and said if I didn't settle for $500.00 right now, they would send a constible to my house with a Court summons......still waiting on that constible lolKymom72016-06-17 12:35:35
2672924318Called several businesses in office building fishing for informationGuest32016-06-17 17:29:25
2674640244Leaves a voicemail using my name, then breathes on line for almost 2 mins. Then calls back five minutes later. Then says he is going to block me when I text message him about not contacting me any further.Guest52016-07-04 14:51:55
2674640243SPAM .... wants you to sign upGuest52016-07-04 15:36:41
2674640245Scam for unpaid debtBud62017-07-07 17:54:04
2674640242fraud alert! Claims to be Boeing Employees Credit UnionGuest62016-07-05 06:20:32
2674640246what is this number buinessAnna52016-07-06 04:44:01
2673296039Someone from another country scam online dating site.Deborah42016-07-07 07:19:49
2673296042Same only he told me to f... myself.JD32016-07-07 09:08:54
2673296038they called twice, but i dont know nobody from there ever!!dave62016-07-07 13:17:29
2673296037JerksGuest62016-07-07 16:25:10
2673296045Got a garbled message call from 877-591-7732, obvious scam.BC52016-07-07 22:35:09
2673296044This caller will try to "fix" your roof! Asking questions regarding your address and other personal information. Do not trust or give out information! It's not a legit business and you cannot call them back!Guest52016-07-08 02:43:30
2673296041Was on hold again for 1:30... and that's just how it's going to be.Receptionist42016-07-08 05:30:18
2675910065repeatedly calls says wrong Amount then calls back all times of nighttime and daytime going on for months nowGuest62015-12-14 18:14:11
2674632635Answered because it revealed a local number. No one was there then Owner hung Upwards. Called back. All reps occupied. Guest12015-11-04 16:00:20
2676011891Phone Facility from many Auto warranty company. Keeps repeatedly calling all my cell phones even my Girl s. Greg62016-04-03 11:34:23
2673337737I acquired a phone out of them. I hang Upwards instantaneously but when I called that Amount back I got a occupied Sign. Guest42015-12-09 00:00:06
2675075735Delivered me quot I want for take you to your pl lace called orgasm property. Text Back Tonier G quot Guest72015-12-20 05:10:16
2678808983they Only Installed up I dialed back and it was a number out of service. There is many kind of masking going on. Scott42015-12-16 00:50:47
2679723584I received that same E-mail out of that thus called law Company along with that same Phone Amount. What can i would. . abby32016-04-09 01:06:30
2677736199Calls 3 4 times daytime day and night. Never leaves a message. Hangs Upwards if I answer. Quite annoying. Guest492015-11-05 08:42:22
2674226182left MSG affirming physician appointment and that we d be charged if Partner did t show Upward. Pleasant attempt. Guest12015-11-05 12:28:19
2679334222Obtained another phone out of this Amount about 4 hours Past. Who What ever this is did not leave any message. Guest52015-11-05 12:52:23
2672235810i dint think You're being Upwards front along with me and why its thus important for stay on Thar Ignorant dating siteGuest12015-11-05 13:28:17
2673689381Have repeatedly held to request for become taken away calling list and I instantaneously get Installed Upwards on. Mary McCaman62015-12-16 01:05:12
2676853169We have been still shocked for see how much KR AP one person could type within a brief Interval of time. . . Kendra Clark62016-04-07 06:18:48
2672697928Simply got a telephone out of the number claiming that they could repair credit. . . was curious if they were real or not. Guest32015-11-06 01:29:18
2672588125Keeps calling my text free text simply Amount iPhone and hanging Upwards without Making a message. Likely spam. Guest52015-12-16 19:45:32
2674750316This can be a tall black Man driving a white Automobile going Approximately robbing females. . . along with a knifeGuest52015-11-06 05:20:20
2672962331I don t understand who this number belongs to and no one identifies your company when you call it back. Carol Taylor62015-12-19 21:52:30
2674179848Economical skate fakes he Lost some cash comes back and still tries to short Speak you personally. Sm. Don t see himGuest12015-11-06 11:53:19
2679772837The idiot keeps quot accidentally quot calling ME when he means to telephone H. Dial That Appropriate Number. . Guest12015-11-06 16:57:23
2677932000spam Amounts calling from. different Region code and Telephone numbers. please stop them from calling please. Guest82015-11-06 21:32:23
2675845488These Individuals are definitely scampers they ll tell u u got an award and request u for money. . . . send them for hell. . mary52015-12-21 15:15:51
26737172312 texts won t reply calls says they re out of my Neighborhood but nobody knows her Directed} naked picturesGuest32015-11-07 06:27:19
2677027305Called both my cell Telephone and office phone. Asserted she was calling regarding your own company question. Guest62015-12-22 22:03:34

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