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2687650041This is United Insurance for car insuranceGuest82015-12-14 09:09:15
2687620041Received a call from this number few minutes back.  Am glad I Googled the area code.RN842015-11-14 01:24:37
2687620042Called, but left no message.Joe832015-11-14 01:25:07
2687620150Someone should create a web fund that would send a couple of Jersey Shore knee breakers down to the islands for a "vacation".  Maybe then these calls would mysteriously stop! (Americans.. solving foreign problems since 1776)'merican872015-11-14 01:28:48
2687620151I got an unwanted call from 268-762-0151 Antigua/Barbuda. I did not answer it or call it back.Catherine Schaff1392015-11-14 01:33:22
2687260078Been getting one ring hang ups. Prob hoping my husband or myself will call back. Been happening to both our phones....Erin22015-11-14 01:34:17
2687620135Missed a call at 9:40am CST and no voicemail was left. Had missed a call from Dominican Republic about 1 week ago as well.Gavin1162015-11-14 01:35:23
2687620155Its a scam. Apparently if you call back they will hit you up for $20 and then $9 per additional minuteJudy1612015-11-14 01:37:38
2687620157Informational Post : ***Warning***One and two ring calls from Caribbean Country's (Montserrat, Dominica,Jamaica, Grenada,  Antiqua and Barbados, Saint Lucia..) should not be called back! These calls are done so you will call them back and cram your phone bill with high Call costs: See Anonies post here: ... m-473-area-code ... g-phone-numbersCalifornia was called892015-11-14 01:38:58
2687620048My phone rang once & then nothing ! from this same # everyone else has posted!Jennifer Coombes1132015-11-14 01:46:59
2687620078How would you propose that random readers of 800Notes arrange for blocking a single caller from *your personal* phone, of which no one has any knowledge, and could do nothing about it even if they did?Will Wilson752015-11-14 01:53:24
2687620034268-762-0034 called my phone @ 3:52 PM CT.  It rang once, I answered & there was no one there.Barefoot742015-11-14 01:56:30
2687620046I've gotten teo calls from this number I did bavk.Chris332015-11-14 02:08:20
2687620076I got a call from(268) 762-0076 twice today. I don't know how they got this numberMadison512015-11-14 02:08:55
2687620047Got two calls on cell phone within days of each other - glad I checked this out.On Verizon Wireless you can block up to 5 numbers for freeSelena, I see you have Verizon.  I just put this number in moments ago.  The Verizon page looks like you want to unblock, but if like me you haven't used it the 5 spaces to add the numbers are blank.  Add the number to one on the empty blocks.mc452015-11-14 02:12:33
2687304526No message left after I didnt answer....get the pointBloody Knuckles192015-11-14 02:17:32
2687720042Message told me to go to office supply website. Was given option of pressing 1 to be taken off call list, when I did it told me that was an invalid choice.Phil G42015-12-15 05:26:15
2687620033I just did my taxes with HR Block.Josh452015-11-14 02:20:13
2686555948Got this call as well. Have been getting a ton blocked wrong numbers from people who speak Spanish. They will not stop calling. Wondering if this is the same people who just forgot to block this one?Upset at these calls82015-11-14 02:32:05
2687620043Repeated calls..2 or 3 rings...hang up. Toll fraud? Many others receiving calls at all hours. Nuisance at best..fraud possible.  These calls need to be stopped.r. duncan662015-11-14 02:38:34
2687120130Did not answerStarr Chex12015-11-14 02:51:29
2687630159I'm guessing this is a scam. I continue to get calls from this country.Pguttman12015-11-14 03:00:02
2687620049This is happening to me throughot the whole day. first call is from 268-762-0040 and then 268-762-0049.  Have never answered the phone thankfully.    frustrated cell phone user312015-11-14 03:21:20
2687620156Got a call Monday rang once 268-762-0100 from Antigua/Barbuda and again today rang once 268-762-0156 Antigua/BarbudaNancy972015-11-14 03:22:33
2687620010just receved on cell, didnt answer, 6;00pm est....des1092015-11-14 03:22:41
2687420042I keep getting calls from this number on my cell. I do not answer nor do I return the always only rings once. Of course it is a scam.Bev12015-11-14 03:26:05
2684221452called cell at 1:20 pm eastern. was some kind of recording, not able to understand it.dave62015-11-14 03:30:07
2687620014Got a call from this number !-268-762-0014. It only rang once..I did not call back...I'm on the do not call list...So much for that system !!!don't call me322015-11-14 03:33:18
2682680152no textingGuest42015-12-14 22:31:54
2687420014claimed to be with OSHAGuest72015-12-14 16:39:52
2687621035pigGuest62015-12-16 18:23:44
2687629139He's dangerousGuest92015-12-20 10:27:49
2687620139Don't call back and you will be hit with hefty international rate 20/minute!!!Yumberry372015-11-14 05:03:06
2687620068stop callingchris42015-11-14 06:06:32
2687622137I got 2 calls from 268 - 762 -2137 at 12:25 AM Eastern Standard Time. This is ridiculous at this time. Scared the hell out of me. My Mum is 84 yrs old and in bad health. It scared me to death!!!  Hope you can do something. Paul DeptulaPaul D. Deptula12015-11-14 06:15:43
2687630030i do not like him and i want him to stp call my foneGuest82015-12-18 15:45:48
2682027445"Howdys why don't u call me 268-202-7445. Genuinely Thank you. Hotchkiss"Received this message in response to a Craigslist ad that I posted.mnhales12015-11-14 07:14:20
2687206794collection agancy for hsbcbreakinthelaw42016-04-18 18:31:53
2688213892What Agency is running this bizzare site. It's comical.Jason52015-11-14 07:48:01
2680008699when u ask to take off call list they hang up but call back laterGuest82015-12-10 08:15:52
2682720047byeGuest42015-12-13 23:37:21
2687225825hang uptodd52015-12-09 14:08:10
2687620055PLSGuest72015-12-10 01:43:34
2687630150Does someone know who calls from this number.Richard72015-12-16 11:28:57
2684844800Same here called me while i was sleeping, could it be from an online casino?Icaruz42015-11-14 09:54:58
2687215034please check out this numberfor metracey12015-11-14 10:46:19
2687621034I got a message from Canada saying that the "Ecole superieure de commerce de montreal" contact me for a master degree and i have to contact 514-667-4022 for more information.Guest52015-12-19 04:01:58
2687682012Ai-ya! Yet more telephone terrorism from the USA! If it isn't fake calls for fake vacations and credit check scams --and other stuff non-Americans are not even eligible to fall for(!!!!!!!!!!!)-- then it's dead air and hang-ups while they try to build a database of when you are or are not home. An absence of American federal laws to restrict or eliminate this kind of constant invasive telemarketing clearly make the USA a state sponsor of telephonic terrorism. American Terrorists. American telephony equipment: weapon of mass distraction!!!! Hey youz Amurrricans, stop calling my %(&*#@/ number ok? Just because President Moron W. Moron has made you the most unpopular, least respected nation on Earth and no one wants to buy your crappy land-yacht gas-guzzler vehicles anymore, there is no reason to try to hawk your other crap and stupidity to the rest of us. So sod off!Suboobu22015-11-14 11:05:30
2687681816Receive 8 calls in less than 24 hrs. African voices heard. Found out its a scam to call back for over charges up to $20ithund12015-11-14 11:07:22
2682551441Didn't answer. Caller left a voice mail saying " (Unintelligible) congratulations! Talk to you soon!" After reading about the scams from this part of the world, I will definitely NOT call back.Stef12015-11-14 11:31:45

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