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2687260034This # calls my cell, leaves no message and when I call it back a recording says its not a working number ??!!Trish82015-12-19 15:54:38
2684622482I have been receiving INCESSANT phone calls from this number since yesterday...evidently someone is trying to send a fax.My number IS NOT a fax number.Please check the number that you are TRYING to send a fax it is NOT mine.Thank youBridgette Reid12015-11-14 12:15:24
2687249079this phone number want you to join their investment meeting. A lady none stop talking try to make sure you go.daniel52015-12-16 15:35:01
2687620070They called and didn't leave a message. I don't know anyone in that country.SW12015-11-14 12:54:49
2682846731got missed call same. have been having a rash of calls from the same area code of late. ???jrhd52015-11-14 13:26:00
2687728217Never let him reply to my numberGuest12015-11-14 13:28:24
2680008276Caller left no message.Marcia32015-11-14 13:43:30
2686720139they called me asked me who this was then hung upGuest52015-12-08 12:57:08
2687820789Called but left no message.Scooter52015-12-09 05:26:08
2683825222Called and hung up various times.  last call was tuesday, 11/30/2011 at 3:21,Melissa Morris12015-11-14 14:30:34
2688620157Called on cell did not answer and googled number and no results called back and number is dced telemarkerChris82015-12-10 00:48:19
2687628138Don't knowGuest62015-12-14 22:21:14
2687620100College serviceGuest92015-12-10 08:18:06
2687520025Who is this person n why R they texting me? DON'T. Thank you.Guest82015-12-18 22:05:02
2687680028Continues calling my cell phone number. who are they?Dee72015-12-14 10:49:45
2686720079Sounds like another member of the one-ring scammer club. This area code and exchange could cost you dearly if you try to return the call. WARNING: DO NOT RETURN ONE-RING CALLS FROM ANY CARIBBEAN ISLAND AREA CODE ... sland-area-codeOne-ring calls from Caribbean countries ... bbean-countriescchavez22015-11-14 16:14:38
2687682076a call of winning a trip to south worth $2600,00    (press 1)leopold12015-11-14 16:22:39
2687322297Just called and never says anything!Al Jr82015-12-18 17:12:27
2687883283This person is looking for Simon Briggs and he no longer has the number that was called.  We don't know if it was a prank call or if it was something else.Charles West12015-11-14 16:40:28
2684806399I just got a bill and it charged me $23.84 on one of my Employees phones, I just got off the phone with Verizon and they won't take it off my bill.  They said it is an off shore sports betting co.Stephanie62015-11-14 16:55:49
2686991550Craigslist scamGuest62015-12-17 21:07:12
2687326438dont know who this isstephanie12015-11-14 17:27:48
2687620305This is a scam  from Barbuda and Antigua, The idea is to ring phone once, hoping you will return the call to find out what it is-----now the hook is set.  They will probably answer, put you on hold and let you listen to music.  The longer they keep you holding, the bigger the phone bill. This will be billed to you at exorbitant rate--you are screwed! Verizon has put out info to their customers.  More info can be found at 17:48:34
2686720027it is a fax call to my cell.Jim Lin72015-12-09 14:28:59
2687258722Two (2) days in a row I have received a call from this phone number on my cell phone.  The person on the other end says something I can't make out and they hang up.  I will no longer be answering it.Marion12015-11-14 18:13:10
2687346818Called twice, no message. Once in the evening and once at 4:53am.Guest32016-04-14 11:15:35
2687722550They called me twice and didn't leave a messageGuest52015-12-14 05:55:35
2687682831No detailsbothered32016-02-15 17:35:44
2687622265won't leave msg.Guest82015-12-14 03:42:11
2684221459rudeGuest52016-04-16 17:16:42
2682634103This number calling my husband for unsavory reasons. Ie adultery2682634103     Dawn12015-11-14 19:43:27
2682760153Unknownj22015-11-14 20:08:52
2687714185Caller your number has been permanently blocked the person you are attempting to contact is asking you to add them to your DO NOT CALL LIST. They will not receive any notifications or message from this number and their device will not ring or save messages from this blocked number. Thank you Mr.Number call blocking application.Guest62015-12-19 01:34:19
2684221456What's you to sign up for GoogleGuest72016-04-06 05:04:11
2684044704I received a text message and don't know who sent it.Chris82015-12-09 19:55:14
2687620174Don't say anything just keeps callingGuest42016-04-14 06:22:55
2687620062NW CollegeGuest72015-12-14 07:26:05
2683246235Missed a call from this number.  Called it back and it came back "Unable to complete as dialed."  Just curious.robyn32015-11-14 23:24:17
2687820018maybe lisaGuest62016-03-25 04:53:39
2681477471Mike ?????Guest72015-12-16 08:21:07
2687620194Spam textsGuest82015-12-14 19:31:07
2682620047This was a missed call on my cell phone.Want calls like this to stop12015-11-15 01:44:02
2687620513Sell dvds/movies.Guest62015-12-16 09:05:23
2683314917I have a cell phone provided to me because I am disabled and on extraordinarily limited income. It is a very limited service, but allows me a phone. The provider is Assurance Wireless, a division of Virgin Mobile. I use it for only a couple of local calls each week.Today, 6/24/11, I was called many times by numbers with long distance area codes. Only one left a voicemail message, all the rest just disconnected. I answered the last call, and after they answered my "hello" with one of their own, they just hung up. The message left from the call before was a recording saying I had been pre-approved for an $800 loan, and to go to some website of a payday loan business. Sorry, but I was angry and deleted the voicemail and I didn't memorize the URL.It seems to me that these sharks have gained access to the cell phone numbers of vulnerable people on limited income and they know dang well we are likely to jump at an offer like this. The low amount of $800 seems just as targeted and almost believable. I think either Assurance or Virgin has been hacked or they have sold these numbers to payday loan creeps.Here are the Caller IDs of the calls so far:752-314-9119629-931-4911820-654-8921258-331-4917422-274-7815302-722-4674268-331-4917372-331-8598267-350-9254I apologize for posting one entry per number, but I want to warn others by getting each of these numbers in the 800notes database.Christie12015-11-15 02:12:25
2687620400This number continuously calls and does not answer when you say "Hello". Totally nuisance caller.Guest62015-12-08 21:00:50
2687120138Call two Numbers call s lot and text scammers legal bull crap send group text Collector dont do thatGuest52016-04-12 17:03:58
2681620024calls but does not leave message  NEVER CALL ME AGAIN!jim52015-12-14 13:35:12
2687610155Repeated phone calls - 10 in one dayGuest72015-12-16 13:30:22
2687820012ssi independent research companyGuest62015-12-14 13:58:20
2687620300This number calls me at all hours of the day and rings once and hangs upalr32015-11-15 04:24:25

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