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26871201401-469-718-6653 this number also showed up on my caller ID as PG upon some research I've found this to be a collection agency.r.a.w.52016-04-16 01:32:03
2683993732SCAM.....He left a message with my wife to call him back and said his name is Atty John Davis and he has a lawsuit against me. When I called him back I told him I looked his number up online and and saw that there were lots of complaints about him and I told him not to call again. But, I'm sure he will though.Craig62016-04-16 03:22:49
2687630025Spoken like a true rich brat that would not know how to handle a bad situation when it happens and it will happen. I had perfect credit all my life until my husband died at 34 and left me and my son with several unpaid bills. So until you can walk in the shoes of anyone that has struggled with finances and real life, I suggested that you keep your childish, rude and uncalled for opinion to yourself. They say opinions are like [***], we all have one. Doesn't mean you have to act like oneSteph72016-04-16 22:53:36
2684221460I keep receiving a call from David Moore, telling me to call his supervisor, stating I have won 5 million dollars and they need my home address to deliver my check.  If I had registred from 5 million dollars they would have my home address SCAM!!!!876-332-881562016-04-17 02:23:29
2687682680Got a call from this number today--CID said "name unavailable" .  My answering machine picked up. Caller hung up on my machine of course because that's what all these robo-tele-spoofers always do.  I'm blocking the number.Ima62016-04-17 07:17:02
2687682683Debt collector.  NCO Financial Systems, Lynn Edwards.  She left a different callback number than the one she called from.Michelle32016-04-17 19:48:49
2687346814A recording offering to lower interest rate on my credit card. I've received this call from an 1- 800 number before but this time caller ID showed a local area code . They have lots of tricks !Guest62016-04-17 20:47:54
2687682688This is a collection company that has no problem calling people who are not the person they are looking for and violating the Fair Credit Act.  They called my daughter's number stating that they were serving legal documents on her father.  The debt was sold from the debtor, Orchard Bank, is not actually owed...but this is a collection agency ... they do not care about anything but collecting money, not the law, the validity of the debt, or anything else.They skirt the law by saying that no phone calls originate from their company...they say that their process server may have called.  This does not matter because the process server is an agent of the debt collector.James I42016-04-18 03:14:12
2687620060They called here and just sat on the phone. No one would speak. There's got to be a way to find out who they are!  They called me twice by 7:45 am. That's very rude to call and wake us up on a saturday and just say nothing till I hang up and then call a few minutes later. I didn't order a stalkerish wake up call!Tina52016-04-25 06:05:41
2682881031I experienced the same thing.  They called me leaving no message, when I called the number back, I got the same message.G42016-06-15 18:33:53
2687680034Called left no voice mail then sent text message: "Could you use some extra dollars this holiday season? Unexpected bills or expenses? (link) can help right now. Write 'END' for no more msgs"Guest52016-06-16 01:39:42
2687680038Important Notice : Dear Verizon Customer, Please Verify Your Verizon Account at : 12:58:39
2688381586Spamming marketer who sucks money from his clients. This guy does nothing but spam other sites with his pathetic links and then brags about it.Darren32016-06-16 19:36:05
2688381592Makes phone calls at 12:15AMGuest62016-06-17 05:18:02
2688381590shown as this number which i do not know. did not leave any mssg.from BC62016-06-17 10:17:21
2682881037received at least six calls on my cell from this number today.  when you call back you get voice mail in spanish followed by message that mailbox is full (in english). it's saturday so I guess the telemarketer is not in to take over the auto dialed calls. hate this waste of time.valerie52016-06-17 10:17:37
2688381591hung up on meGuest72016-06-17 11:42:32
2687743048They call but no response. I've even called back but no answer. I live 5 hrs north of New Orleans. Haven't there in 15 yrs.Guest42016-06-18 00:57:32
2687743050calls from this number no one answers  calls come at least three times a dayunknown42016-06-18 04:39:06
2687743045They are calling me threatning to garnish my check and that my county sherriff's office was going to serve my payroll department.  Apparently they don't know what they are talking about because my payroll department is not located here in this county or anywhere near it, then she said that there must be some kind of office manager here that will forward the information.  Yea!  Right to me, the accounting department.  HA!Alysia62016-06-18 06:23:07
2687743049Recieve a spam chain text. Told them wrong number, but they continue sending me texts.Viki42016-06-18 11:30:08
2687743042Barnes and Carlisle-No messageGuest32016-06-19 03:38:19
2687743043Received a call from this number and I don't know anyone in that areaSal Molina52016-06-19 04:07:37
2687743051me too- twicw at 2am.  I hear a continual beep tone.  Call is listed as out of servicesj52016-07-04 11:35:22
2687743044This guy is a total creep ladies do not even respond also calls from a totally different number asking how much for bj wants fs disrespectful and rude can't give referencesGuest52016-07-04 16:03:15
2687620521Sunday morning. I played poker last nighttime and demand to slumber. Who is the calling out of W W W. Polohorse342016-04-13 10:20:22

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