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2898873012called but would t say anythingAnna72015-12-21 15:01:04
2896758322Quit callingGuest32015-11-05 22:07:53
2898073553ScamGuest52016-04-06 15:27:48
2892335195don t telephone me everGuest12015-11-05 22:20:52
2898417308calls on cell Telephone Bands once hangs upGuest42016-05-12 23:05:10
2898021186the Amount text ed meAnne42016-04-08 06:56:45
2892285872DGuest42015-12-16 01:10:45
2898031903Got several calls from them with no message left. Kat82015-12-10 03:46:31
2895889100unblockGuest62016-04-03 08:19:32
2895889095This is A SCUMMIER. . . Don t send them any money as their checks are no good. . . . . . bm72016-04-04 12:04:53
2892050027acquired similar call out of Official Eric CARA was going to Charge meGuest82015-11-06 00:29:52
2892070211I always get calls from W W W. Your Owner says he is along with Bell Freedom and tries to offer a free Telephone. He must be thus decapitate that yesterday while he was Striving for convince another individual for take that free phone he Additionally had me on your same line. Guest112015-11-06 01:13:52
2892011990Seemingly a Spammer. Calls multiple times per month and never any messages. Guest232015-11-06 01:22:52
2896401711the phone us disconnectedGuest32016-04-03 23:21:28
2890442203MarketerGuest72016-04-06 02:54:36
2892414906crazyGuest102015-11-06 02:32:52
2893539834It is Vi vi I gave u wrongNick62015-12-16 13:36:25
2899902248Spam unwanted nuisanceGuest62016-04-04 00:34:06
2897767134HarassmentGuest12015-11-06 03:16:53
2896060714Ur Not alive For MEGuest62016-04-03 21:22:25
2899902244Spam textGuest52016-04-06 18:51:11
2892376895please let me aloneGuest42015-12-09 23:36:14
2892428616pervGuest72016-05-13 04:05:57
2898128002This really is GE water Filter doing telemarketingRay72016-04-03 10:58:33
2897804214dead beatGuest22015-11-06 05:25:53
2896898023don't understand who this can bejack62015-12-16 17:10:07
2899335832block the Amount from harassing meGuest82015-12-16 11:35:32
2899888080Physicians computer supporting appointment. Guest82015-12-09 07:44:30
2892312634WhatGuest12015-11-06 09:17:52
2893783503recorded express you personally win somethingGuest2062015-11-06 09:19:53
2893055256THEY KEEP CALLING MEMARI72015-12-08 17:24:06
2897891006Obtained a call 9 PM on Wednesday on your company line they hung up before I could answerjustacritter32016-04-03 07:53:59
2899526910Acquired text but I don t use that Business. ScamGuest12015-11-06 10:32:53
2899387818pussyGuest12015-11-06 10:54:54
2893366213Collections Section from epsilon. PaulM62015-12-16 08:51:38
2892428618Shana tell don t answerGuest62016-05-04 09:16:17
2898000137survey cruiseGuest1322015-11-06 11:46:53
2898926139frankGuest62016-04-05 21:10:55
2892041275bye u don t know uGuest32016-03-18 17:04:40
2895883588My 5 year old replied and the other Celebration Installed up. Neil32016-06-16 02:22:24
2893355563Schooling AuthorityGuest62016-04-04 13:40:07
2892011998No just one there when I replied. Exactly why is Canada calling me. . . . Guest42015-11-06 13:03:53
2892442457MarketingGuest22015-11-06 13:43:53
2892883650Rob call for charity, seems to be state trooper charityBH52016-03-21 14:29:44
2894344273telemarketingGuest72015-11-06 15:13:53
2896959898Called and said I 've won a trip someoneGuest1442015-11-06 15:20:53
2896963036this number keep calling my Telephone n hang userGuest72015-12-19 13:55:11
2896800249Telemarketings offered me free shoPping spree but wanted me to buy magazinesGuest62016-04-05 01:50:36
2898019248Second day in a row--called no message.  Annoying.Daisy72016-06-15 13:09:50
2899211856hes annoy inGuest12015-11-06 16:39:54

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