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2892190842will not leave a messageGuest42016-06-17 09:19:49
2898311577Received 10 hang ups from this numberGuest42016-06-17 09:26:55
2892719775Keeps calling me and then hanging up everyday for the last weekGuest62016-06-17 09:36:50
2895889101PleaseGuest32016-06-17 10:04:31
2893337117did not know the numberGuest72016-06-17 10:43:02
2896401715same guy said all the same things to me on October 6th.  Said his name was James Capri.  DEA, on and on.  He WAS very scary... then I thought, wait a minute!  If he WAS with the DEA they'd be at my door, NOT on the phone threatening me!!Ev72016-06-17 11:23:51
2892070039Texted me that I won a Best Buy Free giftcard in the amount of $1000.00 .  My cellphone is unlisted and I have not entered in any thing using my cellphone. NOT A PHONE CALL BUT A TEXT !Jose M. Laguda72016-06-17 11:26:29
2892719776ScamGuest72016-06-17 11:30:46
2898926149I Received a Prank CallGuest42016-06-17 11:30:47
2896398426Credit company somehow put in this number bu it was a robo call to lower ratesGuest72016-06-17 11:31:05
2898073572"Hey tell panda if she wants to chill hit up Durr daddy and askGuest72016-06-17 11:50:56
2893012272not sure who this is. I need to know why they are calling. I am on medical card because i am pregnant.a. evans52016-06-17 13:00:26
2892326248UGuest42016-06-29 12:30:20
2892041281accidental dialGuest32016-07-04 14:40:03
2896955440Phone call from a fax line that beeps in your ear when you answer the phone. Our business has been getting a call from this number for about 2 months now.Guest72016-07-04 19:46:25
2896955444Tried to sell me electric service at a discount!Guest52016-07-04 21:13:28
2896955441I dont know this person an they keep calin me an sayin sexual things to meGuest42016-07-05 00:06:21
2896955442Got a call from this number, however, when i call it, no one answers....makes me wonder...Stefano52016-07-05 02:56:44
2892041280ho ho hoheshe32016-07-05 05:04:27
2892041282I received a call from this number & the name that showed up in the Caller ID was, "Kevin Pummell". I've never heard of this guy or the area code of "435".  Just thought maybe I could get more info here...oh well...Care32016-07-05 05:25:22
2896955438no one answered123462016-07-05 05:52:00
2896955437debt collector who harasses.Guest32016-07-05 16:29:33
2896955439Usatmlend.conGuest62016-07-05 20:17:28
2896955443I received a message on my telephone answering machine on November 02, 2009. The message stated that there has been unusual activity on my Credit Union West credit card. The message requested that I call 877-272-9147. My caller ID identifies the calling telephone number as 561-427-7213 in Jupiter, Florida. I called Credit Union West @ 602-931-3200. Apparently there are some scammers that are sending out phishing e-mails, text messages and voice mail messages.richsweeney32016-07-06 03:00:49
2897807061I m Done its a Reputation would don t telephone or TeX me I m not alive to u and u not alive for me so don t waistline Ur timeGuest42015-12-08 18:26:34
2898001191Caller Unknown. . . Calling my Dwelling Telephone. . . Chicago Il. . . If you appearance Upwards it says bridal shop. . Guest32016-04-03 05:38:29
2899835576Government does not call you personally. They will send you that mail if you personally did something erroneous. Mr. right62016-02-13 00:18:44

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