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3043096261This number keeps calling -this is the logistics department. ???????  Automated call asking for the person with some insurance that has a birthday in October ???  Press 1 for yes 2 for no. I hung up.At work32016-07-04 10:22:35
3043096256CKI/NISSTtba Benton, KS 67017      43 N Main St, Benton, KS  67017  United States3162479859  / 316-722-1609 FAX] is offering you Private Investigator, Detective Agencies, Insurance Fraud, Criminal Investigations, Domestic Investigations in Benton, KS. Call (316) 722-1609 for more information.Private Investigator, Detective Agencies, Insurance Fraud, Criminal Investigations, Domestic Investigations.CKI/NISS42016-07-04 12:08:02
3043096257Cant have my phone at work. At the end of work day I find I have been called bit no messages left. Been two weeksGuest52016-07-04 17:09:50
3043096259darriusGuest62016-07-04 18:48:23
3043096258hung up when i answereddad32016-07-05 08:21:16
3043096253this girl is annoyingGuest72016-07-05 11:43:13
3048054665Bull $hit callGuest62016-07-05 12:10:49
3043096254is  atelka call center for fido  customer servicedjtamega42016-07-05 14:31:53
3048054664Harrass callsGuest32016-07-05 17:31:44
3043096255I just did! It's robot calls!! I HATE robot calls!! It's a total SCAM!!Thomas62016-07-05 17:49:09
3048417224Repeatedly calls but leaves no message. I don't understand exactly why the company is attempting to contact me. mike72015-12-17 03:02:56
3048869255This is from WAC Customer Services for let you personally know you have won 2 W present cards from WalmartStephanie82015-12-19 07:56:32
3044094441They Begin along with quot Hey this is name quot enjoy they're a classic Buddy. They keep calling me to indication up for a Auto Guarantee. Among the first times they called and I said that they Put Upward instantaneously. Other times there's nobody on the other end. As shortly as I state I m on your quot don't phone list quot they hang up before I can get that words Outside. Guest32015-11-05 05:34:21
3048531067Fake Irs Suit from computerized digitized masked voice. . . total scam. . . do not telephone . . don't replyBob O42015-12-18 05:12:20
3049880088called her back said i was his Partner thus there is no demand to be rude. it was the same lady she said it was Around insurance asked my name and height and Put Upward. since then they call but when we Select up no 1 is there if you personally phone back it gives messages like it's disconnected or is long distance or rings twice and no 1 Solutions and it disconnects. shady. Guest32015-11-05 10:41:23
3044572424Calling all hours of that daytime and nighttime along with hang Upward This morning at 5 W 'm for Parsons KS. . . Actually. . Guest82015-12-09 20:35:44
3047673018The Individual clamp for be someone and use fake graphics of Individuals s kids and passes them off as his own. Guest12015-11-06 01:21:33
3045032332It was a pare Registered mail as kin me for hold. . After holding it played a recording on the best way to win a cruiseGuest42015-12-20 02:35:10
3049178001Played along within Test for identify Owner. They Installed up when I refused for present my credit card numberGuest42016-02-23 19:11:19
3042503998Keeps calling Residence phone. No message but you are able to Notice talking within your History. Eventually blocked them. Debbie72016-06-15 14:27:16
3049323616If this Man Actually is a Christian who thinks you can pay money to go to Paradise Subsequently he is not a genuine Christian. Don t associate this guy along with Christians in general. It's against your faith for Purchase our way into Paradise. Paradise is Realized by elegance through Religion. You are able to t save your own spirit through great deeds alone. Guest12015-11-07 03:34:23
3042506598Within 2 years my son will be older than I was when my offense was catted but yet because my name is Released in that paper I cannot go to his cub scout Conferences join him on Camera pouts and that same is for my other 2 kids in their own cub Hunt and girl Search troop. Folks had stopped Making their kids come around for play along with my Children as soon as that word got Approximately lost my Occupation and have since proceeded Only very recently for attempt and save my family out of the horrifying experience. There is nothing worse than 've your 8 year previous tell you personally your Friend kids parents told them you personally were a rapist for something Ignorant which you have done when you were Publishers Note Please contact Senate Judiciary Committee to be confident they comprehend how cruel and uncommon this can be for a error you personally made at age W. This can be criminal. Guest22015-11-07 07:52:19
3048876027Debited my checking account acct without my knowledge and will not answer the number that was listed on my statementGuest62015-12-19 04:17:54
3043975452Mike David Upton and his alter ego Virginia Urbanksi from WV , fake profile. He's hated by many because he's a sex offender. And this dude calls people claiming he's aa WV trooper.Chris Justice102017-01-21 07:08:12
3048054650This man was giving away a cruise but kept trying to get me to say yes on a recorded phone line. Scam!!!Jean Dunkle52017-04-25 18:24:00

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