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3066717559Check out his Facebook page. . . HTTP Web. Facebook. com Individuals Griffin Wjokor32016-03-21 10:26:14
3063700683Brooklyn s grandmaGuest22015-11-05 12:27:41
3069674377Asserted to be that U. S Government Grant DepartmentGuest22015-11-05 12:43:41
3065921074I thus exited ta ht i won. . . . Breann Gorges62016-04-04 03:37:05
3069409091That is that Sears Canada Amount to call for get away of their calling list. sw32016-06-17 02:00:08
3065857894That Customer has rejected your callGuest72016-04-04 16:21:27
3066885874Political solicitationGuest52016-04-03 11:23:08
3064428502BlockedGuest72016-06-15 18:13:24
3068130117Keeps calling even after we told them for stop. Guest182015-11-05 13:28:51
3066982872I HIV lost my mobileGuest42015-12-15 23:35:33
3062030325PoliceGuest72015-12-09 09:57:28
3065135686Cash scam by Assessment. quot get W wired to your own account today quot Guest12015-11-05 14:36:41
3068978993Man calls and dozen t Talk then hangs up. Guest72016-04-03 17:34:03
3065259864It s me again here is your correct Website HTTP Web. . com. BR Marcelo72015-12-19 04:34:27
3062906283You've been blocked from any future contact with this numberGuest12015-11-05 15:01:41
3065842799W W 9 W 0. W WGuest42015-11-05 15:26:51
3065410406dent phone or answerGuest42015-12-09 14:30:16
3068846192. . . Guest42016-04-07 21:56:04
3062410713Called back was not a working numberjack rabbit42016-04-07 08:27:13
3068978984you might have achieved that wrong numberGuest42015-12-14 12:34:44
3063700685commentGuest32016-04-06 18:34:06
3065550118That Owner previously mentioned he was with Microsoft Running systems seeing my computer. Scam. Guest202015-11-05 17:35:51
3069602557Missed call and when I called back it was for watch Agents. com. No message. ANONYMOUS52016-04-04 04:28:03
3068056683Cosmetics scam caller wanting e send addressGuest32016-04-03 17:28:19
3069981708spam spam spam. . . Guest62015-12-16 13:13:36
3065857886nonelol82015-12-19 11:58:02
3062844863Did not reply Private phone caller did not leave messagerayj52015-12-10 00:14:24
3065317959i got 4 callsGuest12015-11-05 20:10:51
3063517851Telephone calls and texts once every other day. says that they are your boo and misses u. Tisha72015-12-14 02:58:54
3062844873Don t understand who this can be want for them for Discontinue calling my phoneGuest72016-04-05 07:53:33
3065550124Man called looking for a Brandi MartinGuest52016-04-05 10:30:55
3065816185Cease what your own doing for get richGuest52016-04-03 09:58:37
3065842807You're being blocked by Mn. Guest72016-04-04 16:59:14
3069927926It s Gold 1 Credit Union per their Voice mailN/A42015-12-19 18:06:44
3065370873at least two days within a row abbot 8 am. . who is crossfire. kktt42015-12-14 09:01:57
3066885865callGuest72016-04-03 04:51:07
3067153113Its Toyota financialGuest82015-12-19 11:43:33
3063412604u r not welcomed to phone my Telephone no moreGuest72015-12-09 04:11:07
3066885872You dint deserve me I deserve better. Guest42016-04-03 15:30:27
3069929808you might have bin blocked sorryGuest52015-11-05 23:00:51
3067153129Nuisance ed phone with very sexual languageGuest72016-04-06 14:41:28
3069538876spam. . . . Guest72016-06-16 10:04:43
3063701523loserGuest72016-04-03 15:03:47
3069662015University of Saskatchewan Contribution requests. Guest232015-11-06 00:17:41
3064428493Discontinue calling me not interestedGuest42016-04-04 08:06:09
3063412612Debt CollectorSam52016-04-05 07:55:53
3069920632This number is identified as customer Service. Likely that same outfit as formerly reportedwillwatt62016-04-20 12:01:11
3069880551Text me a viral link. Guest32016-04-03 16:47:12
3062491355Hello Janet Did you personally by any chance order Te colon Clean also. chris62016-01-31 14:03:02
3067002264Left a W number for return call. JoeDokes42016-04-05 04:42:44

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