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3069674398Hello i am butcheryGuest62016-02-16 20:24:36
3063593331Mysterious and obviously bogus charges number in my debit card. Javier32016-03-25 04:49:21
3066814429Don t enjoy herGuest12015-11-06 03:52:51
3065908874ignoreGuest72015-12-16 01:35:07
3064428496JamalGuest72016-06-15 11:42:57
3062844884Block texts tooGuest42015-12-08 20:54:17
3065250944Female from the number of W W W within Regina SK Canada was calling Farmers Insurance Group of Companies since W W W. She Simply rambles on and on about an Crash and hitting a school bus and Afterward a Woman and her 2 Kids in a Auto. She never files a claim. There's no State filed with your Business whatsoever. She has already called 3 times today W W W. I 've notified Direction in Oklahoma City Oklahoma Claims Contact Center of your situation. Guest22015-11-06 04:35:51
3069862442Speaking Spanish did not comprehend. Guest3192015-11-06 04:46:51
3065550119A debt collector zenith Purchase. Guest52016-04-06 03:51:25
3067879340AAAGuest52015-12-18 15:50:49
3065003405W CALLS A Daytime Select Up NO 1 THERE Real PAIN. LARRYC32016-03-01 21:25:33
3066577220Got a phone from this Amount. Rocky32016-03-23 00:48:19
3067984542Received the call on my cell phone. Decided to Assess out the 3 bdrm 2 BA from W mo. JOHN Q62015-12-17 13:54:37
3065665879File a complaint along with your own local LE and your own phone Business. Anon52015-12-18 09:51:30
3064603597tax collectormichael72016-03-29 09:53:49
3065250929MB NAGuest372015-11-06 06:40:41
3067570555I went meGuest12015-11-06 07:04:51
3063478961Sorry I missed your own phone Please return my phone thank youGuest152015-11-06 07:07:41
3062160511Who is Frank ch ace. cynthia spencer62015-12-20 07:18:41
3064428490Become on the lookout for a W. W charge on your own credit card statement appears enjoy fraud. SPB32016-04-04 06:29:09
3068130130Same here. No Message. Called back went correct to express mailT42016-05-05 13:39:12
3062060442Calls once a day doesn't leave VIMGuest52016-04-25 03:52:32
3068252600MedicineNader72015-12-16 12:09:07
3069958989Card service just one credit card debt reductionGuest42015-12-16 12:39:01
3069881875not nowGuest62016-04-03 10:56:23
3064000747game overGuest72015-12-19 11:27:00
3063226144Google spam BULL Sh. . Guest32015-11-06 10:48:41
3065803581recruitment callKB42015-12-16 12:28:13
3064255484dude name is martin stay down by History aptGuest42015-12-09 23:13:28
3063071430Dimly. Dimilah52015-12-09 23:16:16
3066203642Calls cell phones telemarketerGuest12015-11-06 11:20:41
3068130132YuckGuest42016-06-15 21:06:05
3068096269Keeps calling Around a cancer support group. Guest72016-04-04 11:56:26
3062491350Advertisement ware. Guest42016-01-23 19:26:03
3062419511Spa mmGuest42016-06-16 05:45:50
3066572205I Am ON Don't Telephone LIST However I CONTINUE To Get THESE CALLS. PLEASE REMOVE MEGuest72016-04-04 19:57:41
3063803286Rob Koestler Junkie StalkerGuest42015-12-19 05:33:01
3064457747Called me to Homicide a guy in code mark do nicely or bard Cole he was high ad a kite. i did time in W sron82015-12-19 03:09:32
3068646190get your own lifeGuest92015-12-18 15:43:58
3065506110Books escorts on fake calls. Watch out ladiesGuest12015-11-06 15:22:41
3064001135International Credit and Collections Inc. Guest32015-11-06 15:31:41
3069246190Cease calling meGuest62015-11-06 15:51:51
3062207011Quine Purdue searGuest52015-12-14 13:12:31
3069087860claimed to call from Timeshare Owners services. It's a SCAM!Guest72016-04-06 02:23:57
3068802925time wasterGuest82015-12-16 10:59:07
3062053728I may report you to the Actual Irs and you may go for Prison. Guest32015-11-06 16:29:50
3063412610This number pretended to be Harry Styles.Guest72016-04-05 19:15:35
3069714680Loan company SCAM!! call themselves Cash America, nothing more than common thieves!!!!!!!!Guest62016-04-03 08:09:58
3065842801I got the same thing!!  It said, "Heyaa Andrea" ...  WTF?!?!?Andrea72016-04-05 16:12:41
3063727235A$$HOLE CALLS - SAYS NOTHING - HANGS UP = USELESS LIFEGuest42016-01-14 04:47:06

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