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Phone list in area 309

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3096985151heights financial loan bill collector Guest12015-11-05 04:02:44
3097380154Never text or call againGuest12015-11-05 04:03:44
3096916095scummier. Guest62015-12-19 02:09:01
3092921031Creepy callGuest12015-11-05 04:30:01
3095550119Claiming to be from Windows Service Centre. Calling about my computer. Guest212015-11-05 05:04:01
3098756324A guy called and asked for me by name said he worked with Wellness amp Human Sacs Department of that U. S. Gov t in your grant Depp t. Foreign Highlight busted English. Told me for phone the fin mgr at W W W for claim my K. About the Th phone I rec d the week. Guest302015-11-05 05:17:44
3092122135Leave a message I ll phone you personally back when I canGuest52015-12-18 21:53:46
3092625086Did you would it. Jinnie52015-12-08 14:13:29
3097496049They phone and phone Around pain slumber Pena and portable oxygen. Guest72016-04-03 14:13:09
3095170113AgencyGuest52015-11-05 05:27:01
3093577448The Amount calls me numerous times a day and does not leave messages. So annoying. . Lauren72016-06-16 13:36:32
3096430552BlockGuest32015-11-05 05:39:44
3096310089attempted to jack off while I talked about serviceGuest62015-12-09 04:48:22
3093600549Owner Put Upwards when phone was answered. Likely a telemarketer or Nuisance phone. Guest12015-11-05 05:52:43
3096747114Scam William F TEFL. From Peoria ILGuest22015-11-05 06:00:44
3097403859collections agencyGuest32015-11-05 06:15:02
3093630493Don t desire to get text messages out of the numberGuest32016-04-04 11:18:12
3098672117Called W Might W MSG telling me I could work at home. Quite general no real info. I can regret not calling back. Phone back number was same as show. N ID. Woman s express telling me they signify John Sims. Product or service not in message which was left. This is not the first time for ML calls. First time because of this number. I complained within writing to quot Do not call quot list Website with the Information. Guest482015-11-05 06:24:44
3098469659I added a Buddy my Telephone for let her phone her quot parents quot . Turns Outside it was her boyfriend who she called. And now his other Partner won t leave me alone. Cheers Shelby I expect your reading the and she won t leave me alone. . Guest32015-11-05 06:28:02
3098286915JGuest72016-06-16 03:59:58
3092585079Residence wreckerGuest72015-12-16 18:25:59
3092364692David s BMGuest12015-11-05 06:45:01
3092702874Scam callerGuest132015-11-05 06:54:01
3092569565Stupid assGuest12015-11-05 06:56:01
3096700399Wanting for sell advertisingGuest252015-11-05 07:05:01
3095737931blockGuest22015-11-05 07:12:43
3092419863TerrenceGuest52015-12-16 17:59:50
3096425167Obtained text Joyful Mother s DayGuest12015-11-05 07:26:44
3093234459Offered him phone along with poor ens he was got aware of that Trouble and bought it anyway nothing further to discuss along with himGuest12015-11-05 07:37:43
3093412750Several calls out of this number. Gabriel52015-12-19 12:10:49
3094723997Keep becoming the Amount calling and no ones there. Who might it be. JC52015-12-14 22:57:19
3099813691Second day within a row. . . hang Upwards telephone. Guest52015-11-05 07:47:02
3093263064recorded line asking if I Needed for further educationGuest202015-11-05 07:52:01
3095272357W year old woman Always misdealing my numberGuest12015-11-05 07:54:43
3092361459Don amp RobinGuest12015-11-05 07:59:01
3096726630egghead skoalGuest62015-11-05 08:01:01
3096735407Exactly why would a Facsimile machine call unless it s a fake callerGuest82015-12-14 16:10:05
3094728548Replying call instantly starts ringingGuest72015-12-19 16:36:45
3092123651Advertisements pukesScott52015-12-23 02:09:33
3092320420who does the number belong to. Mary72015-12-16 09:02:40
3093733658your own blocked. . Guest12015-11-05 09:11:01
3096280540text threatsGuest62015-12-22 00:30:52
3097647009Tr yin to sell carsGuest12015-11-05 09:48:02
3093601202No answerGuest52016-06-16 08:56:29
3093191346Not sureGuest32016-02-16 04:56:21
3099228517GettyGuest12015-11-05 09:53:02
3091234589The Individual is harassing meGuest32016-04-04 05:10:27
3098324061no longer Choose Upward phone when I see this number. Spam phone never leaves name but knows my name. I 'm on that don't telephone list which Clearly does not make a difference to the Female. Perhaps all of us should start calling her every day in the least hours. Drained of thisGuest2092015-11-05 10:03:44
3093977991StalkerGuest62016-02-16 09:02:39
3099630852Obtained a telephone. Did t Comprehend that Amount. Did t answerGuest72015-11-05 10:29:02

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