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3091234603HE CALLS ME EVERY TIME AND TALK WITH ME FOR NO REASONGuest42016-06-17 04:52:33
3092553258DeliaGuest52016-06-17 05:01:32
3099890410Scam - impersonating sheriffs office as part of a general irs scamGuest42016-06-17 05:37:25
3092771587Credit collectorGuest72016-06-17 06:11:17
3096552014phone number keeps calling my phone. calls at least once a day- who and what is this?cp32016-06-17 06:31:24
3097559202harassing meGuest52016-06-17 06:41:05
3097559207No callGuest32016-06-17 06:49:05
3092697266Beware! This is some scam! It was a recording of how I could generate "thousands of dollars" by working at home! BS!The B.S. Catcher72016-06-17 06:56:49
3092619960I have received a call from this number everyday this week. I have no outstanding debts. When asked what this was pertaining the person on the other end would not give me any information. I am wondering if this is a scam solicitor claiming to be a debt collector.unknwown32016-06-17 07:09:05
3096600901951-824-6149   called,  said her name was Bobbi Wynn and that my husband should call her at 855-974-6074.wanda42016-06-17 07:18:04
3092778722Telemarketer in Jax FL trying to sell energy audits. Relentless!Guest52016-06-17 07:22:22
3092697270Please Hold ... Please Hold ... (Automated voice repeated several times) then lady asking for someone with same last name as me, claiming it is a business call, and accusing me of being rude when I complain that I've been woken by these annoying calls three days in a row.Incompetent or fraudulent collection agency?Mike52016-06-17 07:28:57
3092265690This number texted me saying Do you need some extra cash for the holidays? You can easily get 1500 today just visit to get the funds. Write no to cancelGuest42016-06-17 07:30:12
3096717712"Unified Processing" - Call from a guy named Michael Gates - Advance America possibly sells debts to these people (although, AA says they did so in 2008 - so why wait almost 5 years to contact?) Claimed they were going to issue a warrant for my arrest (laughable) and that Advance America had a restraining order out on me, when I said I would contact the store directly. (the lady at Advance America laughed when I told her that!) Called Advance America local store, NONE of the above is true (which i already knew - there is no debtors prison in usa - even for check advance places). Advance America says to contact their corporate store to see who the debt was actually sold to back in 2008. Always verify information - If AA says they never sold the debt to these people then we will know it's fraudulant...NEVER PAY ANYONE OVER THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MATTER WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE!!!Guest52016-06-17 07:38:52
3092619955Stop calling wrong numberGuest32016-06-17 08:14:00
3096700391Calls multiple times a messageMike62016-06-17 08:26:34
3099890408this is a scam, they left no message and called on SunDay!!!!Guest52016-06-17 08:46:47
3096717708davidGuest42016-06-17 09:08:18
3094314176You can be part of the solution or part of the problem. What you've chosen helps no one.Resident4772016-06-17 09:30:16
3096430560They called 4 times today between 2:32 PM and 8:42 PM. I told them we are on the Do Not Call List, but they continued to call anyway without speaking when I answered the phone.Guest42016-06-17 09:49:47
3092553260Blonde about 5' 7" stole my wallet with about $500 when she escorted me to my roomGuest72016-06-17 09:52:28
3093239150Claims to be the IRS. It was an audio recording demanding that a lawsuit would be filed against me.Guest72016-06-17 10:30:04
3093389435Magazine company. When you tell them to quit calling - they say the only way they can is if you read back to them something you've already told them. Started a couple times a week - now it's a couple times a day.Guest62016-06-17 10:39:30
3092778723Caller said he was from "Health Watch"Guest62016-06-17 10:45:27
3097559205Don't know who this is, keeps calling cell. 6 times in the last hour.Guest62016-06-17 10:53:50
3093712034I am an attorney with a government agency and was called by a victim of this scam from this number.  He mistakenly believed the call and wired almost $1000 US through Western Union to a woman in Costa Rica.  I know, seems like most people would have stopped once they were told they needed to send money, but some people are just very trusting.  Unfortunately, he cannot recover the money.  PLEASE NEVER WIRE MONEY IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHO IT'S GOING TO!!SCAM62016-06-17 10:55:21
3092697268SUPER NICE PEOPLEGuest72016-06-17 11:14:12
3096787125i literally just received the same call. They call every day!Anonymous32016-06-17 11:23:03
3096943538Ask if our electric bill has gone up? Said yes since Jan. She said we could have a technician come and advise us how to save money. Told her we are on "Do Not Call" lists---Federal and State. Didn't faze her. Wouldn't give any info to report. Said their company name was Power Energy Services. Just had our third call---7:27pm. Wouldn't give us any info on the company, where they were located!!! Told them we would be reporting them.Lynne Orlando 5/19 2:20pm 6:46pm62016-06-17 11:23:05
3095669447PCH:It is a scam:*************************************Its ILLEGAL to ask for money to receive it.Prize Offers: You Don’t Have to Pay to Play! brown52016-06-17 11:27:15
3092004278crazy girlGuest62016-06-17 11:47:17
3093712029They said it was a business matter and they needed me to verify my address and number before they could continue. I told them if they are calling me they already know that and I don't give out that information on the phone because of identify theft scams. They said have a nice day and hung up.Teddy62016-06-17 11:47:41
3092328581These people call and tell us we've won a trip to either California or Florida...we only need to give them some personal information.  [***]...what company gives away free trips but needs your Visa number?  Asked them not to call but they continue to do so.Jeff52016-06-17 16:59:42
3092266029I m not confident what the Amount is but they Additionally called me during the course of that daytime Recently. Amber62016-04-04 05:47:43
3096787114I got that same call on my Telephone and it was Foster mobile doing a survey Viewing how I liked my Telephone. . . Boost person62016-04-05 03:02:18
3097970351the phone has been calling many times Cease CALLING it is annoying. I don t need anything out of you personally. Guest32015-11-05 11:53:02
3092880134Multiple calls out of this Amount over last three times and no just one answers when I state hello they hang Upwards. Guest12015-11-06 11:04:43
3098570155Put Upward when answer machine got it. I don't response calls I don't know. I don't know anyone Peoria I ll. Guest112015-11-06 16:08:02
3095184231I gotten a call from this Amount SEVERAL times where they never leave a message. I don t appreciate it and you personally should not either. I am on the do not call registry so So having a telephone from the Firm or Individual should not occur if You're a telemarketer of any kind. Telemarketer s ARE people that are trying for recruit you personally for a Occupation telemarketer s ARE people which are asking you personally for come for their Business for insurance. You personally MS. W W W ARE A TELEMARKETER. I don t value your gull that you 've presuming you have a reason that can Blow off that NATIONAL LAW that dozen t allow you to telephone and ask me for ANYTHING. Asking me for a job Speak to me about insurance what ever it's TELEMARKETING. PS that telephone was from Mary thus I wonder what happened to DOROTHY. Did Mary steal Dorothy s phone. . . . . . Guest112015-11-07 03:55:43

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