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3305167559I got just one from the same Individual but Distinct Telephone number an Il Amount W W W . . . Tex ted me Them Hey E. . . me who is this. them look for me on yahoo messenger so we could Find up. . Name on there is smelt me who is this. . them MG Mum reception is horrible me not for be rude but again who is this. No response thus I go ogled it and located the Information on it being spam. . How did they get my name and my cell Amount. . Cell Amount I can recognize. . . They could ave Simply text ed a arbitrary number but to 've my name for go with it. . Makes m believe its either my cell Business or Facebook that they got it from. . Those are the just net sites that 've my phone number somehow Linked along with it. . My Amount is Guessed for be concealed for simply Pals for see on Facebook but am really betting its from there. . Guest142015-11-06 15:57:36
3308492749No Result on response no 1 ever Discussions. Another expanded warranty Firm for confident because they keep goingGuest102015-11-06 19:24:39
3306803028Keeps harassing me. Calls my cellular telephone phone each daytime. Now resorts for giving me text messages. Guest62015-12-17 14:06:27
3308808888Just called your Amount. . . They're from Direct Credit. They 've a nerve calling me within your Central of the night. Ray82015-12-21 09:03:31
3302485340I have Inquired the Amount not to telephone it's for movie extras and they Simply hang up on me. . . Greer. Guest32015-11-07 06:30:31
3302281950This numbers call all the time and leaves a message saying that I have documents that need to be delivered, or a packaged that I ordered was unable to be delivered. Today October 31, 2016 the message was for civil documents. The knowledge I have of courts and the process, no one calls you about civil documents, even creditors that you owe will just file court papers. Even when creditors go through agency's to get their money it is all done through mail. Calling is illegal and these people know it. There are people who go to the courts or websites to find out how much you owe to other people and try to scam you into paying them for the money you owe to creditors, unless it is a legitimate lawyer firm, be careful what you say and answer your phone. Remember all court records are public knowledge and nothing is hidden so even criminals can get information to scam people.Nancy ( Documents)92016-10-31 16:39:54
3304746538Call never leave a message scam for sureJd72016-12-16 20:16:14

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