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3305165006Got a couple of calls from this numbers did t answer CZ I was away out of phone. Attempted calling and got voice recording saying quot Cheers for calling to add you to your Do not Telephone LIST please press 2 quot I pressed 2 and then they had me enter my did thus Subsequently said quot Thank you personally quot and disconnected your phone. Can see if I get any other calls after the. Guest82015-11-04 19:25:36
3303856792Not interestedGuest42015-12-09 14:01:11
3305955008called my home but never talked a wordGuest42015-11-04 19:35:36
3304922913every bloody day and becoming earlier in the morning. Guest31792015-11-04 19:49:35
3308097057The person is a scam artistGuest52015-12-16 09:53:19
3304083584Authorities. . . . Guest12015-11-04 20:26:27
3307311552I do not know the Man please remove. Guest52015-12-09 18:07:21
3305033984Text message that said credit union Visa card was blocked. Probably a phishing Test for get credit card infoGuest52015-11-04 20:27:36
3302031715text said i have been randomly selected for a W very best buy present cardGuest42015-11-04 20:29:30
3302121433U really hurt me I love you faceGuest12015-11-04 20:29:30
3302401684Sales telephone. They keep calling me asking if I need work done. Guest42015-11-04 20:38:30
3304411582Got a phone. . . . did not answer. . . no MSG left. KenInTN72015-12-16 20:10:21
3302300425no calls or texts out of this Amount everGuest72015-12-19 19:32:30
3303904776recorded message about home securityGuest82015-12-14 07:24:01
3308717076I installed Nairobi. com really good and free it Bands once and that phone drops present it a strive. Guest682015-11-04 17:10:39
3308010510Another unknown numberApril72015-12-14 16:27:23
3304746251Calls back to backGuest12015-11-04 17:45:27
3302804584If you personally call him that s it were doneGuest62015-12-16 13:40:17
3302384395they may call and just hold that phoneGuest12015-11-04 18:02:30
3308719942spam and eggsGuest472015-11-04 18:19:39
3306224223Keeps on calling and calling and won't stop and no message is ever leftGuest652015-11-04 18:25:37
3309543068thievesGuest162015-11-04 19:01:40
3309892468SpammerGuest672015-11-04 19:02:40
3308002483Acquired text from unknown numberGuest82015-12-20 06:03:09
3308408740Scott s Construction is a preferred Specialist constantly providing the best work and customer service possible specializing in Hail Snow and Water damage. Guest22015-11-04 19:42:39
3302390047Stop calling. You are annoying. You personally never leave a messageGuest372015-11-04 19:48:30
3303242410they don't remove your name from their phone list when askedGuest72015-12-16 11:23:29
3307346983No Result when I answered. I called back and the call went right to an automated voice mail. Guest52015-11-04 20:09:37
3306662977W of donations go for the organizations your organizations 've a allot ed fund raising fund which pays for services such as defending mailers overhead etc. guest82015-12-18 02:27:11
3302376659Scam. . . . . . . Guest392015-11-04 20:11:30
3302435316What Firm was that number out of. Jo Schmo72015-12-19 07:46:26
3302485009Discontinue CALLING ME. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Guest462015-11-04 20:22:31
3307542112Do not call right backGuest52015-11-04 20:29:39
3302243948helloGuest42015-12-09 10:07:59
3308963097A scummierGuest32016-03-25 04:02:55
3308994526Spammers W W W. Exactly why bother calling multiple times when you hang upGuest52015-11-04 20:40:39
3309998468Thus the text Edward me at my business asking me to would massage for W construction workers over three days that would become driven to my Business. By your way what credit cards do I Take. This is a Absolute scam. The and your I 've a Reading condition and cannot Speak on that Telephone but I Additionally have an Occasion coming Upwards that I d enjoy you for do a crap Weight of work that I 'm going to pay you personally for within Progress along with this credit card number that I d like for try out out of my database of stolen most likely credit card numbers. Guest32015-11-04 20:40:40
3305315175hang Upward immediatelyGuest32015-11-04 20:42:36
3307868024Its telephone in and testing me it desire Cease harassing me please help me. . Guest12015-11-04 20:42:39
3302278429Calls several times a day,never leaves a message.Lm62017-01-25 18:20:25
3306350732Unknown images and email messages viz wireless Chippewa lake OhioGuest12015-11-04 15:39:37
3302363396Obtained 2 callsGuest132015-11-04 15:40:30
3306953069Keeps calling and pranging. Do not know who this can be or your Telephone numberGuest82015-12-14 17:47:08
3308663120This woman has been sending threatening texts and harassing along with steady textsGuest42015-12-14 01:56:29
3302302663Peppers Marketing insurance. Another scannedGuest292015-11-04 16:02:30
3306001716called but could t comprehend individualdap92015-12-09 13:04:31
3305644236Just one ring and Installed upGuest52015-12-21 13:22:57
3303599089Another annoying sales telephone. Something Around a few sort of vitamin supplement. Keeps callingGuest32015-11-04 16:17:32
3306517336Republican Rd alternate candidate for March W electionJim Rockford72015-12-14 09:22:33
3309998839Total scam. Pretending to be from state and needs for pay via PayPal. Don t waste your own time. Mike K82015-12-18 15:24:02

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