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3366453064Multiple Telephone calls making junk and just breathingGuest42015-12-20 08:53:01
3365884326Joke callsGuest12015-11-04 20:58:36
3364096514I rec d several calls from this number. . . when i called back to mailbox was full ugh. Guest1502015-11-04 20:58:49
3367852023They telephone the house seven or eight times a daytime. They say they're along with a diabetic connection of a few type. I get all my diabetic Items through your Va as I 'm a veteran. I wish these calls would Quit. Guest62015-11-04 21:06:51
3369077536Called at midnight no Result from caller. Guest12015-11-04 21:07:52
3363767116A person calls wanting to speak to owner of company I work for--will not let me take a message. Acts like they know the owner. Very annoyed by these calls.Tired of calls from this number62017-03-01 17:07:08
3369540398Urey all abet games amp BS thus keep it around there. . . 've a blessed daytime trust me I 'm. . . Guest12015-11-04 21:14:52
3369957098no mole starGuest82015-12-14 09:58:22
3363159634Nothing was said fax machine Sound when called back. . Guest32015-11-04 21:31:48
3369917303SpamGuest32016-04-06 05:18:35
3366035190Indication u up 4 school. . . Guest122015-11-04 21:32:50
3369976947Got a call on my husbands cell. Who could it be. Me42015-12-16 13:43:39
3369069753Caller does not leave a express send. When I telephone back it says their voice mail is full. Who that heck is this. . Bob92015-12-14 11:15:56
3369708133Would call and hang Upward at first Afterward said Hello my name is James I am along with Independence Common. Guest12015-11-05 03:21:52
3362671388don t desire to talk. Guest52015-12-19 12:11:28
3366852024Wont Stop calling sounds like an prohibited foreigner Guest162015-11-04 21:44:51
3364941138This Set thinks that I'm the other person their Attempting to collect from by computer voiceGuest52015-12-18 10:42:09
3362358868Millimeter mmGuest62015-11-04 21:51:48
3367900814Accurate GreenGuest32015-11-04 21:55:51
3363270489Don t known. The numbersGuest12015-11-04 21:57:48
3362236386Called twice. I replied that ND time and they Installed Upward instantaneously. Guest52015-11-04 22:04:48
3365179735Would youGuest42015-11-04 22:05:50
3368329520HarassingGuest22015-11-04 22:05:52
3363249766fGuest32015-11-04 22:07:48
3367380060Made a grunt sound and Put upGuest42015-11-04 22:08:51
3365427532KayGuest12015-11-04 22:12:36
3366630099WGuest42015-11-04 22:17:51
3366630097this Telephone number calls 3 4 times a day and all they would is breathe. . calls come from W W W W W W W W WGuest32015-11-04 22:18:51
3363276677several calls and one textGuest12015-11-04 22:20:48
3365149512They always call they are harassing and don t know what that word quot no quot means. This should become illegal. Guest152015-11-04 22:21:50
3368317700Staples Reproduce and Print CenterGuest42015-12-16 18:28:15
3362888472Kay sGuest162015-11-04 22:28:48
3362652058Calls continue leaves no messages. Guest62015-11-04 22:29:48
3362571453It's a scam Men. Come on. Individuals are thus naive. Another alias she uses is Chloe MillerTshanna92015-12-08 14:59:26
3367223556Stolen numberGuest32015-11-04 22:42:51
3366535053Who s Amount is thisGuest42015-12-14 03:43:46
3365012428herbal weight lossGuest62015-12-10 00:40:26
3362912383keep. calling. Guest32015-11-04 22:48:48
3367903897They repeated telephone and hang Upward on my aged motherGuest52016-04-07 18:40:06
3362907884Don't callGuest422015-11-04 22:56:48
3364557350I don t answer your phone. . don t Comprehend that Amount. Keeps calling at least 3 times dailyGuest152015-11-04 22:56:49
3367838370Call from Vanessa representing Northern Hospital of Surry County. Concerning invoice payment.scammed92017-01-24 16:03:35
3364717022Really disgusting. Black man. Guest32015-11-04 23:02:49
3362690309no messages was left. Lee92015-12-09 21:34:36
3363951171Same as all the rest. . I am looking for a Job and don't have time for Chaos along with these FAKE Businesses and Fake People. This really is your Actual motive I don't like seeking on a few of these Websites for work. Why can t someone develop a few kind of website for real Companies searching for Actual employees. Concerned Occupation Seeker. Guest332015-11-04 23:19:49
3364152325Diabetic Provide coGuest32015-11-04 23:24:49
3367506612I get 3-4 calls a day....PLEASE STOPGuest82017-06-20 00:22:08
3368951210Calls around and around without leaving voice mailGuest82015-12-19 01:31:37
3365751053wow whats that. timmy9/9/9592015-12-14 00:34:21
3363080651calls my Amount Regular Around W times a day. even on holidaysGuest42015-11-04 23:35:48

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