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3374004933If there is a selling of anything I am not interested ,..but someone keeps calling me from this numberPhilli Anguiano32016-04-19 07:01:15
3373087195Bell ExpressVU telemarketing called to offer us service from this number.  It was obvious that it was from a call center in India and they were very rude when I asked why they were calling if I was on the do not call list.RHP32016-04-19 07:52:21
3373058037These callers call multiple times a day, at times they will say they are selling a solar service.  Do not pay Verizon to call block this number.  The Verizon service will call block the number: the verizon services states that the number is one of the following: not working, a multi party service, a privately owned business.M32016-04-19 09:13:37
3373329520Some idiot called in the early hours and when the call was returned, it went t voicemail. Is this a psycho or what? I have this number now on a special list and will track where and who called and will eventually report I to the police.jack52016-04-19 11:00:04
3373048867An attorney Jeffery Morgan is calling me saying that I am being sued for $4,000 dollars for a loan i didnt pay back. The loan was supposedly from USA cash loans which i never heard about. Jeffery has hung up in my face cursed told me to put phone closer to my ear and listen..(hang up) Harris42016-04-19 11:09:00
3374090400This is a BOGUS charity, scam.  They want your Credit Card and Identity Theft.  They PUSH hard core to get a donation, sales guy gets 70% of the proceeds, very bad THIEVES.  Be careful and BLOCK them, then report them to the FTC.Peter North62016-04-19 14:52:21
3375523084i got an text and it said you have been selected for an ipad 2 with smart cover and also frist 1000 mobile users that go to enter 7469 will win.198 leftGuest52016-04-19 19:48:37
3376376383Received a text that had won a free Apple product just go to within 48 hours to claim reward.  Saw other people getting the same scam text with another phone number.  This one is a mobile somewhere in AlabamaNot fooled42016-04-19 20:02:33
3373058032Well the same thing happen to me but i received lower rates on all my cards from a debt specialist name Max. He took his time and called all my banks and i listened to him the whole time. i could not have done it without him. they use a very smooth system that takes a hardship program they use.Pam52016-04-19 21:08:50
3374090396The voicemail the company left said they had legal documents that will be sent to my address that wasn't even my address nor did they say what the call was in reference to and that no signature was required when the "legal documents" are delivered. Yeah.....okay, try again creeps.Guest52016-04-19 22:08:18
3372507518they called themself sydnee thomas "k i will this morning and i'll let know" they texted 4 times since 6 o clockGuest72016-04-20 03:43:27
3373329522You can not believe how many different 800, 866, 877 & 888 numbers these jerks keep calling on.  When they get blocked on one they try to use a different number.  What they do not seem to understand is that all 800, 866, 877 and 888 type numbers calling into me are blocked.  I use a Digitone PrivacyCall Blocker that blocks all incoming numbers that are programed into the box.  In my case I block all incoming 800 type numbers.  The phone rings once, the number shows up on caller ID and then it is sent off to LaLa Land.  If you are tired of all this junk, collectors, telemarketers, politics it is well worth the investment.  Everytime the phone rings and I do not want the call, off it goes to LaLa Land.  For those of you that do not want to spend the money of the box there is another great way.  Go to your hardware, auto store or marine equipment store and purchase a portable air horn attached to an air canister.  Everytime you get one of these jerks on the phone, whisper something unimportant very softly so they get the phone tight to their ear then let go with the air horn through the mouth peace.  This does two things, it loosens the ear wax and it tends to discourage any further calls to you from that individual.  If they do call back you now know what to do on a second call.Cruiser52016-04-20 05:11:17
3372900581Caller wanted to speak with "decision maker".  Conducting a brief 1 minute survey to learn something about companies growth.  It was obvious this was a call center up to no good and offering no valuable service.GS72016-04-20 08:52:53
3373490542Just got the call and didn't pick it up, i don't have any friends and relative live in Atlanta. Called ID show Lumens?   I thought it is light bulb company try to sell me what "A Light Bulb"?philip637832016-04-20 08:53:08
3372845758Do not appreciate calls to my cell number (that I do not give to anyone that isn't family or close friend), by a computer that tells me I gave my cell number to a website that I visited. Never happened! Today's privacy has gone out the window!Guest62016-04-20 13:39:00
3374004924university of phoenix... I transferred to a real university over a year ago and still these idiots call nonstop!Guest62016-04-20 15:54:49
3372845764called our house recently, asked if we would be interested in having their "lovely ladies" come out and clean our house.  She stated that they could clean in the nude if the fee was paid.  Not sure what that means.  Sounds illegal to me.Beth42016-04-20 18:50:47
3379364939Magazine company that tries to trick you by saying you won a $ 250 gift card plus 60 months of free only pay $ 3.98 a week to help them offset shipping costs....bless them..they arent asking much . Just help with trying so hard to get these prizes awarded! AaarrrgghhGuest72016-04-20 21:30:51
3372900577Scammer...says he represents "DFF of CA" (?) & that a warrant is out for me re: my ss #, check fraud, etc. Calls my work/home constantly, threatening & harassing. Heavy Indian accent...Guest42016-04-21 01:03:44
3373087187I received a call from this number today and they sound like they are in India at a call center or something, a lot of background noice and voices.  they are telling me they are someone in New York that is giving me $400 back due to them overcharging my account and they stress that they don't want bank routing info, ss #'s or anything like that, but are very persistant about me giving them the name of my bank and the account number. I told them that I didn't have a back account at the time, that I was in the middle of opening a new account and he kept persisting about the number and told me he would call me back and wanted me to promise I would provide him with my account. NO WAY!!!!  And from New York?  This is a Seattle Area Code. When I try to call the number back, it says it's been disconnected.Linda42016-04-23 12:27:37
3377391516I got a recording that I was being contacted do to non-commplaince of a contract.  no information as to who it was.  They call constantly.bettyboop52016-04-23 21:40:23
3374438753Go a call from 773-890-9765, an IVR, these sons of [***] want to charge 2.87 for the 1st minute and charge additional charges for additional minutes to your phone bill!!!  This is an obvious scam and should be stop at all cost!!!ATT should do something about this!!irrate AT&T customer62016-04-23 22:58:47
3374438760I also got the call today, name on the caller ID came up as Panoptic. She didn't give her name but said she was calling about the photocopier and I just quickly told her to take our name off her scamming list and she just as quickly hung up on me. Man this scam is old. They will even do it with your postage machine if they can. Must still catch alot of people if they are still trying to run this old scam... don't give them any info!mitch72016-04-27 09:57:32
3373840436They called my grandmother's house phone and they just lay the phone down and don't say a word. She called them back and all they do is answer the phone and don't say a word and lay the phone down. My grandmother can not hear any voices on the phone. The phone says hang on one second and then it rings one more time. They have called at 2:45pm on 4/27/2015.Guest72016-04-29 21:03:55
3373840437the party was rude and insisted on talking to the owner or manager (I have a convenient store) and suspect they were a telemarketer.  I told them to take me off their call list and hung up.  I then returned the call and I got the doctors voice mail so...somebody is up to something!!!!the caller name was northside spina (doctors office)marlene52016-04-30 13:42:37
3375818858Didn't answer - answering machine picked up several people talking - one clearly near the phone.  It was as if they didn't realize a call had been made.  I didn't pick up the phone - just waited for it to disconnect - about 20 seconds.Old Red32016-05-02 12:30:54
3375159049calls at weird hours, like 2:30 in the morning! Does not leave a message and I do NOT answer......REALLY???????????????!!!!!!!!!!! GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!Guest52016-05-24 20:50:07
3372900583W calls on Aug Th in a row and was some type of Vehicle call along with a beep. . started again August Th at PMGuest42016-04-14 15:26:22
3379814242They keep calling me out of all Distinct numbers. I Can NT response any of my calls because they r harassing me. Guest22015-11-04 20:02:56
3373498416I just got just one testing the mayoral race here within Concord NH. Does anyone know what company it's. radiotony42015-12-10 00:29:16
3373163218it Appears to be a masked cell but when you personally phone it back it does not get everywhere. . . Th. . . david52015-12-16 01:00:45
3378000964looking for Golden Bath W year previous Black guy W W W needs a girl to travel for him. . . . . what a freakGuest42015-11-05 19:12:55
3372583865Invoice Collector. Called them back quot diversified Instructors quot They're a Statement debt collector. Guest42015-12-20 09:46:42
3377187370Don t ever call or text my Telephone I Set that on god Br uh . . on everything u going to payGuest52015-11-06 09:26:55
3373710952Strange woman called me crying hysterically started laughing and Put Upward. Very Weird. She called 5 times. Guest62015-12-14 23:23:42
3372748612Calls all the time never leaves a message . I work Times and sleep during the daytime constantly awakening me upGuest42015-12-18 19:32:22
3373639731Keeps Assessment me on my company cell That's on that do not phone list By the name of Mallory. The way to stop. . Guest62015-12-19 16:10:35
3375914291SHE Continuous TEX Tin ME AND CALLING Talk In Mad OR LIE ING Thus I Do NT Desire HER CALLING OR TEX Container MY PHONEGuest62015-12-14 06:08:57

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