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3394994958I got a text from the sam number saying the exact same thing. I replied asking who it was. now it wont let me delete the text!!!! does anyone else know anything about this?!?!!!!92015-12-21 13:07:07
3392018308If they are attempting to sell goods or sevices to the public,  and do not have a working relationship,  or have had one in the past 18 months,   they are violating the  FTC/DNC Registry.JD32016-02-15 18:27:00
3392363819Got an Indian man trying to tell me I had a payday loan for several thousand dollars!!!!! FRAUD!!!! I do not and never needed a payday loan!!!! OOH and last thing was call now or the only thing I can say is GOOD LUCK think he said that 4 times in his conversation!Rebecca72016-02-15 19:26:34
3392049193tmb acabo de recibir una de este numero.. pero pues luego luego me puse investigar i di con este foro.. ya tmb me habian marcado de otro numero pero igual... tambien eran estafadores =S..wichin42016-02-15 21:24:30
3397077547called this number back, the guy that answered said the number belonged to investigative reporting, probably a bill collector, i don's name52016-02-15 23:50:34
3392230320I received a call from this number saying i owed back taxes for a state i never lived in.  the caller was Nicole Smees.  she referenced 800-866-5317 ext 3789 the company names DCS.  ITS FRAUD.  I am waiting for a call back from my local police department.Neenie62016-02-16 00:23:45
3397077556This phone number is attached to a scam artist going by the name Terry Helms, who claims to rent luxury property in the Honolulu area below market value. This person is absolutely ILLEGITIMATE and has been reported to Honolulu authorities and to all websites which he/she (whoever the hell it really is) has posted the fake property on.Jay B Huwieler62016-02-16 00:46:52
3393098893they sent me info in mail how did they get my address? I don't trust any one! Minnesota Life. 400 robert street north street, st. paul, minnesota 55101.  877-6074376cajunwoman4052016-02-16 01:14:54
3392373656They call but never leave any message.  They call multiple times a day lately.  Not sure who this is and I don't answer numbers I don't know.J.52016-02-16 03:34:45
3392018311I just now called that number back. A message came on saying, "The Google subscriber you have just called is not available". I left a message saying that I just received a call from this number and that other people online are complaining of calls from this number also. I indicated that if I get called again, I will do whatever I need to do to get them stopped.LSB52016-02-16 05:44:08
3393648328books fake appts with you on purpose to see how much time of yours that he can waste. said his name is Tim. His real name is Trilok ramakrishna.Email : [email protected] .Guest72016-02-16 07:43:03
3393378807Non-Stop Calls at least 4 a day for US Mortgage quotes. They even have the wrong number looking for someone else. No matter what they don't stop calling.Guest62016-02-16 08:59:57
3397075642A missed call or two, and a strange text. Don't know this number, and asked around but nobody else does either.Danni42016-02-18 07:21:29
3397075638I get these calls at least twice a day telling me this is my final chance to reduce my credit card interest. I have told them numerous times to take me off their call list and they are still calling. I am registered on both my state and the federal do not call registries and they still keep calling. I have even put them on call block but it still gets through.Tnecmedic62016-02-26 07:27:12
3392016149Calling regarding law suit. Given my number by someone else. Have asked to be removed from their lists. Blocked Call.Guest42016-03-23 22:21:33
3394995788The number 888 571 2048 supposedly microsoft is also linked with 716 871 2929 - Neither number is listed in a directory.  If it is microsoft, why are they hiding?Riley Loud32016-03-24 19:15:07
3397077073I just received a call from this number asking for another person. When I told the man that I wasn't this person he asked me some very inappropriate and disturbing questions regarding certain female parts of me. I will no go into detail. Does anyone know what I can do about reporting this person / company whoever they may be?Sarah32016-03-25 03:42:41
3399870666Yes I did recieve over 5 phone calls from this number with 2 seperate individuals cursing and threatening me and my husband both. Very rude and obscene language. I have no clue whom these pple were and we do NOT appreciate it at allGuest52016-03-30 16:25:44
3399870670They call me about a payday loan and when i ask them to take me off the list they tell me i have a sweet voice and sexy figure and ask me if i am into guys.Sheila62016-03-30 16:25:52
3399870668Is it really the Massachusetts Veterans Support Foundation?  Seems so much like a scam. They called my wife and said, is this Ms. Brown. She said no because it seemed like a suspicious caller.  And then she asked who was calling he said a friend of Ms. Brown's from 15 years ago.Phoney62016-03-30 16:30:43
3399870674This place called clear credit solutions called and left threatening calls saying that they were pre legal.  I asked them to send me a bill on the advise of a friend who is a lawyer.  They got very angry and told me to be sure lawyer shows up to court with me.  I think that if you owe a company or business money they should mail you a bill for services.  As far as I know I have paid off most my bills and am working on the rest.Joanna42016-03-30 16:30:49
3392016150When I answer, there is nothing there.  Thought it was computer dialed, but when I pause to let the speaker come on the phone...nothing happened.  Just hung up.  Have seen this number once or twice before over a period of a couple months.  Same thing.JJAnnapolis62016-04-12 08:07:20
3396970045The Fed Complaint list is the biggest scam. They are getting paid with your tax money to do nothing but fill their database with the numbers we all complain about. I have complained to my legislators and have been told they can't do anything about it. They claim they don't have the technology to track the numbers. Yet they can listen in on terrorist calls in another country and go after them with drones.Scam Buster62016-04-26 06:15:56
3396970044Received a text message titled Achieve Card Notification, call 18168411388. I called the number and it said something about activate your debit card by entering your social security. I immediately hung up, googled the number and text and found out its a huge scam. Beware people, this company/scammer is hitting a lot of people!!Dee42016-04-26 21:26:33
3396970042Texted me Hi ;D" and then ":) A.dd me on y.a.h.0.0. IM .. id is vivianaflirt" the i said who is this and got "sorry I have no battery life ;("AJ62016-05-02 14:57:36
3396970039While this number came from Lebanon, PA and may have at one time belonged to real people - (I found two).I found it listed within a block of numbers bought up by a Russian Company.So you know how to spell 'S C A M'?Glad I wasn't home to get this call, and gee what a surprise they didn't leave a message.Most likely from a Telemarketer or maybe a charity.Ann Noid42016-05-02 20:13:25
3396970047my ticket was 100 dollars as well. they left a message that said the same thing. and the scary part is they knew what city i lived in.amanda32016-05-06 16:42:26
3396970040Got a spam text message from this number. They entice me with "savings" but their message cost me 20c because I don't have a texting plan.Guest72016-05-09 18:44:44
3396749302Just received text message from 5201-222-6108, Best Buy Winner #62580, You won the BestBuy giftcard for $1,000. Claim at now. Enter code 5214. I don't remember entering a BestBuy contest but it is possible I have in the past year and don't recall it. If this is real wouldn't I get something in the mail in writing?Richardson TX52016-05-15 13:18:14
3392044003this company sent me a letter claiming i owe them for a credit debt that i payed  off  in full 5years ago.christina52016-06-01 10:12:47
3392447008Called my work number and left no message.  Which means the call was worthless to begin with, and should never have been placed.Dan G.62016-06-15 08:51:24
3396749309We have been receiving phone calls from this number. Somehow this number is routed to our office. We have no idea why. The callers say that this number is imprinted on the back of PrePaid VISA cards. We tell them we are not VISA.What to do??Robert Mackay62016-06-15 23:24:22
3396749306The man who called identified himself as Greg Michaels from Jacksonville, FL (we do not have caller ID)  He asked for my wife, I refused until I knew why he was calling.  He was incredibly rude.  Called back again and was even more rude.  I *69d the number and reverse looked up the number on whitepages and it is listed as unlisted in Indiana, PA.Any more information on this guy would be helpful.  Thanks.N and S72016-06-16 01:06:05
3392447003Got a phone call From Mr.Clark, who asked to talk to my boss because he had a countertop question. (we make countertops) I told him that i would be more than happy to answer any question he might have. He informed me that I would not be able to answer his questions, and asked for my boss. I informed him that my boss was out of the office, and asked he for a phone number so the boss can return his call. He repeatedly asked for a better time to call back at, and i repeatedly ask for a phone number so my boss can call him back. He got upset and irritated with me. Then he informed me that i was rude and lost a huge client! If you can't leave me with a phone to contact you back at, then there's a problem!Guest42016-06-16 10:57:08
3394995792Got a call from this number and no message was left.  Came up on Caller ID as follows:Presque IsleMe207-554-1164Sandy32016-06-16 18:19:08
3396749297harrasmentGuest52016-06-17 04:01:12
3396749303Disc0unt Electric Services452 15th St, Denver, CO 802027206853040http://electricalrepairdenverco.infoDisc0unt Electric is an electrical contractor, commercial and residential electrician providing electric repairs in Denver, CO.Electrician, Electrical Repair, Residential Electrician, Commercial Electrician, Electric ContractorsGordon52016-06-17 05:03:46
3392447005I have received two phone calls from this number. The first time they left a voice mail, and stated they were from Statistics Canada. So I called the S.C. office in Ottawa to verify. They said that there is a household survey that they are conducting right now, which may or may not be related to the Census.They could not verify that 705-753-0258 was one of their people. So, I don't know if I will call them back.[email protected] /* */1-800-263-1136 or 613-951-8116L.W.72016-06-17 05:45:49
3392447011This man stated that today was the last day to get my check in to claim my prize from P & G (he said it was Proctor and Gamble).  He said we had already had a conversation about this and that I had agreed to send in a check. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about and hung. He called back immediately and got a little nasty and I told him, again, that I had no idea what he was talking about but to call back later in the afternoon and I would check with my wife when she came home. He hung up.He talked with a heavy Indian accent and the connection was bad. I never caught who he was representing other than P&G.Jerry Howard72016-06-17 07:59:18
3396749301scott camron wanting money again dont do it scamlisa32016-06-17 09:31:23
3396749310SpamGuest52016-06-17 10:20:51
3392447010The buyer will probably "accidentally" overpay for the item - or tell you to wire money to the shipper.  The check will BOUNCE and any money you wired is gone.Take the check to your post office & let the postal inspectors check it out.  Do not cash it.That seems to be the normal thing that happens with Craig's List frauds.Did the buyer tell you he was out of town and could not come to see the item??  MAJOR red flag for a scammer.Henry72016-06-17 10:22:14
3396970048called my cell phone.  no messageginger rich52016-07-07 02:14:49
3392447237Decided it Upwards Bela Bela Bela. . . Don t telephone again still calls. Called back not within service etc. . . Guest22015-11-07 11:56:56

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