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3399332762Credit card offersGuest42015-12-18 11:33:01
3399709779why did you phone me . can you personally understand who stole my Societal security Amount . who hick my door . who work at W Multiple rd Belmont ma . who telephone me for cash . a guy ask me become his girlfriend is . they're culprits company . Guest12015-11-05 23:34:56
3393375364Hang Upwards keeps changing the Numbers calls all hours of your dayGuest12015-11-06 00:13:56
3399271944joyful birthdayGuest82015-12-16 16:03:32
3393376504Obtained a few phony email having an arrest warrant with many grammatical errors and threats. Seemingly Sigmund Ross is your District Lawyer or a judge or something as he holds all positions on this Photograph store document. Guest162015-11-06 01:40:56
3392051012kGuest292015-11-06 02:59:56
33923000243 for 4 calls a week out of Distinct parts of the countryGuest32015-11-06 03:38:56
3392043999Text MSG reads Amazing News. You're pare Accepted for Upward for W in Cash. To activate for to Web. Loans. com Activation Code GB Finish response STOPGuest42015-11-06 04:43:56
3392248662Me too. . I got a phone on 1 W again on 1 W and twice yesterday. No message no 1 on that line. How do we Quit these calls. This is silly. Jbear72015-12-09 16:05:25
3395026550They were calling about Dwelling dismay systems. Guest92015-11-06 05:50:56
3395260733blockedGuest72015-12-09 17:45:30
3395026694Home security networkGuest362015-11-06 08:26:56
3399870895Never a message or response. . . Guest72015-12-20 11:17:19
3392375469I want to know who the Amount is W W WGuest52015-12-16 19:28:13
3394406513About being a Key shopperGuest52015-11-06 09:27:56
3395452842payola scam erGuest202015-11-06 09:53:56
3395026709TelemarketerGuest632015-11-06 10:10:56
3392018302unknown callerGuest42015-11-06 11:14:56
3399870671Lamar Guest42016-03-30 16:30:39
3393376849Overly many to count since 9 W not alive telephone when replied. Telephone back and says it's Strategy office but ignores request don't telephone even when I leave a message. What a nuisance. Guest62015-12-19 20:48:39
3399279241Called and asked for the quot Manager of Safety quot . Probably selling compliance Cards you can get free from your own State. Guest12015-11-06 12:39:56
3392276247out of W quot you look Popular in R F. Book Picture. . . you personally should look me Upwards on Y. ah. Io so we can flirt ha ha. quot Guest12015-11-06 12:58:56
3392262564ScampersGuest12015-11-06 13:22:39
3392190103I m on a don't call list that's around that Control yet the moo and crap loads of others keep calling me. report the to FBI like I vie done. Guest42015-11-06 13:44:56
3392018303Credit card crapGuest162015-11-06 15:17:56
3393375327VECTORGuest92015-12-14 19:41:07
3396138169This really is a Relationship scummier from a dating Web site. Guest12015-11-06 16:15:56
3399702405Called twice Approximately 7 W did not leave a message. Guest42015-12-15 00:25:18
3395450646i despise the owner of the numberGuest82015-12-14 09:14:23
3392444488Several times I got the call. Same not alive Stop. Can there be a remedy. S.Kumar72015-12-15 16:44:36
3394997020Please remove my Amount from your list. Guest12015-11-06 18:57:56
3394991625Gotten 3 text messages GIBE F Tag Afterward a series of hyper Related numbersGuest352015-11-06 20:25:56
3392359837block the Guest52015-12-19 20:23:18
3394995794Constantly get phone calls from this number!  Does not leave a message.Jackie32016-06-17 00:51:41
3392233322Creep sending creepy stuffGuest82015-11-06 21:46:56
3393372483Recorded message that My number was pres elected for something. I hung upGuest52015-12-16 12:27:53
3393372630Free text appGuest42015-11-07 01:35:56
3393370420The Amount text ed me for my Advertisement within grisliest. . . her name is Alicia. . . if she is what she is. . . she is a Huge scummier. . Guest32015-11-07 01:55:56
3393378801v snoozed.phat bowlsssshalvay52016-02-16 07:52:03
3393376405Psycho calling me screaming swearing and refusing to identify herselfGuest32015-11-07 02:40:56
3394994030Telemarketer most likely. Guest82015-11-07 02:46:56
3394995790block this numberGuest62016-03-24 17:55:50
3392217861Winner of bust Purchase W gift card. Hardhat. Maybe if it were for Fry s. Guest22015-11-07 04:38:56
3393376858just want to be left aloneGuest42016-03-25 03:35:09
3395026568DAT House Security Firm soliciting Dwelling visitsGuest522015-11-07 04:47:56
3394995756Rob phone purporting for become quot Supplier support quot to get personal data quot for extended Guarantee quot . I vie been getting similar calls Nearly Day-to-day Typically spoofing a local Telephone number. Said she was out of JD Kelly and Affiliates but hung Upwards when I Inquired her name. Guest62015-11-07 05:11:56
3393686367Multiple calls no voice mails going on for monthsGuest92015-11-07 06:46:56
3392218463TelemarketerGuest22015-11-07 07:23:56
3394995264must have hacked my emailGuest82015-11-07 07:51:56
3394995799hung upks52016-06-16 03:04:43

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