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3399701934I told Edward you personally. . . . Guest82015-12-16 07:55:25
3393790017HarassmentAnonymous32016-02-15 20:22:36
3393379152They keep Assessment my Telephone and my boyfriends unpleasant comments. I would greatly value them being stopped. Cheers. Guest12015-11-07 09:17:56
3392211620Fax tones on business express line. Most likely called for your toll free and a telemarketer as NO Just one would send people a Fax on the line and this really is not a local Region code. Winnipeg52015-12-14 00:09:07
3392031717noGuest82015-12-14 20:57:44
3392368285I adore the appGuest32015-11-07 11:49:56
3396680369centralinoGuest12015-11-07 12:30:39
3392018075Direct TVGuest102015-11-07 12:56:56
33924465281 text - it says "Hey, it's your boy. Dallas premiers tonight!". They obviously don't know me- I don;t have a boy! I assume this is a spam/ad.Guest22015-11-07 15:15:56
3392018182FraudGuest112015-11-07 16:47:56
3392191964The Office of Mr. Wayne at VCS was all that the voice message recording system saidFriendly Wendy62015-12-08 20:15:39
3393373289Will not quit harassing me by phone and text message!!Guest32016-03-14 06:24:46
3392305562another walky fake number appGuest12015-11-07 18:11:56
3399700779Asked if I wanted a free security somthing or otherGuest22015-11-07 19:33:56
3392240482DaGuest62015-12-08 23:43:27
3392247266Unknown to meGuest22015-11-07 21:49:56
3399333363Asked for a Bob I think, very hard to understand. I said no bob and hung up. I received 3 more calls from this number in less the 3 hrs after the first call. Just not picking up now.Guest12015-11-07 22:46:56
3393687586dunno why, if u learn, repost here whyme too42015-12-14 15:16:59
3393990648Non rompere i coglioniGuest12015-11-08 05:21:56
3397799694ciaoGuest22015-11-08 05:47:56
3392037975blockGuest42015-12-16 07:52:16
3392190158They just called @ 11:00 p.m. spoke fast. Said I had free minutes. It was the government. Doesn't sound right.Guest12015-11-08 08:22:56
3399707428they keep calling every mroni gGuest12015-11-08 08:34:56
3393378403threatens me and my familyGuest12015-11-08 08:52:56
3393643956Don't know this number, He sent unrequested text saying "no subject/hey, are you free to chat for a few? testing out my FB-2-txt ap I just got.. text me sexy :) 339-364-3956 is my numberGuest112015-11-08 09:20:56
3395454934HISydney72015-12-19 11:44:42
3393373295Calls every day. Never fails. About Microsoft programs trouble.Guest52016-04-09 23:43:40
3392270463lied to meGuest12015-11-08 11:59:39
3392008256Collection AgencyGuest42015-11-08 12:13:39
3392018091SpamGuest62015-12-14 09:14:58
3394994028The Phone number appear to be out service, however is aDr. Sekiguchi the office continues to be open.Ruth Limone32016-03-25 03:42:03
3393098887dick asshole loserGuest62015-12-19 12:34:32
3392347486Yes I got a text, can't share what they saidGuest22015-11-08 15:23:56
3392016141Missed call from friend at downtown Mpls Target Corpdntanswr62016-03-18 17:55:56
3395096709Just received a call, said her name was Keri and to please get back in touch with her today, She is there until 5pm. Left 704-490-4103, and that is what showed on caller id. No reason for call and I have no idea who she is.Guest72015-12-16 13:55:40
3395020984This person made an appointment I own a small business, neither showed or called to cancel. It was like he was playing games. If you are counting on business I would not count on this person. You might want to schedule him on a busy day, he scheduled hrs in advance then moved appointment up an hour and a half then didn't show.Guest12015-11-08 17:11:56
3396716138amico di anthonyGuest12015-11-08 18:01:39
3392259649blockGuest42015-11-08 19:15:56
3393372812I blocked this numberGuest12015-11-08 20:59:56
3392217303stalkerGuest12015-11-08 21:03:39
3392246508blockGuest32015-11-08 21:34:56
3393685664It is a sales follow up call from Salesforce.comGuest52015-12-21 00:08:30
3394691457Susan Berry/COMCAST NASR telephone repair - please update CNAM for Tn 3394691457 to MCATEER KELLY. Currently showing Kevin Mcateer which is invalid. Thank you!Guest12015-11-08 22:01:56
3392300034want to sell security crapGuest122015-11-08 22:36:56
3392041634Same story.  Didn't win the car but won a tablet and $100.  I didn't enter any contest, so it must be a scamEd52015-12-14 17:31:00
3391227557hangs up on caller id...........karen62015-12-09 21:11:48
3392190458TelemarketingGuest12015-11-09 01:03:39
3399271803stalkerGuest12015-11-09 02:54:39
3392363816FRM:[email protected] SUBJ:playing around with my new phone,text me MSG:THHREE THREE NINE TWO THREE SIX THREE EIGHT ONE SIXGuest32015-11-09 04:12:56
3393375590Daily annoying callsGuest82015-11-09 05:41:56

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