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3402014319Received a text message at 12:41 PM todayIs lack of MONEY a problem? If up to $1100 today would help, visit www.cashsafesecure.com0.51... checksum or randomizer.48 hours after opening a bank account and application for credit card.Unsolicited, no relation.Ben52015-12-19 10:07:08
3409055224I received a text message from 334-715-3514 to call the 888-262-4828 number. The cell that I received the text from is registered with Sprint Spectrum of Marion, Alabama. Both numbers ring to a Debt Management company. I've reported both numbers to the Regulatory Commission of Alaska for SPAM to my cell phone. When you call either number you can hit 2 to opt out, so I hit mute and burned up their recording time until it hung up on me 10 minutes later. Let them pay for the LD call from Alaska!Terrance62015-12-19 11:17:32
3402446428Awesome!  Giving away a "free" security system if you are the homeowner!  SCAM, just tell them you don't own the home.  reyu82015-12-19 14:27:57
3402273224This is the number that some one keeps calling my cell phone for air condition service.They claim that you called them and they have a technician on the way.I don't know who they are they keep calling every other day.Linda52015-12-19 16:08:59
3402284355called then was silent for a moment...then a man stated he was having phone problems & would call back...called back then would not speakfedup42015-12-19 16:11:48
3402778415it's Whitman and Sachs, formerly known as Rothstein & Klein.  Same company.  Same scams. stopnandg.blogspot.comEllen V82015-12-20 02:43:46
3409988244Yep... I just got same spam text too.  Tried calling the # back and it said voice mailbox fullTxt read: "You're Approved! 3.78% APR FHA Fixed Rate Mortgage! 3.25% APR Equity Line! Call Patriot Mortgage Lender NOW: 1-800-624-7817 Approval Code: S1689"H42015-12-20 03:23:30
3406909615This is not his/her phone number.. it was issued to us back in the fall of 2014.. We get 5X as many calls for them as for us..Guest52015-12-21 14:09:35
3402445414Got call.  Someone with non-US accent asked to speak to firstname, lastname which was partially correct.  I correct them and they hung up.anon82015-12-21 14:44:23
3406903267Called my cell and left text message. Message said "Shopper: Make $100/day! Undercover shoppers needed to judge retail & dining establishtments! No experience required. Obviously this is a SCAM!!!!Guest82015-12-23 15:30:52
3402269800They called my home serval times and said I was goinh to jail because of acash advance loan which I don't know anything about when I question them on it they hung upGuest52016-02-15 17:19:47
3402269809Multiple calls from 949-529-2562 over past two days. Four calls today... 11:50 am then 11:57 am; 2:20 pm then 2:27 pm. I'm not available when this number calls, but the caller does not leave a voicemail. Must not be that important!Guest42016-02-15 17:46:19
3406422859442 exchange is Perth Amboy, NJ.Unknown if caller tried to leave message (was out and no answering machine)Phone Phreak in Central NJ72016-02-15 17:49:18
3407721315It's some kind of collection agency. I called the number back and they asked for my social security number to see if the call was for me. Needless to say that I LOL and they hung up.Guest62016-02-15 20:43:31
3405138119Get real tired of all the telemarketers and political calls ALL the time. They aren't important. They need to stop.Guest72016-02-16 02:58:07
3402274066I got a text message saying I was randomly selected to win a $1000.00 Best Buy Gift Card...Told me I could get my card at idsblwbckylkp.  Too good to be true, probably is...I'm pretty sure it's a scam and I'll have to enter all my information...not.  I don't get it. No wonder our kids are getting into so much trouble.  Geez..stop the scammers52016-02-16 04:12:38
3402017164Craigslist scammer, pretends to pay extra to cover the costs of you shipping it to them (via movers usually), the "payment" is fakeGuest42016-02-16 06:58:05
3407721310Called them back.  Recording for Gateway charity says I gave to them before.Don't remember giving. You can push #2 to have your number taken off their list.Good luck.justamom42016-02-16 08:04:40
3403442141I have told them multiple times that I do not own the car that they are trying to get me to renew a warranty on and they say they will take me off of their list but they keep calling.Guest62016-03-02 12:39:10
3403442137This caller posed as a job website representative. I believe the caller was a scammer looking for personal information.Guest62016-03-02 12:39:14
3403442144Started as a computer generated call.  I pressed one to speak to a represenative. A woman told me I had a high credit score and they could lower the interest rate on my credit cards.  I told the woman caller that I did not know who she was and the credit card companies should be lowering my rates.  She siad "good luck with that." I also told her I was on the do not call register and to please remove from their index. Only the one call-so far.kayakguy62016-03-02 12:39:17
3409951300Quit calling our house 3 qnd 4 times daily and then not answering or else leaving a call saying they got your resume and have a job, hello they do not ask for a specific person and our resumes aren't posted ugh!Seriously??52016-03-21 07:43:21
3402012156These calls are coming from Kingston Jamaica.  Yes, they are trying to scam people out of money.  They want you to send them money orders or certified checks for so-called "sweepstakes money" you have won.  I've tried for months to keep them from calling our work office, but they are persistant!Katy62016-03-21 10:23:59
3402012154I was told that I needed to contact Ofcr. Nikki johnson of the IRS right away so as to avoid any legal proceedings. That this nmbr was a special one to her division. 213-928-3153.2Guest52016-03-21 11:50:46
3402012160This person is just plain stupid. Texts stupid stuff at late hours waking me up and being annoying. Probably a wrong number, but won't stop texting me...getting annoying...makes my gf suspicious...really pissing me off.Guest32016-03-21 21:01:19
3409951303We just received a call from this number and the man was horrible when I asked why he needed to speak to my mother, cussing and all. I posted on facebook so all of my elderly friends will be aware of this. I'm sure there are several numbers being used. People suckKathy42016-03-22 10:40:37
3409951299My dad just received a call from this number saying they were going to cut off the electricity at his business if he didn't pay $1000 by 6p. He messed up when he said "Send a money pak"...of course I googled the number & found out they're trying to scam others... SCAM!!!Guest62016-03-22 17:10:47
3409951305This phone number called my cell# today and left a VM that a delivery was attempted at my home but no one was available; please call this # back to schedule a delivery? I don't know anyone in CA; how did they get my #? Why would a carrier call you to deliver a package? They never addressed me by name in the VM or what company it was in reference to? SCAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM......................Guest72016-03-22 22:18:06
3409951297It was Extreme Fitness, trying to "recover" money when I told them I quit. Price is way too much for a normal man to afford, unless you are like Bill Gates or Dalton McGuinty!Martin Moncho Vassilev52016-03-23 05:19:59
3409951306They collected my number from my resume on line. They try to sell me a 401K or something ? I asked to put me on their do not call list.patrice32016-03-23 07:06:49
3402019582I recieved a whatsapp text in the Dutch language. Stated as follow, Hi Do you remember me i have sent my profile link aswell??. I live in the Netherlands and got this American IM. I have'nt open the link.  James62016-03-25 03:58:06
3402012152who gives a [***] about some 6 dollar and hour [***] wipe trying to collect money tell them all to screw or call obama get the money from himbilly the kid72016-03-29 15:04:41
3403442153I worked for a CU for 12 yrs so I'm very leery and thought scam at first too. Our policy, the same as I've always been told by other financial institutions, was that we would never call and ask for sensitive info over the phone and warned our members to be aware so I question why they would ask for info as they did some of you. This # called my phone but I didn't answer. My husband also got it but was working and couldn't answer. Later that day both our debit cards started declining with a "restricted card" msg. We called our after hours CS (our CU CS, not the 800# that called) and they said they noticed out of state activity (suspicious to them) so they disabled our cards and had tried to call us regarding this. Fortunately they were our transactions BC my husband is in the oil field and works In the state in question. Not sure why they didn't check our history to see it had been a regular occurrence for quite some time and why this was all of a sudden suspicious but once we explained they were able to immediately re-activate them. Was mad at first but thankful in the end they were looking out for us. Kind of late lol but nevertheless. I assume this call was legit. Seems awfully coincidental. I still advise anyone to never give sensitive info over the phone. EVER!Guest32016-04-10 09:07:17
3403442150Called saying "sitting is the new smoking" - go to to find a chair that will help you sit better.jlv32016-04-10 22:27:28
3403442149received call from this number let it go to voicemail then got a message to stating this call is for linda levy please call it is pertaining to a personal matter. if bill collector, i thought they had to identify themself. never got a name or company no clue what this isGuest32016-04-17 03:11:01
3406432087I demand to get over u. i am sorry but that is your start of my hurting spirit. you personally dint adore me because if u did from Value u would NT become Buying Upwards any Girl when u know it s my Course for and out of work. u don t care how i feel thus u Only can. can NT call my Telephone because u can be racing this text because i 've blocked u out of my Telephone and my life. Guest12015-11-05 10:27:56
3403322500They called my cellphone I did t answer. I don t understand anyone who would become calling me from the numberGuest12015-11-06 15:26:56

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