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3457697658Illegal political robo-call to a callphone for the campaign of Jim Kastama (running for Secretary of State).  Robo-calls for *any* purpose (other than emergency communications, or with the express permission of the recipient) are still illegal; they do NOT fall under the political exemption for live-voice calls to cellphones.Sent an email to the campaign to let them know that they were making illegal calls, and told them to take my number off their list, and to issue a request to the place they got it from to stop propagating it.    Have received no response from them, yet.AnotherMike62016-04-08 20:04:04
3452381204These people call 4 times today and won't speak when I answer the phone. I believe they are telemarketers. Bad people - harassmentGuest72016-04-09 00:06:05
3452381205I called back and they claimed to be from some company selling a Medicare supplement plan. I asked them to remove me from their list and they did with no issues.Rick52016-04-09 14:07:17
3455410264Automated telemarketing call re $10,000 or more unsecured debt. Consolidator or trustee likely. However, could be scammer lower your debt type call too. Hung up. No interest.KrinklesTheClown62016-04-09 16:04:00
3455410261Chinese lady keeps calling asking if this is xxx-xxx-xxxx which is my phone number. I told her whoever she is trying to reach, it's the wrong number and asked her to remove it several times. The lady keeps calling every single day at the same time every morning.Guest52016-04-10 02:28:59
3456689979Any request for money up front, especially when they will tell you nothing about who/why, is very suspect. If you don't have a name, address, or phone number for this organization I'm glad you just said no & hung up.Big mystery72016-04-10 07:03:25
3456689974Received call from this number on 2/17/2014, at2:55 p.m. Caller asked for me by name. I said "this is she." Caller then hung up on me. I returned call ans told them I did not appre Kate being hung up on & was going to report them, which I am doing.Guest52016-04-10 13:51:11
3455148010Prize Offers: You Don’t Have to Pay to Play! from FTC CONSUMER ALERT A Dozen Ways to Protect YourselfThe next time you get a "personal" letter or telephone call telling you "it’s your lucky day," the Federal Trade Commission encourages you to remember that: 1.Legitimate sweepstakes don’t require you to pay or buy something to enter or improve your chances of winning, or to pay "taxes" or "shipping and handling charges" to get your prize.If you have to pay to receive your "prize," it’s not a prize at all.SWEEPSTAKES SCAM72016-04-11 14:37:46
3455410266This number keeps calling me on my company cell phone, get me when I am driving every time.  They give a call back number but I have no way to write it down, I'm too busy driving.  Claim to be a Mr. Balfour a senior manager and there is a problem with my account.  It is always an automated message.  They never leave a voice mail.  Considering the "problem with my account" comment it is very likely a scam to get people to reveal their bank information, credit card numbers, SSN (SIN in Canada) and similar personal information.  Not sure if it is a SD newspaper as I am Canadian and they never identify the company that is calling in their automated message.  Another of the "there is a problem with your windows" type calls where they try to gain access to your computer.  Last time those idiots called I told them I was illiterate.  Bunch of freaking BONEHEADS.  Unfortunately they must get some poor people to reveal what they are looking for somewhere in the world or they would stop phoning; somebody somewhere is being conned!crick32016-04-11 15:20:21
3455222945I got a bunch of calls with this number over within the last three weeks and didn't answer each time, but they never left a message. I finally answered the call at 640am (PST) after they called five times in a row, so aggravating that early in the morning. There was a guy on the other end with a heavy hispanic accent asking for Jose or Jorge, I don't remember the exact name now. Anyway, I told him he had the wrong number, he apologized and I never heard from him again.donna52016-04-11 23:15:17
3454968137Won't leave message when they call - trying to get around "do not call" list. Call repeatedly- apparently are telemarketers. Total spam!Guest52016-04-12 03:41:41
3454948773Received call from person claiming to be a representative of the law office of Eric Berman, PC. debt collector.tangler1052016-04-12 03:52:40
3452381206I agree with Joe. This is a scammer from CL. Be very careful who you deal with and especially who you give your personal info too.J.D.42016-04-12 07:39:08
3458760353Faxes and emails are not legally acceptable validation.  Demand written validation of the debt including the original owner of the debt.  It is your right and they know it.    Read the post to Jannie.....dcso32016-04-12 20:04:56
3454954837I live in Northern California and have been receiving the YPR 1-760-651-1443 phone calls for one month. I did receive some new yellow pages 4 freaking new ones in one week thrown onto my driveway so it sounds like it must be tied to the phone books some how. I'd like to bonk them on the head with one of their useless bookschris72016-04-13 19:53:36
3454954839This phone number is for a DNA testing lab. We used them on a paternity test with my son and his father, good company, and fast results. JennyGuest52016-04-14 05:02:49
3457697659called 911 while an enraged large latino male came to my car window cursing & saying very mean & scary words called 911 so this s police dispatcher,Guest72016-04-14 12:32:43
3454968132do not trust them ..they rob me.. they charge me $300 ..someone name shawn ..then every 3 weeks they charge $300mevin62016-04-14 14:06:37
3456689973Gave this company a call - the guy mumbles but I made him give me all his info.Penta Group Financial3065 UnionOrchard Park,  NY 14127716 809 8107 faxCreditSlueth62016-04-14 18:13:12
3458760354Received numurous calls from this nouber over a period of time.  I am not sure who it is but no one is there when I say hello.Cory72016-04-15 10:27:38
3455410258This number has now called me twice in two days. I  don't know who it is because I screen all unknown calls and they did not leave a voicemail.Pantz72016-04-16 16:18:33
3454948777Just like a previous post, this guy offered me the same job. When I informed him that I was suspicious of ANYONE being hired without an interview of some sort and asked for additional information from him, he became rather nasty. Besides, his writing is poor.Guest62016-04-17 05:00:25
3455410259You have been named as a person of interest in a very important matter, it is important that you contact our office.spraggle42016-04-17 06:24:52
3455148008This number has been calling our office 5-6 times daily and asking for the owner.  I have been telling them that the owner isn't in only to have the caller rudely hang up on me.  The only information Caller ID gives is FLORIDA 850-688-9098.Kris42016-04-18 07:00:15
3456689978all of this me to sometime they will call and call right backI have another number like this to 205-258-8715 and I did not start getting these calls until I placed my resume on monsterdid anybody else do the same.Joe Smo42016-04-25 14:57:51
3455222946Got 2 calls from this number today on my business line.  CID says "ARMAS ELIZABETH".  Caller introduced herself as Consuelo from MedSource or MedSupply, wanted to fax us 5 pages of information about chiropractic supplies (lumbar supports, etc).256-653-523342016-04-25 21:36:54
3454991626I had ask for college online info and she said she was the rep for them. But she was in Va. And her return call number was in Va. EPCI University.Guest52016-06-16 04:00:35
3454991630Called about saving me some money. I have blocked both numbers.Guest52016-06-17 06:25:24

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