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3459889320hgGuest12015-11-10 13:49:40
3457697652"This is a call on behalf of David Lane.  You too can be making from $1500 to $4000 per week...".mbrent7732016-04-07 00:23:09
3453243738fagget name rodell McDonaldGuest62016-02-16 01:12:37
3455872441they want to loan me money but I need to get a green . card first to show the first paymentGuest12015-11-11 02:19:57
3459185489I don't want number texting me they keep harassing meGuest52016-04-11 08:39:53
3456779163hijimjim82015-12-08 16:22:58
3454991633no message but they keep calling. what can we do to stop them?amr3301562016-06-16 21:06:47
3458760350hiiiiGuest42016-03-24 06:41:36
3456773082call and don't say nothinGuest62015-12-16 13:20:27
3454567656I'm so that I'm done with all of your drama queen.Guest72015-12-20 05:01:59
3459944270Financial Services company (collection agency)RealRichie62015-12-16 13:33:01
3454991632I don't know this is.Guest72016-06-15 13:09:24
3458769808This number texted me "Would you like to receive up to $1,250 today? Direct to your account in minutes with no hassle. Visit - For removal reply 'OUT'" on Sat, Feb 4 2012 @ 8:18 AM.Guest62015-12-16 18:28:29
3458760347Recorded message about opportunity for additional income for seniorsGuest42016-04-17 06:17:25
3456689976Call and leave no message.Miserable72016-04-07 13:43:25
3459278929Would like to borrow 500.00 ThanksBrenda Redden62015-12-09 12:50:01
3454920032ANNOYING spam.Guest52016-03-21 08:15:50
3459394509No nameGuest52015-12-19 03:21:58
3450007896they just called. i dont know anyone in the caymen islands and dont know why theyre calling...Guest152015-11-12 18:29:57
3452043044Most pictures aren't even hersGuest72015-12-15 10:02:42
345402514912345Guest12015-11-12 22:21:40
3455148005PoliceGuest52016-04-11 15:08:29
3453275123Sorry you have reached a service that is no longer in service or is no longer in useGuest52015-12-14 00:00:10
3454968134i nd this nb blocked nowGuest32016-04-08 15:08:38
3454954832telemarketerGuest52016-04-10 23:41:18
3454968133......42016-04-14 15:05:45
3454991631Lie, and marriedGuest42016-06-12 08:21:56
3453283418HeyJohn Brown12015-11-14 03:03:22
3454989267I am getting more nuisance calls.  Most annoying as there is no one there when answeredlilmax42015-12-15 00:35:05
3454928657Getting many calls from this area code and all of the numbers are different in addition to this one there was:3459544196 3454917124 and they called at least 10 times a day.  I do not answer my cell phone if there is no name listed.  Sounds like a loan company or scam coming from the Cayman Islands.  LOL[email protected] /* */12015-11-14 03:18:18
34578857472/23/10 afternoon, call from 345-788-5747 missed, no messagea f42015-11-14 03:29:38
3459498279stalkingGuest82015-12-14 21:41:22
3452038909It is a company called Imperial.  They are a scam.  They called my job and advised that they were with our local sheriff's department and I would be receiving a summons regarding a bad check.Jess72016-02-23 23:55:26
3455277229harrased by this personGuest82015-12-18 15:30:53
3453002571block numberGuest42015-11-14 04:08:57
3455223143received on cell phone, did not answer. No voice mail left by callerchicken432015-11-14 04:10:56
3455493593Correction:  My date should be 2/25/2015.Ruthie92015-12-09 20:49:28
3457955737Art Van pre-recorded solicitationGuest82015-12-16 14:09:12
3457004438a4Harry12015-11-14 04:47:07
3454991606Say they will call the police to come to me and curse @ all my family members than hung up............NASTY DIRT BAGSsue52015-12-16 09:13:24
3456234567scammersBev272015-11-14 04:57:50
3454911524Got a call from this number at 6:30am, no message left.Newfoundland Canada12015-11-14 05:10:41
3454940222Any more details you can share with the class, please? :) Every little bit helps every one else who looks up this number!homiy22015-11-14 05:17:16
3459498186Do not call this number againGuest42015-12-16 15:29:25
3452539481got this call a minute ago. Intell jingle?!Weird...272015-11-14 06:02:10
3455078553212-410-2163Mercy62015-12-08 20:59:05
3456158434Just got called from this number and one from guatemala...speaking spanish i think. i hung up and they called a few more times and left a weirdo voicemailAJ82015-11-14 06:12:37
3454929404Repeatedly getting calls from this number and 345-498-5907/345-493-3650brian12015-11-14 06:23:35
3454952427Got this call this morning but didn't pick up and no message was left.  This seems to be one of a set of numbers that is being used to harass me.  This has happened before.  Right now, they seem to be trying various combinations of area code and time (they'll call in intervals anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 1/2 hours).  They'll give up when they realize that I am absolutely serious about not picking up the phone when I don't recognize the number.To save myself the stress, I block any calls from unknown numbers between 9pm and 7am.  During other times, I let the call ring through to voice mail (no message are ever left), verify that the number is garbage and then add it to a bogus contact that has a silent ringtone and no vibration.D12015-11-14 06:25:12
3459392838This number shows up on my cell phone.Cell Phone92015-12-08 08:26:59

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