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3451737137I got the same call and they told me how I won $50,000 and when i asked for a " what's the catch" they said its nothing and half way through the conversation, they goes like if you pay "$10,000 ( for different procedures) you will get your winning amount." They want also said that we will get our western union money with our winning money. (1-335-752-0713). do not pick the phone with this number. They all are BIG TIME FRAUDS.Noor22015-11-14 07:17:59
3459437148Edgar Tochimani 333 Poplar St Bridgeport, CT 06605. Extorting money from people. Do not answer. Call police immediately and provide number and time of call.Guest42015-12-16 13:47:05
3456809080???elaine32015-11-14 07:38:50
3456376098This number is not receiving calls at this timeGuest52015-12-19 16:24:06
3453243731it says it is a verizon voice box.......kelli62015-12-13 22:38:17
3459283439son has been receiving calls from this number and it is causing us a huge cell bill - cannot find out who it belongs to - needs to stop!Twill32015-11-14 08:03:01
3459498797Someone called named Inspector Richard Kloc or Clock from this number and said he found my name and visa number in a book that a suspect they had in custody at the Financial Crime unit in the Cayman Islands.  I called number and got what sounded like a bull pen for phone calls. They said the officer was busy and wanted all kinds of information, which I would not give them. They could not tell me what the credit card numbers were or any other info, that they could not find out about me on the Web. Please use caution. I believe it to be a scam.mike 879722015-11-14 08:08:20
3453431199Microsoft NEVER cold-calls people to tell them their computers have a problem!Educational post:You may have been exposed to scam # 3, as described here: to return here, to, after you look at any of the information at that site, either to post more information, or to let us know you avoided the scam, or to read any further information about that number that others may post.h22015-11-14 08:10:55
3451344962keeps calling. Never says anything when I answer. Hangs up on voice mail.annoyed12015-11-14 08:23:35
3454936869Got this call two days in a row at 5 am!  Jerks!!!Kathrynrn12015-11-14 08:36:00
3459387667sdsa72015-12-14 17:10:11
3459166217recieved the same messagedrroogh52015-12-09 18:48:59
3459464434Who and where is this number fromgigi72015-12-16 09:03:30
3455172113i recieved a few calls from this number, they call, it rings for maybe 1 ring, a ring and a half, and it stops. i don't get a chance to pick up.Ani12015-11-14 09:28:10
3454910277taxi spamGuest42015-12-14 13:17:48
3459282277An update to my previous post: This is legitimately WAMU. I went to check my account online after seeing the previous posts and saw that my account was suspended until I called them to verify. I figure no one can suspend my account if they don't work for WAMU.  When I called them, they didn't ask me to provide a thing except the last 4 digits of my SS#. Other than that, they provided every bit of information and I verified. I definitely trust that this was legitimate to keep me from being a victim of fraud. The reason they were calling me is that I made a purchase online from a company I thought was in the US and it turns out they are in China. I have ordered from them before, but the amount of today's purchase was considerably larger and WAMU was scared someone was using my card. SO...don't worry about this number if you've recently made a weird purchase.Chris72015-12-20 02:48:04
3450043154The guy kept calling at 6am during the weekend asking for Mark. Even left messages.Sly82015-12-14 22:11:09
3459388034Hi!  this is pamela of the philippines!  where u trying to call me earlier today?  i'm sorry that i did not get your call.. i left my phone unattended.. thanks.pamela pinili12015-11-14 09:53:23
3454866948I did not answer and no message left.  Area code is Cayman Islands and I am in Central Florida.JH62015-11-14 09:53:43
3455509937...............Guest52015-12-16 08:03:17
3457697660Loan spamGuest62016-03-23 01:40:50
3454923842When my phone normally only rings 2-3 times per week, family or work calling and suddenly my phone is burning up with back to back calls for days on end from unknown numbers, I will not answer. Most of the ghetto rat crackheads don't have the balls to leave a message. The few that do claim there are bogus charges against me and they are coming to my job to arrest me. Well, f*ckers...I'm still waiting! Rot in the deepest depths of hell all you low-life scum!FED UP12015-11-14 10:40:20
3454996754Unknown callerGuest72015-12-14 12:37:35
3459036727prank calls peopleGuest62015-12-14 23:31:55
3454318938Last night I recieved 3 phone calls between 12:30 AM and 1:00 AM. I star did star 69 and the it was from # 345-431-8938. I googled search where the are code was from and apparently it is from the Caymen Islands. On the first call I could hear a lot of people in the background, almost like a party was going on and I kept saying hello and finally I hung up. On the 2nd and 3rd call they quickly hung up on me. Has this been happening to anyone else?8/20/091NJMOM12015-11-14 11:43:02
3453237548Called me, then texted me stating that he is from the Cayman Islands and wants to be my friends.Leah12015-11-14 11:46:33
3454926224sdfsdfsdf42015-12-19 00:53:30
3459454111It's Wesley Financial Group.Carissa72015-12-18 22:00:09
3459408354I keep receiving these calls, daily now, and my number is and has been on the Do Not Call list.  When I answer there is silence, then a beep before the call is disconnected.Kathleen62015-12-14 10:29:07
3458760345Didn't leave a voice mail.K. Neel62016-04-14 06:16:44
3454900102said they were with hill county processing summons division for fraaudluent chargesdonna82015-12-16 12:26:02
3456278467So what exactly makes you think this is a debt collector? Nothing you have posted - except your assumption based on nothing - says so.Homer72015-12-13 14:37:34
3454055746From Cayman Islands - Yep, me too the last two days - this is the beginning of a new cycle from a new number this crap never ends - got to block another numberJoe12015-11-14 12:52:53
3455161305TelemarketerGuest82015-12-16 08:02:49
3459496263قهفثاغق8ثقا22015-11-14 13:12:46
3454970542stop callinGuest42015-12-16 15:41:38
3453299984Declared me a $50,000 winner - told him to spend it - SCAMSal12015-11-14 13:24:47
3451691651Received call around 9:05am Wed Nov 4th but did not answertmrose12015-11-14 13:29:51
3457944613they called me and said u have won 50,000 dollar in alottery , but before getting this prize u have to pay the fees for money transfer fee from one to another. and u have to pay $380. u have to send it by western union. ther are fraudkiran12015-11-14 13:32:46
3454946165This is a scam number. Calling asking for $200.Won't quit callingJayson12015-11-14 14:04:49
3455172771Got a call from this number Caller ID said 867-843-9868 was Kingston JM (later found out that was Kingston Jamacia) the caller identified himself as Mr. Green from UPS and that he was trying to scheadule a delivery for me and he needed to quardenate the day I would be home to sign for this package.  The number he left was 345-517-2771 and someone answered the phone and ask who I was looking for then I heard the international ring tone (the beep)  after about 30 seconds he came back and told me Mr. Green would be calling me back.  Mr. Green called from the Kingston JM number and must have forgotten his scrept because now I had won $2.5 million dollars and they needed to know when I was going to be home on Monday so they could present me with the check and have media coverage.  I hung up after this...Ani12015-11-14 14:15:18
3452242527Received text from this number informing me I'd been selected to test and keep "the new iPhone 5" and to text 2 friends to join me in the consumer test.Kat12015-11-14 14:17:24
3459381658ijxhpihkh7*-657!'00Guest52015-12-10 05:32:27
3455487044I keep get'n calls all hrs of da day from these phne #s 3455487044, 6492413561, 7587207446, 2462647837, 8764907445, 8764738186. These calls hve been kum'n in non-stop for like 5 dayz str8 now n da callers keep ask'n me 2 call dem bck. My cell carrir says der's nuthn they cn do how r these fcukrs" get'n my cell info n wat cn I do about this. Sum1 pls help me...if ne 1 has ne info 'bout this ur respons wuld b greatly appreciat'd...thnxSum1Help!12015-11-14 14:51:50
3459284862hellow who are youGuest82015-12-09 21:47:34
3454509271IdkGuest82015-12-20 03:09:51
3455549999I have not answered the call yet, but this number has called me three times in the past 2 hours or so. Should I answer?lcport32015-11-14 15:24:23
3459290094I'm sick o these calls. I don't want to be called by these people. stop waisting my mobile service time. I'm not a senior either, and they start off by saying "hello seniors". The DNC list in worthlessGuest72015-12-16 08:29:34
3455222940Keep harassing USGuest62016-04-12 10:24:21

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