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3525621001They phone all the time. Could barely understand them. Said they were a medical research group. Said i was Choosing blood thinners. . I said no i don t. And Afterward hung Upward on me. . . . Attempted calling back and got that same Verizon message as previously mentioned below. So frustrating. Next time they phone i can Chat their language and see how that goes for them. LolaGuest102015-11-05 21:09:22
3523874020Drug addict are thus desperate for scam on people who have no knowledge of your determined soul who Places more effort into scamming in place of working a 9 5 or going to detox. Be careful they will Strain u if u give them your own personal Information. Additionally beware of that Facebook scams that allow your own cells to become hack onto giving them accessibility to personal Information as nicely. Guest492015-11-06 13:07:21
3523407986HE Is Popular. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Yes'sGuest12015-11-06 18:21:21
3522096905recd phone out of Spanish man. stated a family member was included within an Crash. i told Owner i was on my way. Owner told me not for hang Upward and for listen . called stated my family member hit his Automobile and another car and he can not call your Authorities he was on your run for 2 murders. i was told i had for pay W or he would kill them worst W Min's of my life. Guest62015-11-06 21:46:20
3527920119Likely a Middle Japanese guy speaking gibberish and occasionally not speaking at all. Many calls during that daytime. Guest52015-12-22 16:40:11
3522002687cherished he'd wow. we got an email out of beloved old Jerry too. Lola. it says same matters you are describing. . . along with your same phone Amount. reminds me of that credit card commercial this is Betty . . . ha ha. also tried for telephone along with same results as you got. . . fresh scam been online all morning as you probably have. all sorts of threats. Guest232015-11-06 23:31:20
3522190408I got a telephone on my cell Excellent too 3 mi nits Past. Do you think that is a Statement collector or a telemarketer. OsoPardo82015-12-14 23:25:06

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