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3613547222Harassing my familyGuest12015-11-05 03:33:48
3614843288Merely enjoy the other comm enters some arbitrary number Assessment Around Naked pics. Guest132015-11-05 03:38:30
3612351395Le fatiguingGuest52015-12-21 21:27:48
3614522296dint understand this numberGuest12015-11-05 04:06:30
3615245373political calls. jm82015-12-14 15:27:38
3617748686psycho Elegant who doesn't StuGuest12015-11-05 04:21:30
3614140584Father. DON T Reply. Guest82015-12-14 20:59:34
3612553789RudeGuest12015-11-05 04:46:48
3619989450Tool a Part on W minutes on these Men. Marketing pain relief cream for up to W per Bottle and ripping away medicare. Compounding Laboratory in Texas is responsible. Guest552015-11-05 05:06:51
3618451409Quit call meGuest62015-11-05 05:16:30
3615796975Real Time MortgageGuest72015-12-19 13:56:55
3614005687Promotion security systemsGuest122015-11-05 05:22:30
3613556662Heart breaker. . . Guest12015-11-05 05:48:48
3613310048Green TreeGuest52015-12-08 15:08:05
3612711247He keeps calling my house asking for a business owner Afterward hangs up if anyone knows who this really is please let me understand thus I could sue for harassment several times all hours of that day and nightGuest162015-11-05 06:05:29
3612714999Calls hang Upwards as shortly as they are answered. . . this is harassment. . . 've reported it. . . Guest1412015-11-05 06:21:29
3615204184SpamGuest32015-11-05 06:25:30
3613965862girls calling at 1 in that morningGuest12015-11-05 06:27:30
3615108463StupidGuest42016-04-17 00:52:25
3617041431This Amount is VIP called out of online doing a insurance scam. Don t Choose up your call. Guest52015-11-05 06:35:30
3612901453Children yelling into that phoneGuest42016-04-09 09:13:34
3613567189blockGuest52015-12-09 08:07:58
36156427001. I don t have an account with Wells Fargo bank and 2. I have had calls out of them before Rough a different number. I 've called F before and was told that this is not their phone number. Guest102015-11-05 06:47:30
3613588492When Telephone is picked. Upward no just one at other end. 3 times last hour. Guest62015-12-18 20:52:33
3614005874AlanGuest62015-12-16 12:31:14
3619943715don t call anymoreGuest22015-11-05 07:06:30
3614893134This Amount calls my house several times a daytime never a message. We 're on that don't phone list. Please Cease calling. . . . Guest172015-11-05 07:16:30
3614847043leave people aloneGuest22015-11-05 07:21:30
3615585825very best sex line everGuest12015-11-05 07:28:49
3613563262No additional data. Wendy52015-12-20 01:48:22
3614003350don't phone this againGuest62015-11-05 07:47:30
3618166271Whites calling bothering People that don t careGuest72015-12-09 20:02:22
3612324935i don t understand my Telephone numberrosie82015-12-09 22:17:53
3617528053Who is thisGuest52015-12-09 13:23:05
3612078509Won t leave me aloneGuest12015-11-05 08:15:48
3612208395 RenaGuest12015-11-05 08:15:48
3614850095who is this[***]62015-12-19 13:38:14
3615204645Insect Insect pest Bug Bug Bug pestGuest22015-11-05 08:31:30
3612142984Calls my cell amp house Telephone. Leaves no message. Guest172015-11-05 08:33:29
3612382678calling about his dick and stuffnick42015-12-20 12:30:36
3612445861Me overly called back and got a active signalAndy72015-12-18 03:50:46
3614290270Scott I 'm requesting an estimate on a Occupation formerly done for me by you and Cubit Contracting. . . problem was NOT by you but may demand an estimate on redoing many of the work. I had many work done by Us Fountain and I can some work to become redone. Only demand an estimate. . . Cheers Alfred and Evangelina Duncan W Silver Empty Dr. CC TX W W W or W W WGuest12015-11-05 08:57:30
3614638738I heard a screeching noiseCHRISSY52015-12-09 11:12:06
3615964845Mare sh Going Co Inc W N Lancaster St Moult on TX W W W W Mare sh Going Co Inc Supplies quality drilling and water pumps services. Water Wells Water Pumps Water Treatment Pump Systems Replacement Wells Internet. rechartering. comGuest12015-11-05 08:58:30
3612488004An add requesting a Payroll Clerk paying W a month for print and mail out payroll checks for company. Has hired without any information such as a Continue and Seeking for me for Purchase supplies for start printing. Looks Strange has not mentioned business or E-mail for resume or referencesGuest12015-11-05 09:04:29
3614820997KimGuest62016-02-16 01:42:09
3613183396This is the Man that torn out your spirit and jumped on it. Guest62015-12-16 16:01:31
3614495769Single ladiesGuest12015-11-05 09:08:48
3614455146I got an unwanted text out of the number sending me Grimy textGuest42015-11-05 09:09:30
3613894239kGuest62015-12-19 20:05:31

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