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4155994234Calls and says they have important message and to contact a certain number for the information. They call me 3 times daily.415599427462017-05-19 23:07:23
4152006411Got an prohibited text message quot Hello Lt name gt not confident if you or anyone you personally understand still smokes. But Internet. smoke. com is giving away free e cog trials Candid quot where Lt name gt is quot Paul quot quot Paulette quot whatever your own first name is. I vie gotten several of theses texts around time from non Pals and 've reported them to the FTC. Guest12015-11-04 20:33:50
4153639593Do not understand who that is and Do not telephone again please. Simply rang just one time. Can report for sure. Guest2102015-11-04 20:51:53
4155284231I acquired another call out of the number at 8 W this morning. I keep becoming these calls and have no idea exactly why they're calling as there surely is Generally no one on your line when I answer. I have called back and told them to remove my Telephone number as this is Harassment. I suppose reporting them for your Attorney General s Office is my next step. J. wilson82015-12-18 19:06:02
4155273705Rob telephone quot Urgent telephone about your Electric Statement. quot Blah Blah Blah. We have no Electrical bill. Guest1702015-11-05 10:08:57
4158684624Nuisance calls Registered message when I telephone back. Leave no message on VIM. I need them to go away. Guest122015-11-05 15:13:02
4152349729stated she was calling on behalf of Irs and unless I phone back action may be taken against me. Large SCAM. . . Guest562015-11-05 15:56:45
4152595025This number from a thus called company called AC'S. Hey sometimes call out of a private number but it is always your same Indian guy Striving to change his votive stating that they are filling legal Activity against some fraud that's been Perpetrate Edward. But never pans out. But you are able to settle from court by delivering Subsequently obscene amounts of money. Guest362015-11-05 17:49:52
4159527351Left message keeps calling Making threatening messages. State in a matted will Distribute and I m going to become unlucky. Have my at tourney call. I don t understand what that is but it looks enjoy a scam. I don t have any loans out thus the makes no seance. I hate these Individuals. . Blocked your numbers still getting calls. When I called back I got a beep and no answerGuest4722015-11-05 19:54:56
4157357108Arrived Residence to your message quot purportedly quot from the Irs and for phone back instantly. Did telephone the Amount to see what was it about and got the whole Storyline about I was going for become arrested for tax fraud and I owed a certain Sum of cash that had to be paid Today or your sheriff s office would be Choosing me up. Wanted the cash Directed} a Unique way. All quite shady thus I of path called my tax agent and he called and that same Individual answered and when was asked for his Irs Banner number said he did t 've for provide that which by law they would. and ended up hanging Upwards on my Representative. That is becoming more and more of a issue all around that Us. Whatever you would don t ever offer out any account data. I actually did a reverse Telephone Amount look Upward and the Amount was registered to Max Communications Corp. within CA. Guest982015-11-05 20:17:54
4156535207Said "he's actually pretty surprised I haven't called him back yet." It's obvious he's reading off a script and sounds dumb as fk.Stuck up ass pretending to be from Yelp72017-04-18 00:45:15
41550075074 calls within three times . no Alternative to Discuss to anyone and tell your a es not to telephone anymore. RidiculousGuest202015-11-06 01:45:55
4156872505It s a Site offering you personally a job Subsequently they phone you asking if you personally d enjoy for more your own educationGuest72015-12-21 12:15:13
4155061663This can be a scam FRAUD telephone. they State to become your Irs and state you must telephone them back. This really is NOT your IRSGuest292015-11-06 06:11:52
4152511384I obtained a telephone out of a Clive Mullins says he out of Mega Millions La's Nevada. He said I won 2 W. W . He said my Credit card number was entered in your lottery by either Walmart Kmart or another store when I made a purchased. He wanted me for go to Walmart and get a Money Park reload card and put either W. W or W. W on it depending on your delivery Process I Desired either a Cable transfer to my account or an account which he would become setting Upward for me. He insisted I Desired to get your card instantaneously and give him that data on your card thus he could send a representative for my Dwelling with your releases. I returned the called and obtained a recorded message stating I vie reached International Sales. When he called back I questioned him on the. He insisted that he was Used by Huge Millions La's Vegas and that my cash would become refunded. Neighbors beware. Guest22015-11-06 09:06:51
4153582076Called me around 4 times within that last 3 weeks. I never answered and they never left message express mail. Guest272015-11-06 13:10:53
4158685792these people phone me saying i was going to jail if i didn't supply them my SS that i would maintain Prison within hrs. Guest872015-11-06 15:06:55
4154087934Spammer No Chaos sage attempted for phone back and was put on hold. Not a opportunity for speak wit Individuals. Guest12015-11-06 17:18:51
4152148202States to become Google. Sounds questionable. Get calls everyday even when I Set on quot do not phone quot Guest142015-11-06 20:47:50
4155273473No message I don t understand anyone within San Francisco thus I did t answer. Anyone else understand Around this numberGuest12015-11-06 23:37:52
4154970273Someone has called me on my private cell phone with this Amount twice the morning and Installed Upwards. Rickie Moore52015-12-16 11:01:42
4154129151The dude in SF hits Upwards every brand new man Move but never follows through in booking. A total low life. Guest22015-11-07 01:30:54
4157232714House security company that calls multiple times within your same daytime a few days. won t Discontinue callingGuest432015-11-07 02:04:00
4158547078on no telephone list crippled cant get to the Telephone very easy. hangs Upwards before I could get there. Harold Hughes, Jr.72015-12-22 06:23:19
4154085002Express message from a woman named Nick Brown with your Irs said not to Blow off the telephone. Called back a man along with a significant Highlight replied and said his name was Bob I told him I had the incorrect Amount and he said Fortunate for become you. No Government office would be that rude. Called that Irs and they mentioned that they Don't Call Individuals Around tax Issues. Guest442015-11-07 05:25:54
4159333656Upon calling back that Amount was no More within service. Please Assess if this really is a computer generated number. Guest52015-12-08 10:09:08
4157441422Not American thus I am Simply at hand iv er my SAN and other personal Information whatever. I m thus frightenedGuest52015-11-07 05:56:54
4155599051Individual is maintaining to become out of Government and threatening me with Prison for nonexistent crimes. Guest62015-12-09 01:56:25
4153639554Hi. I m for your Telephone Amount of Sheets Of Enjoyment Photography in Lubbock TX. Is this the correct 1. Linn72015-12-15 01:58:51
4152349480Acquired 2 calls within 2 hour period of time. Telling me to contact Official Jules smith with that Irs advising me that when I did not telephone them back I would face serious Effects from the Government including imprisonment. I tried to call that Amount back but it just went expressionless. I know I do not owe anything for the Irs as our Fees are completed by a CPA since W. Guest322015-11-07 10:55:51
4152410201I got several phone calls from this number, inquire my bank account. She claims she is a social worker. This is a very suspicious number. Never give personal info over the phone.Emmy182017-09-30 22:04:28

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