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4249003136This is a scamGuest252015-11-05 04:48:09
4242757585Person named Rob tried to buy an item that I had on CL attempted to send me a certified Assess for way over the amount of cash and asked me to send him W of it. He Additionally used another Amount W W W. He was determined I was going to accept his Assess sent it out and harassed me at 4 am in your morning within text messages that I BETTER take that Assess to my bank and cash it and send his movers W of it but the Real matter he is doing is having me send HIM that cash not his movers the check takes 2 months to clear and he said W W hours which banks permit you personally for remove your Sum of that Assess in that time Figure but that check bounces back a month later leaving you personally along with Legal Prices I would Very advocate NO one respond to those Amounts or 've anything for do with your scam of certified checks they are 3 Celebration scam Source in Nigeria with family or Buddies in People that helps send your Assess and phone Amount out of free numbers from a California company. . . . I was suppose for get his determined Bundle and Sodium Lake dispose of it it had Disposable stuff in it what it mentioned on that tracker page. alert Scheduled Delivery Daytime Thursday August W W 3 W pm Money Back Guarantee Your own thing could not be delivered or returned to sender. Because your thing was perishable it's been disposed of by the Post Office. I also mentioned for this determined scummier that I worked for the state Authorities Section and he was still determined to get your check to me I Additionally told him I was going to take it right for the Cops Section after he stated he already Delivered it and demanded me to remove 2 W out of a 3 W Assess. and send him his shipper that 2 W. Guest142015-11-05 04:55:08
4243759024spam phone about bank of America Looking account infoGuest62015-12-09 23:32:17
4242780560blockGuest62015-12-09 14:14:08
4243545321Spam fish. Guest32015-11-05 05:09:22
4246347858you personally keep calling and bothering me. Cease. Guest322015-11-05 05:18:23
4242780571Cruise solicitorGuest22015-11-05 05:20:08
4242168690This really is a scam which is being Delivered via text and E-mail. Guest72015-11-05 05:21:14
4245712502This phone Amount is for a Genetics Assessment Research. We used them on a paternity Evaluation along with my son and his daddy good Business and fast results. JennyGuest12015-11-05 05:23:09
4243630310they don t Reply when you personally speakGuest282015-11-05 05:31:22
4242250333Need some quick cash now. Guest82015-11-05 05:32:14
4242940298I don t understand who this is supposed to be representing that people department of treasuryGuest492015-11-05 05:44:08
4242600083Constant calls viewing Accepted loans that I have not Required. Guest12015-11-05 05:48:08
4242007612Telephone callCristian72015-12-15 10:03:32
4242463375Left express mail MSG saying they're that Irs and to call back. I consider it s an Irs impersonator scam. The Government may Typically send you personally first before they telephone you. Guest252015-11-05 06:05:17
4246669297Holiday giftGuest212015-11-05 06:09:24
4242189017Scummier. contacted me about a post i placed on crackliest but trying to scamGuest32015-11-05 06:15:08
4242312933I obtained a call out of the Amount and they had dialed the incorrect Amount. They did t offer for sell me anything but I thought I should post the Upwards. Baltimore Wellness insurance. . org Chesapeake Ave Annapolis MD W W WAnita Encallado82015-12-16 07:30:07
4242842303Total CL SCUMMIER SPAMMER. . . Guest32015-11-05 06:25:21
4242505834I receive a text from the Amount advertising a Pay Daytime loan of 1 W that Comprised a URL Www. Heshvan's. com . kph for instant acceptance to get cash within 1 hour. Text included an op tout reply to Cease text messages. Guest122015-11-05 06:27:18
4242281555recording states something Around quot Gains package quot . . . feel certain this a Trick for a telemarketing callGuest332015-11-05 06:33:14
4240654545who. Guest12015-11-05 06:41:14
4242317630Prank CALLGuest72015-12-20 16:45:54
4242629730Claims for become a screenwriter within the Cali area. Guy is a joke. Trying for offer women all around that world W per nighttime to quot Move quot him. He s a Complete fake. Don t autumn for it. Don t offer your own E-mail or phone Amount. . It s a scam. He Likely could t create W a year. Douche. Guest32015-11-05 06:54:19
4247445977Selling ViagraGuest62015-11-05 06:56:25
4242881309not goodGuest72015-12-14 21:19:54
4247502188i am sorry i meant called Mike Ferber. . . he called me out of he same number Now. . . i Viewed it up i nth Web who it is. . . and i located info enjoy yours. . . but he left a express send thus i knew who it is. he is really very ugly met the Man Around a Associate at work . sarah82015-12-20 23:01:39
4242304424SalesGuest42015-11-05 07:13:14
4243543077Collector. Guest1102015-11-05 07:18:22
4242228514Automated message in SpanishGuest12015-11-05 07:25:08
4242772599Tiger Text Customer Gabriel O Sent me an encrypted Message along with a HTTP link for follow but don t know who that is thus Pleasant strive I blocked it. TEXT from these 2 phone s W WGuest22015-11-05 07:33:20
4242698271SpamGuest52015-12-14 07:19:38
4242447005The Man had a Highlight telling me your same matter I m Viewing here he also has called my Occupation the person needs to Discontinue he also has a Female working with him her name was KimberlyGuest322015-11-05 07:53:17
4242662804This can be a Set agency MRS. jane62015-12-16 01:13:55
4242711633bGuest32015-11-05 07:57:20
4242070895pervertGuest32015-11-05 08:12:08
4247500457A disgusting pervert by the name of Invoice White. Meets girls off of Relationship websites and records them secretly and openly. He constantly has his Telephone out and if you personally tell him not to phone you personally he will create brand new numbers Simply to telephone and harass you personally on. This Man is your Classification of a sick perverted weirdo and Girls beware of the manipulative emotionally incompetent pervert. Guest12015-11-05 08:19:25
4242398574I 'm getting calls from this Amount. Can you understand who it's or how you can Discontinue the calls. Suzi72015-12-20 21:39:50
4242268104She is now posting on Page page within Ma MAGuest52015-11-05 08:24:14
4243546105busyGuest62015-12-09 20:26:30
4242406445Grisliest scamGuest42015-12-16 17:10:03
4242612690Who is that owner. Crystal62015-12-20 21:24:53
4246463900Day-to-day call at Night. Missed callGuest212015-11-05 09:26:23
4248356203He or she has been calling me for a weekGuest12015-11-05 09:27:09
4242500740AnnoyingGuest2052015-11-05 09:31:08
4242732166Scamming Telemarketers. Guest52015-11-05 09:34:20
4242177682Hell NookGuest42016-04-10 22:30:38
4242398274i enjoy martGuest32015-11-05 09:41:15
4242701747Called and no just one on the phone. SpamGuest72015-11-05 09:48:20
4242282183they're soliciting allegedly for your Writers clearing house. It s a scamGuest42015-12-18 20:53:04

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