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4307020290block text from this numberGuest82015-12-14 12:39:14
4303425613don't blockGuest12015-11-25 01:35:44
4302002803She accussed me of stalking several years ago...I have had no contact for over two years yet she attempted to call me this month. I am afraid she is up to some game and I want no trouble.Bigkwk42015-12-19 04:07:34
4303427319Several calls a day, every [***]'n dayGlenn Fuss82015-12-18 17:16:19
4305581268Unknown person.  Called home number and cell number like 12 times or so.  Very annoying.Christian dude82015-12-16 06:51:55
4300046468They keep calling. I finally answered. Some man with a foreign accent that I couldhardly make out saying there is something wrong with my computer accountand am I aware that something blah blah Microsoft thing is being blocked.They will need to make in appointment to come in and fix it.I said, if there is anything wrong with my computer they can send me an email.He're voice is breaking up.  I said..HOW ABOUT --DO NOT CALL THISNUMBER BACK.  Then I hung up.  I have had a call like this before about 1 year ago.Couldn't make out what "Frankie" was saying. I know a few people from India, never heard the name Frankie there before. They company he is calling from, I could not make out the first word.Make them stop62015-12-09 20:24:13
4305620842Total Tree Heath Care Radford, VA, 24141 (540) 552-3037 We also operate in accordance with the highest performance standards in the tree care industry, those set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI A300). These standards are established and approved by a panel of nationally recognized experts and professionals in the tree care industry. When you hire us to prune or remove your tree, you can rest assured that it will be done with utmost care, knowledge, and safety. That's not only good for your trees, that's good for your peace of mind and your most significant investment - your property. Money does grow on trees. An attractive, well cared for landscape can increase the value of your property by as much as 20 percent! Stump Removal; Landscaping; Tree Contractor; Tree Removal; Lawn Care;Lawn Service; Tree Lawn Service; Tree Company; Tree Cutting; Tree Pruning; Tree Service, Tree Maintenance, Tree Removal, Tree Care, Tree Landscaping http://totaltreeheathcare.comGuest72015-12-09 22:55:57
4305580700Someone claiming to be Dickson African guy texted me saying he is single and lonely. He is onappropriate. I dont know him and dont care to.Regina62015-12-13 00:45:05
4303422471Called, didnt leave a message and it was from a blocked number.  THought it was wierd as i live in Ca and the area code is from florida.  Looked it up online and said it was some pharmecutical company.Lynn62015-12-14 08:32:40
4308081811I called the number back, and they are looking for the person who handles the AEP Electric Bill.  We don't have AEP.SKP Ohio42015-12-14 14:30:51
4305580851I just received the same text. Total scam SPAM! Do not click on the web link, your phone will likely be charge with a big fee... or worse.Guest82015-12-14 14:45:43
4302002650As notMichael said, the key to every romance scam is always the same. Money. It can be any reason, anything. That's not important. In any online romance if you are asked for money, or gifts, at any time - it's a scam.Badge71482015-12-14 18:59:43
4309680911Called from Hawaii - automated phone message, talking about a "Once in a lifetime offer", but not offering any information. God I miss my old cell phone that just let me block numbers.......Fezik82015-12-14 19:38:42
4302079393Not completely sure, but its likely that this number is from MBNA Canada out of their Halifax office. They call from here or other 902 numbers when you are getting far behind in your payments. If you make at least a full months worth payment, they will send your file back to the call centre in Ontario.Luke42015-12-14 19:40:48
4303271300received call inquiring whether or not my home was still on the market.  never has been.  couldn't make out name of company nor name of person calling.  sounded sort of like Michael Paul.SMA52015-12-14 23:13:58
4303428479They called up to tell me that I have won free magazine subscriptions. Guess they were trying to trick me into giving them my address. I just hung up.248-470-481472015-12-15 01:14:49
4302008095Got this call a few minutes ago. I asked twice who was calling (no answer to that), and got asked "are you the one who hit my car". and claiming I left my number on their windsheild Since I live in a town over 500 miles away and have been home all day, there is no possible way it was me (aside from the fact that I'm pretty darn sure I'd remember it if I wrecked my car recently). Obvious scamKaren82015-12-16 01:18:49
4305580065They say there name is Mr. White and they want us to go to the bank to meet them to cash a check. They have called more than once.Guest52015-12-16 20:20:26
4300146204This number shows up on cellphone and also home phone number constantly.  Do not know who it is....Trying to find outBozo42015-12-18 18:56:26
4305581377i got an odd text and they looked to become threatening me they know alto about meGuest12015-12-08 06:02:27
4300414714Andrea (ahn- dray-ah) from Evergreen wanting to speak to the person in charge of ordering toner for our printer. We have many printers and many buildings and we have a contract. Still, she wanted at least one specific model number. Refused to give her the information and asked her to remove me from their call list. She said okay, however, I have gotten reports from other people in other offices that they have been getting these calls too.Guest42016-02-16 04:44:30
4308219740Calls repeatedly with a heavy Indian accent asking for a person who not only no longer works for the company but has passed away.  The connection is awful, they can barely hear me, they've called 3 times so far and don't understand when I tell them that person is no longer here.Marie52016-02-16 06:06:13
4305550184We are getting unwanted calls from this company regarding time shares.  When I called them, they did not pick up.  We have no interest in time shares, do not own one, do not want one.Edward and Maria Lopez72016-03-06 18:55:15
4305550179I got an email and decided to look up the phone nr. here before responding. Thanks to the helpful comments here, I've saved myself from giving out my contact info and receiving more spam / scams.Guest42016-04-17 23:58:21
4302000309This Business keeps faxing around junk send despite the request for be removed from their fax list. Scummier. Guest112015-11-06 01:23:44

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