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4312853544I think they may be from Directv but I have never given my cell number to anyone. Especially a business.Guest42015-12-14 08:12:07
4317633566I see that you also were called by the 996 area code number, stopit. Not sure what's going on, but it would be nice if the phone company can do something about these unwanted calls, or at least explain what the consequences would be by answering or calling the number back.Bob32015-11-16 18:00:34
4315551334Bill CollectorSebastian42016-03-25 03:32:28
4314905511Keeps prank calling me asking for "Bob"Anonymous82015-12-14 10:22:00
4318002312b-tardGuest82015-12-18 16:00:01
4316662882TemporaryGuest52015-12-09 03:05:51
4312802220unknowMax12015-11-17 01:23:45
4311277608<\3Guest82015-12-16 11:16:15
43180021801 textGuest42015-12-10 00:30:09
4319686976This number keeps calling, i like to know where the call is from?who?12015-11-17 02:41:47
4319782338Ask to stop calling keep calling using different numberslaross12015-11-17 03:04:56
4319628268This guy ( he claims he is in Hawaii ) started texting me trying to give me a African Grey parrot in exchange for me to post adds on Craigslist and other sites advertising his birds... he wouldn't tell me were or how he got my number... I this k he got it from the people who "had birds for sale" that claimed they were in Canada but wanted me to wire money to Africa. I think that is were he got my number because he started texting me non stop 2 days after I told those people I was not falling for there scamLiz12015-11-17 05:02:39
4317633292called and threatened personjoe52015-12-14 08:57:16
4310043655One ring and hung up.Justin62015-12-23 05:09:35
43190764318Guest52015-12-14 06:02:40
4313798884You have been randomly selected for a Best Buy gift Get your $1000 gift card at 03:42:01
4318002569Want to come to my house to buy junk cars sent me a text how did these people get my cell??????????Guest72015-12-14 15:31:37
4312033333commercialGuest72015-12-20 05:09:11
4314970147The Law Office of Richard Sailer 302 E 1st St Long Beach, CA 90802 5623911666 5629454963 - FAX The Law Office of Richard Sailer offers personal injury attorney, accident lawyer, accident attorney, injury lawyer in Long Beach, CA. Personal Injury Attorney, Accident Lawyer, Accident Attorney, Injury Lawyer, Injury AttorneyGuest62015-12-19 10:31:33
4315336665nonelisa12015-11-17 11:30:41
4312308000They keep calling me in midle of the night and it won't stop till dawnTaj12015-11-17 13:16:55
4313545875Do not ever call again.gem42015-12-19 01:36:14
4312314774This number has called several times- never leaves a message. Irritating!Guest72015-12-08 14:12:41
4311646787Did not recognize this phone number -- don't even know the area code.Nan22015-11-17 15:07:56
4313362988no idea who this isDann12015-11-17 15:48:27
4312297286Caller id says ESDH but no one on the other end of lineGuest42015-12-09 10:29:14
4318002566Got a call. Answered and they hung up.Patrick12015-11-17 16:02:33
4311013900This number called. When i try to call back its busy.Ela12015-11-17 16:17:22
4313696259prank callerGuest42015-12-16 11:59:50
4314719994goodGuest82015-12-15 00:54:46
4317462660Sales..Guest42015-12-16 11:11:33
4313323278Fraudulent Loan OfferGuest62015-12-17 05:40:58
4312460113GffhvGuest42015-12-10 03:19:01
4314154421i dont kno who this is is this  american nomber?shelly yakisumi12015-11-18 02:24:26
4312183892Just received a call from this number. There was no voicemail left.Sar12015-11-18 03:04:30
4316572888I just received a phone call from this number where the automated voice claimed to be from the IRS and that it was the last time they would try to contact me before I was to be sued. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. IDIOT! The IRS doesn't CALL you at home with threatening messages!John12015-11-18 03:12:38
4317784945I received a text message from this pone number.Miri22015-11-18 03:42:51
4316627372This individual has called on numerous occasions looking for Laura. He just told my husband he was coming to "bomb our house" because we owe him money. We have had this # since January of 2009 and have had numerous collection agencies calling for people that had it before. This man was especially obnoxious.Guest62015-12-15 13:55:18
4316975608Constant calls all times of the day.  Says from India, selling drug products for a New York Company.T.E. CULP12015-11-18 04:35:36
4318212165Text me on this number9735681637Josh12015-11-18 04:39:49
4317655442Playing on phone all nightGuest72015-12-08 13:40:34
4311033930Got a call from here at almost 10pm central.  Didn't bother answering since I didn't recognize.  Bet. Its a scam of some sort.  Any one else get this? Didn't leave a msg or anything.joe12015-11-18 05:37:31
4313367633They keep sending messages. I never applied for any loans. Bu they keep texting me even after I sent the word STOP to opt out...Guest52015-12-20 02:22:03
4315128552Dunn RightMadalynn62015-12-14 00:56:03
4317396006SapGuest42016-03-21 06:49:53
4313423695no texting comes throughGuest62016-04-18 10:06:27
4313423698Caller hung up without a message.Anonymous62016-04-15 18:01:42
4317396008call came from wheel;er and s gordon area in DC. Left no messagehaR72016-03-23 05:24:37
4316972888I can't take all these unwanted callsGuest12015-11-19 16:44:20
4317396009Unsolicited call Hung up hen I asked to be removed from his listGuest42016-03-23 12:00:09

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