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4317396010Block dis numberGuest52016-03-28 20:49:19
4317396007cussing about the government.betty52016-03-23 07:34:16
4313423699Do not answer!!!Guest52016-04-14 19:42:34
4318659077Bill collectorGuest82015-12-14 23:29:21
4315580008cabronGuest72016-02-15 17:16:24
4312518699aj main tumay call nh karo gi tum so janaGuest42016-03-25 03:32:29
4316975818keeps callingGuest82015-12-15 02:32:15
4314970092I also got a call from this number at work just now. Nobody replied, and they hung up after about a minute.Jason52016-02-16 08:56:33
4314970102idk who that isGuest62016-02-16 02:50:24
4312532115Do Not CallGuest12015-11-23 16:07:44
4315580000craig gerard Harrison social 464-89-2816. Birthday 12-21-86- tx id number 21988296 . Sharon deniece Stover April 16, 1965 DL# 013322763 S TYPE Jaguar DPS9591Guest42015-12-13 18:24:25
4315551329It is a spam number from traveler companyGuest32016-05-28 11:00:47
4311087400I owe it?Guest72015-12-16 20:07:57
4316375868Received a call from a very indian accented voice claiming to be "Office Jenny Smith" with the New York police fraud department. This is a company and it was for an employee very long since fired.a caron62015-12-08 12:59:06
4316375828Another Lewis Shapiro phone number--a debt collection agency making threatening and harassing phone calls, threatening to take legal action.pissed62015-12-09 19:24:08
4316692756I am so glad to see i am not the only one who thinks these people are [***]!  I received a call about my EX-husbands' debt, do not know how they got my number, I called back to explain that my marriage was annulled and was told i needed to "send them a copy of the divorce decree" or they would "see me in court!" UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Really??? (This is how i ended my looooooong day (9 pm!) as a single mother who gets 0 from the ex and here i have to listen to crap from some ignorant loser!)  I am currently contacting the lawyers who are filing suit against them!amy chick62015-12-10 00:32:24
4314947962PLease call me back at 407-939-1469. I have no idea what this is about.Foreign guy calling from a noisy boiler room.  Says it's "time sensitive" that I call him back.  Made threats of "good luck" if I fail to call back.Pamela Boone62015-12-13 23:11:05
4318122779The guy with an indian accent, tells me that he is calling from Microsoft and that my computer is having too many errors. my computer is working perfectly fine.Guest52015-12-14 05:21:42
4316175658Have received several calls from this number. They never leave a message. I called the number back and they answered with, "customer service." I asked what company they were and they would not tell me. Going to be adding them to my blocked calls list.vfx52015-12-14 11:20:06
4316776888Was contacted by Matt Carlilse 678-974-1978. Other numbers for this company are 678-974-1977 and 678-974-1606. The things they say to you regarding a warrant is illegal, if they contact your friends and family and say that, it is also illegal.  This company is misrepresenting itself. If you are contacted call the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint. It is illegal for them to tell you they will issue a warrant. I was told point blank by their company that they don't care if they say things that are illegal, they are gonna say whatever they have to. The FTC number is 877-382-4357 to file the complaintCitizen82015-12-16 10:08:58
4314952976I received an email from Charlie Brown from Ultra Electronics.  The email address was [email protected] /* */ . With the information I found on the phone # on line and the email address not matching up, I contacted the real Ultra Electronics.  They do have a Charlie Brown that works there but it's not this guy.Mike82015-12-16 20:31:37
4316075888Selling a vehicle. Got an email stating to phone this number as wanted some info. on the car. All the pertinent info. was on my ad.. Sent a return email stating was getting too many people wanting me to call them, and suggested he call me, or ask me some more questions via email. He replied again askng me to call him as he did not get my email. Just wondering if any spam etc. involved in this phone number or is it ligitGuest62015-12-18 16:50:19
4312913953507 216 4564 called several times, no msg.We are on do not call, but what is the point of all this?Annoying, won't these scammers ever stop?Vari62015-12-18 22:47:23
4312518694On sep 27 2013 some body called the phone that i know own thanks to a very special person that made it possible it appears to have come from texas.I,m wondering what it was regarding.I,m very greatiful to have this phone thanks budget in tucson azGuest82015-12-19 17:22:46
4314970094phone number is 561-594-7816...caller said that someone would be delivering a letter to me in a couple of hours, saying that I won a prize. Here is my question...How can I win some contest I never entered? I know these calls are a scam and If any of these numbers call me again I shall be calling the Attorney General's office in my state. Do not call me again and that goes for any other numbers you might use!!!Guest52016-02-16 02:50:15
4317396013received a txt message from this number saying I had won a $1000 walmart gift card and go to and type in code mart no such site on the internetGuest52016-03-22 11:44:50
4316572898This sound like to same business practices used by now calling themselves Blue Scape Properties.   I worked for this company for a very short time and was fired once I questioned their business practices.  There is  thousands of people scam which I refused to take part of.  I am compiling names, email address and your story and comparing with others like yours and take action for restitution.This is how it  went down;  Once you the seller and willing to pay the seller fees they are asked to certify funds with a cashier’s check from your bank.  You are also told that FCC regulations requires that the funds are tracked therefore they only accept funds through either Fed Ex or UPS.  This is to get the money ASAP.  You were also told once you get the cashier  check and fax it to the local  now to Las Vegas.  That’s how the agent get paid.  Once there is confirmation received with tracking number and copy of the cashier check.  The  rep is advanced a percentage of amount collected.  You were probably also told according to the FCC regulation all transactions must be recorded for their protection.  Not sure if they did that back then but they are surely doing it now to cover their BUTTS.You probably told that  you will receive a welcome document with all your  closing documents.  You probably asked to sign and return to what’s call now Blue Scape ASAP.  The document you  received were nothing but a merely simple one page document requiring hard signature authorizing  Blue Scape to advertise your property.  The game begins the moment the money is received in the office.  You probably was promised a closing dates and when that date came and gone you either were left hanging or told that you agreed to have AKA Blue Scape properties to advertise your property. Sounds familiar?  Perhaps I can help.  I can’t promise you anything because I don’t know your situation.  My only motive is to help you recover your money without paying a DIME unless you want you…..smiling.Hope I can help.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Perhaps you should pursue class action law suite?  Just a thought.My email address is [email protected] /* */HOTICE62016-03-25 03:51:05
4313423694just received another call from this simon scott from 888-379-2546 saying he had documents and since could not get me would have to come to my work.  I don't know who he is or where he is from but I am reporting his [***] and phone number.debbie42016-04-05 17:33:33
4313423696I keep getting calls about some stock that i have invested in, and I havent invested in ANY stock. Ive asked to be removed from the list but they keep calling.brian42016-04-11 07:58:06
4313423703623-295-2527 called Oct 16, 2015 at 8:40 pm (LATE!).  Caller ID = LIFE GIVING MOMEN.Familiar Spammer.602-753-5621 called Sept 29, 2015 at 6:48pm.  Caller ID = LIFEGIVMOMENTSFamous Spammer - BLOCK  More of their numbers below to block.From LIFEGIVMOMENTS - Many Calls - using many different numbers - BLOCK all!  Known Spammers.305-204-1517 called May 14, 2015 at 1:35 pm.   Caller ID = LIFEGIVMOMENTS.  No message.779-201-4191 called Mar 31, 2015 at 8:41 am.  Caller ID = LIFEGIVMOMENTS.  No message.952-204-9047 called Feb 19, 2015 at 8:34 pm.  Caller ID = LIFE-GIVING MOMENMore numbers to block from same spammers:646-558-3519519-966-3519972-502-9798815-687-8080612-753-5621Caller: LIFEGIVMOMENTSCaller: LIFEGIVMOMENTS = Mega SPAMMarty52016-04-11 10:01:26

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