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4344217385Scam. . . Guest92015-12-08 17:52:21
4345354934Repeated calls. . no response on other line no messages left. Annoyed. Guest42015-11-05 03:29:45
4349963337no More Taking calls from this numberGuest12015-11-05 03:30:29
4349071413Don t call my phoneGuest62015-12-08 21:35:23
4344229317I 'm on Do not telephone list but that Owner keep calling. Guest412015-11-05 04:06:45
4344205012BlockedGuest32015-11-05 04:34:28
4342480624spam numberGuest42015-11-05 04:49:45
4348827718Hang upGuest42016-04-12 07:58:27
4343634558Did not response no message. This call was acquired several times. Guest302015-11-05 04:51:28
4346075518That is a SCAM. . . They state they are out of Microsoft. Tell them you know they're a scam and hang Upward. Guest62016-02-15 23:39:31
4348452379guy keeps calling and hanging Upward after i say yes how is the. Amount is listed as disconnectedGuest12015-11-05 05:23:28
4345827328NEVER Telephone ME AGAIN OR LEGAL Actions Will Be TAKENGuest22015-11-05 05:29:28
4347138611Creep alertGuest62015-12-10 00:13:50
4345895523Block phone n textGuest82015-12-14 18:52:38
4348789989were asking for JaneGuest192015-11-05 05:40:46
4344010759Guest82015-12-19 21:26:04
4342287966pic collectorGuest62015-12-13 16:40:09
4342850600unknown numberGuest52015-12-14 13:53:37
4346889346Always calling but no voice mails left. icy62015-12-14 00:14:07
4343944940Said I Strike his car and left my numberGuest42015-12-16 10:50:56
4343274754calls all hours no message I let it go for express mail they leave no messagesGuest62015-12-18 23:05:17
4349791702I got your same text Approximately 1 W am. This really is a scam. Guest882015-11-05 06:42:29
4344855549Calls Around medical alert. On Don't Telephone List Discontinue CallingGuest72015-11-05 07:07:45
4344012610you personally got blocked hoGuest12015-11-05 07:13:45
4343734482pranksterGuest132015-11-05 07:17:45
4342202876Multiple calls over several days. Bands two or three times. Hangs Upward along with no messages. Guest12015-11-05 07:18:27
4344093658Dangerous. Violent with escortsGuest12015-11-05 07:22:28
4342103339Told me that my son had an accidentGuest72015-12-19 16:43:54
4342426786Will not comeGuest52015-12-08 12:27:04
4342023986Payday loan crap. Guest12015-11-05 08:14:45
4348794187Canadian pharmacy the fake online pharmacy Pol. Guest52015-12-08 07:02:22
4344859850Help me locate Outside how that isTony Wells72015-12-18 15:39:30
4346641907Calls constantly all hours never leaves messageGuest72016-04-15 05:13:52
4345474882QGuest32015-11-05 09:03:28
4343526155Repeatedly called and would t Cease after being Inquired several times to not phone again. Guest52015-11-05 09:30:45
4347281405blockedGuest52015-12-23 15:38:31
4343734485He threatens me and they told me he was a copGuest282015-11-05 09:33:45
4342480348POIGuest32016-02-19 20:34:49
4348791916SpamGuest12015-11-05 10:08:46
4342212408No message leftGuest42015-12-16 14:07:09
4343634500Breast cancer donationGuest342015-11-05 10:31:45
4345339144Endorsement Bill CollectorGuest512015-11-05 10:35:45
4344146702TelemarketerGuest52015-12-15 14:40:42
4344329530claiming for free medicationpet62016-04-19 17:03:48
4342820313SmGuest302015-11-05 11:30:28
4342140090Government student loan programGuest132015-11-05 11:34:45
4348086518I don't desire for get these calls. Laurie Brackett62015-12-16 12:05:01
4344213055Don t thrust this phoneGuest182015-11-05 12:42:45
4345949153I dint desire for Discuss to the personGuest52015-11-05 13:05:45
4349935793O Conn ellGuest82015-12-16 19:58:33

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