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4344329523They need to stop calling, it borders on harassment. Telling them that it's not a good time doesn't work. Neither does asking them to not call anymore. Fifteen rejected calls in thirty days. I may NEVER give blood again.Irritated32016-04-28 17:29:18
4342937601Call from 1-855-308-1314 claiming to be my bank, wanting account numbers. BEWARE. NOT my bank. These people leave what sounds like an automated message from your bank, with your name and the number 855-308-1314. The message requests a call ASAP. When you call block your number and do not give your name so they don't know you called back. First thing they want is your account number. Obviously, don't give it. When I asked where they were calling from, the guy said Maryland. My bank is a small bank in NY.LEB62016-04-29 22:18:37
4342937604Received call on my cell phone at 13:40 on 2012-05-25.  Did not answer.  Left no message.I AM on the Do Not Call list.Gary52016-04-30 02:23:43
4344853904When he called my 85 yr old friend who was used as a reference on an apartment application a collector that goes by the name of the Stan Carrol (but they all probably go by that name) came right out and asked for my phone number. He's from Hunter Warfield, a collection agency.FIGHTIN' NONSENSE52016-04-30 04:53:08
4344803047asked me if I was receiving their newspaper. I have never signed up for it. My cell number isn't listed. My ex husbands wife works there which I find it strange that this company would have my cell phone number and leave a message on my phone regarding something like this. They didn't even say my name. Just asked if I was receiving my paper no name or number to call back to talk to regarding if I was or wasn't.Guest52016-05-01 02:28:05
4345152036I answered a call that rolled over to me. Took several seconds to respond and said, "Sorry, wrong number." I thought it was strange.sq62016-05-01 03:34:08
4342937605Some bogus Scam about you been qualified for a government grant. Hang up and do not give them any personal informationGuest32016-05-01 05:08:58
4342708300Said mssg was being recorded.  Her name was Michelle and she said I had won a $25,000 lottery I had signed up for online and wanted me to wait while she transfered me to someone else 'if that's okay.'  I said no thank you and hung up.David42016-05-01 23:31:52
4344295170They actually do leave a message, with a callback phone number of 877-437-5010. They say they're Empower Insurance, but I have never heard of them, nor do I have any policy with them, never have and never will. I definitely feel like this is a scam.debbs62016-05-02 19:04:44
4342708297This guy calls me every other day even after ask told him every time STOP CALLING ME. He wants to know what area of my house would I like to remodel. I tried calling him back number of times and it goes to voice message that is full and wont take a message.terriso42016-05-03 21:55:28
4342708303A lady with heavy accent called me 4 times in a row today , she said that she has a warrant against me and will process my income tax issues with IRS legally...I just hang up the phone as I know I have no issues with my taxes with IRS...don't get trapped with these blood suckers  who are trying to take advantage of you....may their souls burnt in hell.Josh Poli32016-05-04 17:59:24
4342937606Called this morning twice.  Said he was from PCH and had foreign accent.  Did not give him any information but told him not to call back.  Well he did anyway within 3 minutes. Scammer.  Caller ID was from Jamaica.Jim42016-05-04 19:26:36
4345152044If you KNOW you owe no money, or believe the call was from a fake debt collector, please take the time to read this: 15:52:54
4345891158Menu Advertising and Design - A company that prints menus for small restaurants, they are selling a small ad space at the bottom of the menus.  Good deal if you're a business owner!Me42016-05-09 03:04:52
4345891157I believe this is a telemarketer....not sure which company it is but I've received a few calls from a Lincoln, NE number.Natalie32016-05-12 19:02:58
4342937600Ro ocall claiming they will lend our company some capital. Thing I called this number back and it is disconnected. The number was of a former customer of ours.Guest32016-05-13 06:28:06
4342262042As with others, as I have Vonage I received an e-mail with the message attached and the phone number (actually 50622246712 - note the extra digit).  The message was empty, found this site in my effort to identify the number.HAL62016-06-15 10:01:13
4342262044Moonlight Refrigeration 13741 Sophomore Ln Fort Myers, FL 33912-6872 2397680721 2397689154FAX We are serving greater Lee County area.In business since 1977.Locally owned and operated. Refrigeration Repairs,Ice Machine Installation,Appliances Repairing,Commercial Refrigeration Service,Refrigerator Repair ServiceGuest52016-06-17 04:52:34
4342262041Looked up on Google - on a list of telemarketersGuest52016-06-17 08:00:36
4342262043Said I was qualified for a grant from the treasure of government and cost nothing all you have to do is pay them 215 and it would be in my account in 45 mins. I didn't fall it told them nothing is for free and if you want the payment take it out of the money you said I'm qualified for. And the guy's name is Oscar Jefferson well the name he's usingLora42016-06-17 11:32:21
4342037216Wellbeing insurance co. called me at 6 'm. harassing calls. request them not for telephone again. keeps callingGuest72015-12-17 10:06:21
4347135651obtained a telephone out of the number Edward MC 1 W W W When I telephone i got the express mail of Jennifer Malonerosemary82015-12-19 20:49:13

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