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Phone list in area 438

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4382660849She wanted for know my nameGuest72016-02-16 02:27:11
4383457901Please Cease themGuest62015-12-13 13:22:33
4389338656No one there when I response your Telephone. Have gotten several calls. Moon's Barn32016-04-24 02:16:48
4389305814can t understand how I mature You'reGuest12015-11-06 01:43:31
4382880970don t answerGuest32016-03-18 12:51:10
4387937468said nothing but not able to telephone back. unusual callGuest702015-11-06 02:36:47
4388078213Issue ladyGuest52015-12-08 16:07:59
4389893600don t understand callerGuest72016-02-16 01:40:14
4389311126Marketing BSGuest42015-12-20 06:25:52
4387933935my Girl called me to tell me all about her labour. It s a Individual s room. Guest12015-11-06 06:15:30
4389858408Promised he was a Attorney and grandson was in jail and needed K. Total scam. Guest32015-11-06 07:16:48
4388000463SpamGuest1212015-11-06 08:09:48
4388785179W En Connection Petrol collectionsMe42016-05-08 19:34:37
4388700502He continue to callGuest12015-11-06 09:31:48
4389390569Called said he was my Earliest grandson and Offered me your appropriate name. Said he was within Prison and Wanted W for bail. As shortly as I told him that this USN t right because my grandson is Underneath W years old and by law your Section must Tell the parents. That is when the Owner Installed Upwards. I 'm concerned the Owner Needed for be sure that no 1 was Dwelling for clear your way for a Robbery. Guest52015-11-06 11:05:48
4389908089Scam. . . Maintained for have grandson on drug chargesGuest102015-11-06 11:27:48
4388875323Hello . . Guest32015-11-06 11:59:30
4388969441SCUMMIER. She contacted me through my company Web site and used that quot purchasing for Girl s wedding quot fraud. BEWAREGuest152015-11-06 12:11:31
4388209933Who is thisGuest72015-12-14 09:21:35
4383587211Priscilla Roman. . threatening my girlfriendGuest42016-02-15 17:23:15
4383921580I get a Day-to-day phone out of the with only a silent split second message left. A.72015-12-17 00:32:01
4389893025Spam. Guest12015-11-06 14:43:48
4387938054healthcare coverage; recorded messageGuest62016-04-19 00:21:51
4384023554scams criminal mafiaGuest32016-04-28 19:49:09
4383956211GayGuest12015-11-06 16:19:47
4388202409dandifydfgh62015-12-19 10:50:11
4389280397they try and sell Baseball tickets by text messageGuest22015-11-06 17:57:48
4389338748I want for know your caller. Tokibats52015-12-09 21:21:05
43888914891 callGuest32015-11-06 18:56:48
4383455115I was Merely scammed out of W People using Moneybag Green Dot alleged for bail Relationship for grandson within Corvallis Oregon. Sheila Bailey W W WGuest32015-11-06 19:00:47
4388763601says its his first time CL Millimeter he has tons of goofy questions. enjoy he is writing a novel. Guest82015-12-19 01:05:17
4388886614Called but Installed Upward on answering machineGuest12015-11-06 22:36:30
4387647659Adrian can response you Kojak adds and attempt to fraud you . Guest12015-11-06 22:42:30
4388789301got a telephone from the number. . nobody there. . USN t it prohibited to tel market to some cell Telephone . i suppose it's better than them smelling fat Bottom lad s Cycle seats. . . knuckle sandwich42015-12-19 05:26:13
4383227085HE NOT Worth ITGuest72015-12-16 07:35:06
4388789039Merely hung upGuest462015-11-07 02:35:48
4389954570D Niger P} for tsGuest12015-11-07 02:36:48
4388767511Keep calling and hanging Upwards and testing there going for kill meGuest12015-11-07 03:27:30
4383454351stalkerGuest72016-02-16 09:34:04
4388789486BlahGuest62015-12-16 20:04:24
4388785175Constantly harassment from this nberGuest72016-04-20 18:37:03
4382091302addressGuest32016-04-20 00:33:03
4389332401Why what did they state. Guest62015-12-14 22:31:33
4388961765Scam artist on Grisliest. . . . . . . . Avert whatsoever Prices. . . . Guest62015-11-07 11:20:48
4387646346keep playing gamesGuest62015-12-14 20:54:15
4382381867RudeGuest62015-11-07 13:03:30
4383461025Same scam in nys.. Same number, same amount... 2 days earlier. Horrible people. Reported to NYS police.Guest22015-11-07 14:06:47
4389304056Who is this?Berry52015-12-18 16:45:38
4383957340this is her husband....plz.....don't...thank youGuest42015-12-20 04:02:40
4383909213spamGuest12015-11-07 15:45:47

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