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4388751615Tammi, I don't know what credit card you used, but I hope that less than 6 months ago is still within the 'statute of limitations' if there is one. I found a fraudulent charge on an Amex account of ours that was a few years old and was still able to dispute it. It was just so small (less than $20) that I didn't notice it when I paid the bill originally. Good luck with getting your money back. They call here regularly and never leave a message. Usually when I answer there is no one there, but some time ago, I asked them not to call again.Chel42016-02-16 08:46:55
4382880971Calls have been coming for about two weeks.  The answering machine picks up, but no one says anything.  Is there a way to get off the list?Phil62016-03-16 17:58:25
4389298366This was a scam. The person was hoping to dupe me into mailing my jewelry that is for sale to "her niece in West Africa." Thankfully, I am too smart for that.Nadia Vicente52016-03-25 03:38:49
4382880972They have called me every day for the past two weeks and more than once a day, every time I ask to have my phone number removed they tell me to change my number. I am on the "do not call list". This is not a reputable company do not respond to their questions your privacy will be invaded.They also go by Paradise International claiming they are part of Radison Hotels.Some of the solicitors that have called are Pamela, Angel and Billy.John32016-04-02 09:12:01
4389312084Calling at 7 A.M. violates both AZ and Federal laws.If we were in the market for a Cadillac, which we aren't, we sure wouldn't buy from them.Rookaloo72016-04-06 20:11:45
4388998433Called 4 times so far today, a Saturday. My number is registered with do not call list. Same thing everyone else says.Lin62016-04-07 02:39:55
4388998439Rcvd a call from this number and asked them to repeat (2) times what they were saying, not only hard to understand but light.  I just hung up.  I have no clue what they wanted, it did say New Jersey on caller ID.Vera72016-04-07 14:50:56
4387659605Got a call earlier today 3rd Jan uary 2013... person was offering a us visa.... said they were from washington dc. (cant belive they think we are stupid)missy32016-04-13 23:00:29
4387659608"This is an important message about your mortgage. President Obama has approved a stimulus package...." Spam. Calling cell phone too.Guest42016-04-14 17:50:24
4382091311Received three calls from this number in the same day.  Decided to call back.  The first time the phone was picked up and hung back up immediately.  The second time, a recording came on and said, "Approximate time to answer:  one minute."  I waited, the phone rang once and then immediately hung up.  The third time, I got the same recording, waited, and an operator came on (praise the Lord!  A real person) and introduced themselves as "Account Discovery Systems."  I didn't quite hear him and asked very nicely, "WHO are you?"  He repeated the information that he was from Account Discovery Systems.  After a short pause I then asked, "And what is THAT?"  He immediately hung up on me.  After a quick Google search, apparently Account Discovery Systems is a debt collector.Texan42016-04-15 14:39:02
4387938055Calls everyday, multiple times. I usually ignore and call back from another number where it always says that it is disconnected.Guest42016-04-15 20:19:20
4387938060don't know who this is but am 100% sure its a scammer. just won't stop calling no matter how many hangups they get.Guest62016-04-16 01:25:22
4388998435Received a call from this particular phone number on 3/27/2015 @ 11:00 AM on my cell. It's from  NY 718-712-7523. I don't know anyone in New York or do I have any family members living in New York either.Number has been blocked.R2D252016-04-16 09:23:24
4388998436the number 425-998-2872 was named UNASSIGNED. I didn't answer the phone because I didn't recognize the area code. they didn't leave a message and I agree with Doc they must be Spam or ScamGuest52016-04-17 09:16:55
4382091309My name is Pepe. I received the same threatening call very early in the morning 4;:30 am California time and as usual a male voice saying i will get arrested if I do not settle my supposed Tax fraud to the IRS. At first I was a bit scared but quickly my demeanor returned to normal because we have not yet filed our Tax Return for 2014 and we were scheduled to file it next week.and how come IRS already demanding a Tax Fraud? I suspected right away that this is a scammer so I dialed back 4 times but the line becomes busy. I had the local Sheriff phone handy just in case this guy would argue. IK am still waiting tomorrow if this caller will call me again.Pepe Latoga62016-04-17 23:16:16
4382091303Called my home phone and caller ID said The Plain Dealer.  Didn't answer and no message left.  I don't subscribe to the newspaper and I'm on the DNC list so I don't know why they are calling.Bill32016-04-17 23:24:14
4387659600It's a service provided to people who may need help paying hospital bills provided to me thru IU Health PhysiciansGuest62016-04-18 17:29:58
4387659607I also got these messages on my T-MOBILE phone!Total of 12 messages this month! All from different numbers and saying they are from Chase!lala42016-04-19 17:21:03
4387938059This number calls me 3 times in rapid succession.  Twice today my phone has rung and rung because of this.  When I called the number back, I received an automated message that my call could not be completed as dialed, to check the number and try again.  This is very irritating.Cwoodside72016-04-20 01:33:04
4389903383SCAM TEXT. Received texts from (313)-338-8539 re my craigslist ad  Asks you to send back a 4 digit code to verify that i am not a scammer.  Received text from (206) 535-1744 (known scam number) with code 6983.Mickey42016-04-22 14:45:03
4389903382Further to 888 262 1888 I got this company am not a clientAnn R32016-04-22 16:08:41
4387637935Constantly calls me, wont speak if I answer n hangs up on me (i can hear other ppl talking in,background like a call center) but anytime I call back (even if its rite after they call) the tone comes on saying the #has been disconnected.Guest42016-04-25 01:52:28
4388785176I got to many texts from this person, and this person sent me nasty pictures and knew everything personal about me and I've never met the person before. This person knew about the relationship about my best friend and said so many nasty things about me and my friends. they said that it was Stacy*name has been changed* and since Stacy was dating my friend at the time I had to tell my friend about it and things went downhill really quick and that person plans on hurting me and my friends once they see us.Guest32016-04-25 15:07:48
4389338661I got a call from this number too and said my card was found. I laugh because I am just a newly resident here in US and don't have any card. Next when they call and asked my SSN# I will give the wrong # and info and let see what they feel:-)Angela32016-04-25 23:31:29
4389338665I had same voice mail saing won some mexico trip bla bla bla, pres 1 to opt out press 2 to claim or something like that.mad52016-04-26 01:04:05
4389903380I received 2 calls from this number.  It was a recorded solicitation for rug cleaning service.I am on do not call list.I filed complaint.Willie G32016-04-28 02:46:29
4384483957Claiming to be US Treasury, left message on voicemail on 10/10/14,heavy Indian accent,threatened an appearance before a grand jury for a federal criminal offense, never said our name - exactly like the reports below.Guest32016-04-29 10:04:22
4387637936Received 2 calls from this number in less than 45 minutes. I know they have called before but they never leave a message. I did a reverse directory and it came back to aviationschoolsonline.comTired62016-04-30 02:00:58
4388071221I do not know this number and am receiving multiple message a day even after asking them to stop. I have no way to block this number with the carrier I'm using and my only other alternative is to change my number.Guest72016-05-01 13:32:56
4389312083I got 9 calls from a weird number out of the country followed by the one call from (415) 661-9281 I didn't answer any of the calls but they left voice mails with a conversation in Chinese or some Asian languageGuest32016-05-02 16:28:28
4383458444Woman hung up when I told her owners were in a different location - tried to call back to tell them we are registered on National Do Not Call List, but no one answers and then if you let the call go long enough, THEY reject your call. Will keep calling them back, though, until they don't call anymore!!!bwiggins62016-05-04 07:28:17
4383458439Number is to call to contact your claim agent for money your suppose to have won after getting a MONEY GRAM and sending them money for taxes. AGAIN, one does not have to send money to win money, they take that from your winnings.Logansport Police Dept62016-05-05 00:20:44
4388785183he said his name was Jean Paul Neal from Lou bachrodt Chevrolet supposed to be interested in a car I am selling. He text me and ask me to call him but when I call none answer. ?????Guest42016-05-06 21:33:01
4388071215Got a call at 0330 , answered and no response on the other end. Every time I try and call back , the number is busydanny52016-05-08 04:34:16
4388071218These annoying people call nearly every day. It is only 8:20 P. M. now and they have called already twice this evening. If you ask them to cease and/or remove your number, they will agree to do so. . . but it will never happen.Guest62016-05-08 17:09:30
4384483956This caller called me at 3am and 6am said his name was danny i do not know a danny. Also asked if i wanted to make money having sex.Guest72016-05-08 22:35:34
4388785181I found this forum because I had a call last night that I didn't answer on purpose and then today while I happened to stop in I got the same call from Fort Myers Florida. So I answered it and it was a friendly girl named Megan saying that she was from Reader Magazine (I think) and had been getting complaints that magazines have been showing up torn in the mailboxes. Asked me what magazines I got. I told her she should know since she feels I get them from her. She said she didn't know. And that this was not a sales call. I said that I don't even think we get a magazine here. She said we did and asked me which ones I liked the best. I played around and gave her some fake names. Then the sales pitch started and I frustrated her into letting me go. Could this be a scam. I didn't let her finish so I don't know. But it sure smelled and tasted like it. The number was 239-603-7238 If they're selling something I'm sure they wouldn't mind me giving it out. Free Publicity for them!Wolfgang62016-05-09 23:40:36
4388785185I received a text from this number: "T C would like to confirm your contact details at Thank you." I did not click the link.Guest72016-05-11 21:49:38
4388966059Ontario MPP Grant Crack - robocalling Phone wrang & wrang during the evening - couldn't get them to stop It even got around the (go to answering machine after 3 rings) setting They kept calling back over & over Rude & intrusive NOW CALL BLOCKED & he lost 4 votes so farSPAMH8TR52016-05-15 18:09:08
4388785187rec'd call earlier today, from a man with a heavy Indian accent , who spoke very fast and was hard to understand.  I had to listen to the message 3 different times to somewhat understand his message.  He was calling from Acro Service Corporation and had a 3 month temp,  job available in Ann Arbor, MI.  (Sounds like a Employment Agency).ski72016-05-17 21:10:05
4388966061The rep calling from this number lied to me when she said she had never called this number before. I know she called a week or two ago. I distinctly remember hearing her exact same voice, exact same tone, exact same wording when she tried to sales pitch us a service we do not need or want. I asked her to remove our name and number from their mailing list. She called again this week.Guest72016-05-24 00:06:49
43844839553-6 calls a day, starting about 10 am and the last around 8:30pm. The few times I have answered it just hung up. I blocked them on my phone, and they keep calling.Scott62016-05-24 05:21:12
4388966062Just had someone call me from this number but when I picked up no one answered. They played that Carly Rae song "Call me maybe." Very weird.Guest52016-05-26 16:25:01
4388071222Middle Eastern accent, said name James Webb, said U.S. Treasury and seeking action against me. Called 5 times in less than one hour. Of course this is fraud, just wanted ot put them out there for people to recognize.Jo42016-06-15 10:04:15
4389298368I vie gotten calls out of this number but Destination t been Competent for locate Outside who it is. Anyone else gotten calls. Amy72016-03-25 03:32:02
4388967264I gotten a text out of this number about a Occupation interview online out of a Mr. Patricia out of live process inc. Guest32015-11-07 01:35:48

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