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Phone list in area 438

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4388638101unwanted callerGuest12015-11-07 16:00:48
4388963609Text came out of nowhere about "skyp,e" with someone named Jennifer.Guest22015-11-07 16:59:30
4387941206Got a dozen rude text from this number in a very bad french. I never answered back those texts. Few minutes after I started to get calls (11) from an unknown number. Answered twice but no one on the line. Pretty sure they want us to answer or to text/call back so they can bill us.Guest22015-11-07 17:08:47
4387642318Guest82015-12-14 17:41:18
4388222970Des enfants qui font des conneries au téléphoneGuest12015-11-07 19:47:30
4383490708Caller claimed to be from Air Canada wanting to verify a credit card number and associated address used in the purchase of an airline ticket. Caller became abusive when the information was not givenGuest22015-11-07 20:32:47
4389897801Speaking spanish... Couldnt understandGuest82015-12-17 00:23:42
4388631458this number calls late evening, middle of the night, when you answer, its dead air/hangup.Guest72015-12-09 12:07:54
4384484861Called and did not leave voicemailJDC52015-12-14 22:42:52
4383945957CALLS WITH UNKNOWN BUSINESSGuest52015-12-20 20:02:03
4389361467she keeps stalking me and a psychologistsGuest92015-12-19 09:30:58
4383464044jiffy lube surveyGuest42016-05-02 19:23:10
4387923843JackassGuest62016-02-15 20:08:48
4388240780Comes through as Precision Auto, never leaves voicemailannoyed62015-12-21 17:25:35
4388211244Sending pictures/videosGuest12015-11-08 03:41:30
4385805381SMS for show tickets being sent repeatedlyGuest42015-11-08 05:02:30
4389372478This call is from Sherwin Williams Automotive FinishesGuest72015-12-09 22:11:27
4387944132Télé marketing ne pas répondre.Guest782015-11-08 05:47:47
4383997963wrong messagessoumya sangam72015-12-21 11:36:25
4384027432Pt Cordera daughter cell.Guest62015-12-16 11:47:33
4388789934With no one on the other sideGuest22015-11-08 06:30:30
4384026322pervGuest52015-12-14 10:12:20
4388002642Calls twice a day, leaves no messege, call back number is voicemail asking an extension number.Guest522015-11-08 08:37:48
4388000436You have won a free trip to the BahamasGuest692015-11-08 09:58:47
4388071220blackGuest72016-05-05 13:54:50
4389338664Mortgage I don't have!!!Guest52016-04-28 19:51:48
4388203404UNKNOWN PERSONGuest82015-12-14 08:40:19
4388202406Standard Insurance Company - not sure if related to Farmer's Insurance.Bob82015-12-20 14:38:14
4388782064They call every week. Sometime 3 and 4 time per week ! and say noting. This phone call on my phone since November 2010 . I Hear some noise and people talk in back !!!Guest12015-11-08 14:33:48
4383948835Got a missed callMiguel42015-12-18 21:54:39
4387938058Hey Geno wabGuest52016-04-20 04:15:42
4382880968Mujeres no crean en Pablo El es mujeriego. Te odious pentejo!Guest52016-03-14 02:21:50
4389925311GO AWAYGuest52015-12-20 17:55:00
4389330427sorryGuest82015-12-18 18:26:49
4383587218Just got a call, no one answered then hung up.DeeDee32016-02-15 20:01:41
4389856335Googgle listing scam, no message from Xenia Ohio, 2-3 times a day for the last 3 weekse barrett72015-12-16 13:07:45
4389921045pervertGuest12015-11-08 21:50:48
4383464042No!Guest42016-05-02 16:59:04
4383451920I'm getting prank calls from this number...Guest12015-11-08 22:02:30
4389351936kelly?Guest52015-12-14 09:21:52
4384483951Got a call from this number Saturday July23rd. No message just a hang upGuest72016-05-08 14:30:25
4389298365Continues to call, but when calling back they don't answer.Guest42016-03-25 03:33:00
4388703957Block dis # asapGuest82015-12-18 23:36:50
4386426335He call me and claim he was a attorney in Miami Florida and my nephew was in jail and he needed $1000 to get him out we talk 10 times I got the money and my nephew wasn't even there little did I know tried to help and got scammed out of a $1000.00 he new ever thing about my nephew that was what was so real I raced to the store for pre paid cards to get him outGuest12015-11-09 01:25:47
4387643559blockGuest72015-12-14 08:02:40
4389330475yiioGuest12015-11-09 05:01:48
4387644878His associate Paolo DiMarco will send you emails telling you to contact your agent to speak with them, but ask for your money back and he'll give you some story. He'll give you a speech about how their company is legitimate and how if he wanted to scam you he wouldn't tell you it takes 24-48 hrs to be approved, they do everything through Interac Money Transfer and that you are safe and protected. Don't give these people any money or even a chance to run their game on you, and if you already have contact the bank or the police.Guest32015-11-09 06:03:47
4382880966Wow if this is not true  about this person then this is what you call slander.Tammy52015-12-19 18:57:32
4389856343virusGuest62016-02-15 23:38:52
4383450446leave me aloneGuest22015-11-09 07:50:30

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