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4416677888IRS IS GOING TO SUE ME UNLESS I CONTACT THEMGuest12015-11-14 13:40:39
4413594866RudeGuest12015-11-14 23:12:51
4413720391Ask me if i like anal sex...Guest12015-11-15 09:26:39
4415338407A call from Bermuda? I don't think so....,.Guest12015-11-15 10:56:39
4414955151Bermuda Government main switchboard #Guest12015-11-15 13:47:39
4412247572I DO ALL THE TIME WHAT IS IT?J32016-02-16 04:26:33
4415358331overly confrontational girl from CLGuest82015-12-14 23:16:31
4416675648SpamGuest12015-11-16 04:33:51
4415353900himGuest42015-12-14 22:08:05
4412023779Caller calls and leaves no message.frustrated32015-11-16 21:06:46
4412247568Receive a missed call on same number. Called back but no one answered.ayo132015-11-16 21:20:40
4412137191After I picked up the phone, there was an extremely long pause.  As I was about to hang up, I caught the end of a recording which said "if you do not have any debt or are on a do-not-call list, press 2 now."  So with great trepidation, I pressed 2.  I hope that stopped things instead of opening a new can of debt32015-11-16 21:52:16
4416854973This number keeps calling me *******STOP CALLING ME PLEASE***********Fred162015-11-16 21:58:54
4413337432dont answerGuest82015-12-21 04:11:22
4412023802Caller ID says Bermuda. I constantly get calls from this number or a number from Bermuda. I do not answer it.Anna12015-11-16 22:12:52
4416337894National RINO Campaign CommitteeJCH62015-12-09 11:43:16
4416042326They call in the mid of the night!!!Hatestupidcallers12015-11-16 22:16:16
4415051825plays on phone dumbassGuest62015-12-10 00:53:16
4414228333Called and left a return 800 number. Bad number.Nikki82015-12-19 19:55:35
4412023789Caller ID but left no messageDS62015-11-16 23:11:11
4412380359recording about heat loss through windows. I am on DNC registry. Called number back and was able to leave a message.jim62015-12-19 20:30:46
4412023778Car wrap scammer advertising on craigslist. "Do you have a car, bike, or truck with easy earn $450 weekly by carryingTAMPICO BOTTLING IRRESISTIBLE ADVERT PROMO on your vehicle!!!Above 20 years, Reliable and honest person is needed with a drivers license and have own car. I dont call. reply through text..3025448105"skamkilla52015-12-18 21:58:28
4414728843Also told me I would be arrested because of a legal case against me. I reported it to my local police. If you are going to be arrested they do not call you to let you know they are coming. I wasn't worried about being arrested but was more concerned what they were really up to.Guest42015-12-10 00:53:12
4413334509selling medical itemsGuest52015-12-09 22:45:46
4417924969Don't every call or text my number again.Pat62015-12-18 02:24:33
4418656115Harassive messages like vulgarities for no apparent reasonAnon52015-12-14 01:38:32
4416038576the complete number seems irregular but its 441 603 857681   it has an extended two digits of 81 person takes long to come on phone or never does. The call is annoying and silent and its difficult to hang up it stays locked on that call. Call is suspicious.Elaine12015-11-16 23:59:08
4418772043This number has called me three times in three days.  I don't answer it because I don't know the number but they don't seem to leave a message.  I just want to find out who this is but when I answer other unknown calls most of them are computers or someone who speaks a foreign language and can't even understand me much less speak English enough to tell me why they even called me.  So the actual number calling me is showing up on my phone as 441-877-2043353 and is that an extension on the end or a phone call from Europe or someplace that will charge me major bucks for answering the call?David42015-11-17 00:03:31
4417024251Job scammerGuest72015-12-21 14:42:10
4414128156i get two or three calls every day since the last week from this number. I never answer, they never leave a message. This is a junk caller...pgm82015-11-17 00:18:00
4410699990No calls but I have received charges against two of my credit cards.cap82015-12-18 23:03:41
4412131415Got call from the same number 441-213-141520, no message left and I didn't answer it.  This is the second day in a row.camp32015-11-17 00:46:50
4412835091elder care - unwanted callGuest62015-12-16 15:23:55
4412023790This number has been calling my hoe for a couple of weeks and they call 2, 3, 4, 5 times a day!  I don't answer except once to tell them to stop calling me.  I refused to listen to their scam speil, but it is somethign liek that "your name has been sleected" crap.  It really irks me to have the jerks harassing me and trying to prey upon me.private32015-11-17 00:54:19
4419827227I just received a call from that number today (Feb 25)--I answered it and it was someone wanting to sell me home improvements.  All of these are BOGUS phone calls and just a way to take your money.  Put these numbers as "blocked" in your cell phone.Lu122015-11-17 01:01:36
4414069303A recording, I'm not sure what type, tried to call it back, but received a recording saying the call could not be completed as dialed.  Received 2/20/08 @ 3:48 a.m.Sandy22015-11-17 01:07:52
4412023786recieve 3 to 4 calls a day telling me I have won either a cruise, $2700, a 27 inch color tv, or a new car. I am trying to track this co. to file a harrasment lawsuit.M32015-11-17 01:26:45
4419326609they are calling constantly and even in the middle of the night, I'm going to try and block themBianca12015-11-17 01:26:46
4412023777Thanks was just getting ready to make that call But instead repoted them To FCC use form 1080.all those numbers are from IMS 441-202-3XXX report them. and report them on the Someone will stop them. I have recieved 17 calls as of today.Dan62015-11-17 01:42:29
4412127911Who is this? I get several calls a day but I will not answer them. The calls originate from Bermuda.231tom32015-11-17 01:45:42
4412023801It was hard to understand what they were saying.1-441-970-625-31952015-11-17 01:51:43
4412023798Continuously get calls from 441-202-3798 but no response when I answer, they just hang up.  I called that number back but got a message is was unassigned.  Very frustrating!!David Palm42015-11-17 02:05:18
4417934849Received a call on cell phone. Caller ID shows 441 793-484900.What scam is this?DanGA62015-11-17 02:26:07
4412023775Caller refused to say why they were calling. Just tried to strike up a friendly conversation. Definitely had an accent. Claimed name was "David". Would not divulge basis of call.Mshugge22015-11-17 02:41:13
4413331974I got a strange text message from this #....I don't know who this is or who's # it is. I'm from Toronto,Canada and don't even recognize the area code.lisa12015-11-17 02:54:46
4419008111don't know who it is and try to call number back and won't go threw.george32015-11-17 02:56:04
4412023785Just an update since my last post this morning.  The number of calls from these morons have now reached 19.  I wonder how many more?hardtaill62015-11-17 03:00:37
4412023783I also have been getting 1-2 a day for the last 10 days from the 441-202 sequence. Never a message, answered once, they hung up. I'm sick of it.Rich22015-11-17 03:21:20
4414058610A man name Logan called my phone as well as my mothers phone saying he was investigating me. Just a bill collector.Tee52015-12-08 23:42:17
4417934337Man with an British accent called wanting to talk to someone about quality control.  When I kept asking him in what regard, he kept asking me to speak to someone regarding quality control for the business and a quality control license.  This is a mechanical contractor, I'm not sure why he would need to speak to someone here about that.  I can't even remember if he identified himself or the company he was calling from.Operator42015-11-17 03:26:58

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