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44124836203 calls today - hang up when I answered...the 3rd time they said "call me back real quick!!!!!" Number is in Bermuda ???? sounds like a scam to me!Guest12015-11-22 03:39:51
4412955964Leave a comment about the caller hereGuest12015-11-23 01:01:39
4416375888we didn't answer. no voicemail was left.leavemealone52015-12-08 16:32:21
4417722109Number Guru states this is a Maysville, KY.Babs4682015-12-16 08:34:15
4416675688Continuous spam texting to my cell #, 130+ msgs, confirmed with t-mobile, same problem with other subscribersGuest52015-12-14 20:40:58
4412126686Spam call. Caller from India. Would not say why he is calling. Wants my informationGuest12015-11-25 03:17:39
4414442442Wynter mc fall. Warning guys she may talk to shes married and will lie and tell you otherwiseGuest72015-12-14 21:01:44
4412464144It looks like they have started this up again because all the reviews posted are from 2007 and here we are 2012 and I get 4 calls a day either from real people or recordings.  You can not stop them as they use alldifferent numbers.  It is law in FL that allows them to do this and I was told by the people in the state of FL at DO Not call list, it would cost me $10.00 a year to continue to block my number.  The National do not call list can not stop this in FL unless a Bill is past to do so.  It is money for FL to have residents pay the bucks to stop the calls.  I am sorry I ever took out a subscription to Sun Sentinel  for many years.  This is what happens to you when you stop buying the paper.  They have told me over and over that they would stop this to my number, but have not.  Only leaving the state can put a stop to this and do not take your number with you.Sandy Johnson42015-12-08 16:22:38
4412140975This number was used for a scam. It called with an automated voice stating that my American National Bank debit card had been put on hold due to some sort of irregular activity. I don't have an account with American National Bank. The message asked me to press one to be transferred to the security division, there another automated voice will ask you to enter your 16-digit card number. I received this exact same call from another number about a week ago from 604-291-9000.Rachel72015-12-08 22:35:16
4415052618Alegis Care contracted with my health insurance company to provide an in  home complementary physical from my insurance company.  I told her I wasn't interested, and she was a little rude.Angie82015-12-09 19:43:32
4416975828Rvd a call from this number yesterday at 9:12 am.  Nothing on this site regarding the number, nothing on google and whitepages lists it as an ATT Mobile and it's registered to a Lee Ballerini pf Oglesby, IL...don't know anyone by that name and no message left...weirdStacey Y82015-12-14 01:00:59
4414032111i have recorded messages of this person prank calling me at my house and cell at 12.30am - 3.45 am i want it stopped for goodGuest72015-12-14 09:26:31
4411110000Prize Offers: You Don’t Have to Pay to Play! coming in the mail, falls under the US Postmasters domain.US Postal Service Inspectors: Flanagan62015-12-14 14:48:38
4415950001Unsolicited call from Allen at this number wanting to 'fix my computer'. He really wanted to open a remote desktop and poke around. Don't be suckered by these kinds of phishers.Guest82015-12-14 21:21:33
4419257219annoying calls for two days in a rowi told caller that i will report this incident to the policebut never stopped callingbwisit72015-12-14 21:25:37
4415358833appears to be spring garage doors in dc, but the stickers say flat rate locksmith. I like their sticker, its smaller than mine when i tried to advertise, i noticed theirs.mickey62015-12-14 22:16:08
4413057604This person was asking about information of one of our providers, but could not give us specific details. She said that she was a part of Healthspring insurance group.Guest82015-12-15 00:33:17
4415252307Got a text message from this number 608-302-1059 with a picture of a blonde girl saying "she likes 2 flirt and hook up 262-308-2118 text her"Guest72015-12-15 18:20:13
4412363491called and PRETENDED TO BE A SALESPERSON. Gonna file a spam report will be speaking with an attorney real soon regarding this. Going on my blocked list Beware DON'T GET SCAM BY THIS NUMBERGuest42015-12-16 08:52:33
4413589654dear walmart shopperyour purchase last month won you a 1,000 gift card. click here to claim.www.v.card 10:26:25
4416075628Oh Joy! I just got this call a bit ago and since we don't know anyone in the Caymens, I did a pick it up and hang it up. Googling "Caymens Call" turns up this thread here: looks like good ol card services blah blah blah.. Picked it up and hung it up. Reports will be filed with FTC,FCC and DNC. 10:40:27
4412837601Been getting voicemails from this number for months now. They say the message is for me to give the number to someone else I barely know. I've been ignoring, but I'm really getting annoyed.Guest82015-12-16 13:24:53
4417924787Got a call from this number.   Don't know who it belongs to.   Caller was my son.   He said it was important that I call back.   I don't get an answer when I call the number.Diane Chew72015-12-16 14:20:39
4416975808800-406-7030  called me with a recording.Hit 1 to talk to them.  To tell them to stop. No one there left message.  This is UNSOLICITEDBryan52015-12-16 19:05:05
4419129811I received two missed calls from this number before receiving several calls from unknown and blocked numbers saying I had won 2.5 million dollars from Mercedes Benz in a very disturbing accent. The call was distorted and his speech sounded as if he had trouble pronouncing words. Knowing very well this was a scam, I asked so where is my money? Give me my money I "won". The guy responded to go to Walmart and make a cashiers check for $150.00. Not surprising... I responded saying I don't have money. The guy said oh you don't have a credit card? I said no and hung upKristin52015-12-17 04:14:55
4412963755Someone with the last name Jones called said i have a warrant out for my arrest if i sodnt pay them 300.00 today.They said it was for fraud and the whole amount was 6,000.Guest62015-12-18 14:14:34
4418318410saying i have a certified letter being delivered....using a long beach number but telling me to call an 844 number if i have any questions...smfhGuest62015-12-18 19:56:21
4415178518This is got to be one of the stupidest telemarketing calls in a very long time.  Automated message asking if we know what is a Polar Bear?  Press the different options for your response.  The message had no explanation of the company or what their intentions are?  I searched online based on their phone number and discovered a supposed charity located on the same floor with a number of other small businesses.  Most likely a phone call centre.  I don't trust this company.  Still not sure of their true intentions and if you're curious the weblink is below.  http://wildaid.orgWTF?   Polar Bear Scam Press #82015-12-19 13:16:31
4417025208This number comes in as a disconnected number when I call back.  I have had these calls come in with different numbers each timeTod72015-12-19 13:39:53
4419787153If you have screen calling add the number to it and they then will recieve the message This number is not taking calls at this time. It blocks them! And yes it is a cruise scam. I had one simular I told them NO! but some how they were still able to find out my card number and charged the amount to it I was able to have it reversed and then immediately cancelled my card! SO DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE LET IT GO TO VOICE MAIL.  Half the time they let it ring four times and hang up before it even gets to voice mail. They've been doing that to me for the last two days.Marion62015-12-19 15:18:40
4412961732This   salon call me for promotion of there business.  Not interested wish they would go away and stop calling me desperate for customers.                                       770-969-9555  SALON VIBE                                             5370 HIGHWAY 92,STE 610                                             FAIRBURN GA 30213                                     770-969-9555                                   5370 CAMPBELLTON FAIRBURN ROAD                                   UNION CITY GA 30291                                       77-979-9555&5370HAD A NEIGHBOR GO HERE IN MY SUBDIVISION THEY BURNT HER SCALP WITH TOO MUCH COLOR AND PERM AND STYLED HER HAIR IN A 70,S MUSHROOM STYLE AND HER HAIR WEAKENSALLY RIPPLE JUNIOR/ LGBT COMMUNITY.62015-12-20 07:29:49
4410000000I am in the 386 area code and this number called and the ID was SOFAPAL.They left no message.Hooray call screening!anonymous62015-12-23 09:38:41
4412748245Received a call from 310-742-4813. A man left a voice mail saying a complaint had been forwarded to his office for review and that I was to call an 866 number and provide a case number. I did not pick up and I haven't called the 866 number.Guest42016-02-15 18:02:13
4414247171caller was very rude and loud using vulgar language talking about my daughter (which i don't have one) kicked his dog and was using a Indian accentGuest52016-02-15 21:08:25
4414069312Appears to be registered with the University of Phoenix1515 W. 190th St. Gardena, CA 90248phone (310) 225-5700 ext.31324Jeff62016-02-16 06:07:03
4412928184Called about extending warranty on my car. When I asked if they were affiliated with my dealership they hung up. I think this might be a scam why else would they hang up. I am on the do not call list and want these annoying phone calls stopped. They are a nuisance and are harassing people. Please put a end to these phone calls.Guest42016-02-16 07:30:19
4410008652This person texts me and calls my phone but i do not get a response when i ask who it is, and get no answers please stop calling me. Or let me tell you have to wrong number.Guest52016-03-24 19:13:51
4415338411Dead line call.  Begged the call to please speak!  But nothing.  Then after I yelled at him for a little while they hung upDoug52016-04-14 04:52:04
4415338412This person is asking about man on man sex to my underage son. I consider this a huge sexual assault on my child and I will report this to the police.Guest42016-04-17 05:26:52
4415338409I got a call from this # telling me they had a check for $100,000.00 from Donald Trump and that I needed 2 forms of ID to accept the package from UPS.SophiaSophia32016-04-18 19:13:45
4415338410They call, ask for the person that handles the web department. When I say they are not available, they hang up. Very rude. Try to call back the number, and they say there is no one using that number.Tony32016-04-20 02:08:12
4416675657they are a company that has your social security number, your full name, date of birth, and everything else in the world pertaining to your information.  They will tell yo that you got a payday loan and there is a court date scheduled against you.  IT IS A SCAM!!!!  DO NOT GIVE ANY BANK INFO OUT!!!!Rebecka72016-06-15 13:02:44
4410008658I called the Federal communications Commission 888-225-5322, consumer financial protection bureau 855-411-2372, federal trade comminsion 877-382-4357, texas office of attorney general 800-621-0508.  I reported this to every agency, they all concur it is a scam out of Nigeria.Judi32016-06-16 04:48:06
4416675649a judge does not deliver a summons, a process server does. Do you really think a judge has time to deliver summons? cmonTOM smith52016-06-16 06:54:58
4410008654Received SMS message:"HaHa [my first name]"When I opened the link, it came up as the URL 20:46:21
4410008660scam call, claiming to be from "Department of Legal Affairs" at IRS threatening legal action against me in a deep Indian accent. Screaming and inappropriate.Guest52016-06-16 22:13:58
4416675651We have received 8 or 10 calls from this number in the last two days. It is always a woman who continues to speak in Spanish, even when asked to speak English or told that she has a wrong number.Victor72016-06-17 06:21:33
4410008662(301) 917-3093 Anthony Morrison -- anthony morrison internet marketingGuest52016-06-17 07:36:00

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