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4438673270You personally told me you adore me than took that haring attic over me but it good out of where Purpose at thank youGuest72015-12-13 20:08:42
4439025020called back and Inquired for become Place on their don't telephone list Representative did as I asked and said thank you. james82015-12-21 22:07:33
4432908269Rang once did t leave a message. After reading the other Remarks it Appears for become the callers MO. Guest522015-11-06 18:19:52
4434683457ND Road Photo. Internet. Photograph. com Checking account to see if I indeed place an online purchase. Jan Knepper82015-12-19 13:11:42
4439012500Debt collector that calls W times even after you personally tell them they have the erroneous number and incorrect Individual. Guest102015-11-06 19:55:58
4438426843Enormous SCAM. . . Don t autumn for these types of scams if they ask on your info Clearly it s a scam. . be safeGuest62015-11-06 22:42:57
4436839746Got the same call. Try Internet. talcum. com Matthews. This really is legit and is gonna kick a few Behind. kevin82015-12-08 19:01:05
4432081260The number Merely called my cell and it was a Spanish Bacall. I Put Upward. I am on your do not telephone list. . . . Guest62015-12-19 05:07:05
4432145208GE Services to confirm something with their 'technician'. Instantly added this number to my 'reject call' list.Bo Ko Harum42017-03-10 20:12:41
4432680231they called me and ive never been talked to like they did by my father on a bad day and demanded i pay them 7600.00 for a debt from 2012. they hung up on me and disrespected me from the time the call was made until the end then hung up on me when i was trying to straighten out a debt i knew i had from years ago. i called them to straighten out my debt and could not get a word in at all until i ask loudly if i could please talk and he was very rude in his comments. we ended the call and my phone rang with one ring. i called back noticing it was the same number and a so called manager got on the phone trying to set me up with paying two lump sums of money to settle my debt. i ask him to call me back on Monday that i had to get the money together. i have since investigated them online and found out that other people have been scammed by them that they are not even legit. i am calling the police and a lawyer and these mother fuckers have not even seen how bad they fucked with the wrong person if its a scam. Yes i am Italian and i say no more.charles caralle62017-06-17 05:21:46

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