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4505018786no calls everGuest72016-04-10 03:06:45
4507565014to never callGuest32016-03-05 23:53:07
4506196196your same Storyline all the time scam. mhi42015-12-09 09:41:24
4502462658Inquired for Carmen and keep calling and hanging upGuest82015-12-08 11:08:54
4500802710I got a phone from W W W and I could not recognize a single word of what the Man said even if I Talk 4 languages. The Man robot was speaking exceptionally fast and did t appear for wait for any answersGuest12015-11-06 18:18:59
4505550131IGuest242015-11-06 18:29:59
4509141902Telemarketer energies QuebecGuest152015-11-07 00:16:49
4509172841don t understand who it is but calls Regularly W W W i am reporting itGuest52015-11-07 00:34:59
4505018787this girl has herpes!!!Guest72016-04-14 17:33:19
4506356511Do not call againGuest12015-11-07 06:13:59
4502010412through it all I still Increase. . . . still standingGuest72015-12-14 21:43:52
4503570811Awesome dudeGuest52016-04-11 16:17:08
4506990830little boy Simply want to play gamesGuest72015-12-16 10:39:49
4505694935No more calls pleaseGuest52015-12-08 18:45:09
4503618644dont like himGuest72015-12-14 16:35:20
4507796095asfdasfGuest12015-11-07 14:34:59
4509731807this person hase used this cell number to make fals claim!!!!!!?72015-12-20 13:20:48
4507922137no answerleroy52015-12-16 08:05:12
4502051403Keep CallingGuest72015-12-08 09:25:28
4507996700I got a call from them also.  I did get a loan and I did owe the loan so I contacted my local district attorneys office and advised them that i let someone draft my and it came back nsf.  They did advise me that it could be considered a bad check so I went ahead and paid it.  I did get a paid in full letter so I don't think they are a scam but do agree it is good to be cautious.  Maybe check with your district attorney or a regular attorney but you know if you owe so just do whats right,,PAID72015-12-15 01:08:32
4507565001It was a missed call on my cell phoneAlicia62016-01-24 12:45:49
4503599111They call everyday 5 times a day within 30 minutes of every is Harrassing! Can't stand in anymore.Guest22015-11-07 20:25:59
4509686658who is this 4/11 @ 5;39amgjh62016-04-22 06:35:47
4504990924It's a men's hair club company located in Dallas.eric42015-12-14 04:18:35
4505433350Enough!Guest12015-11-08 02:18:59
4503697231Communication tagged as unwanted and reported as harassment.Guest52015-12-09 14:30:45
4506121337robot dialer saying my telephone number was randomly selected for free stay at a Marriott hotel.Guest12015-11-08 04:07:49
4509775706was a male with a East Indian accent, left a message, claiming to be with the Revenue Canada telling me that a warrant was issued for my arrest due to and n income tax problem my SIN number is Red Tagged. I have saved the message that was left on my phone.Guest332015-11-08 05:20:59
4506011225nonelol52015-12-09 19:54:10
4506475947This idiot calls for an appointment. I give him the exact location. He calls 20 minutes later to tell me he is parked a mile away. Requests the room number. I don't know what to think about thisGuest72015-12-18 20:59:39
4509881023Don't answer any questions, include your name. because they want to know anything about you and they are no excuse! at first, they want to "speak with someone", when you answer them "wrong Number", they'll be keeping asking you "who are you and .......", DON'T ANSWER THEM!Guest32015-11-08 08:29:59
4504924785Both are wanted, on drugs and armed and dangerous Call 911. They have stolen my car and robbed my home.Guest62015-12-09 10:12:33
4503332115J and K Diesel and Auto Repair385 N 400 West Fillmore, UT 84631435-743-8600Ellen32016-04-10 05:17:23
4507565017rejectGuest62016-03-06 10:33:52
4509671913The woman kept asking who I was and accusing me of calling "her man".Guest42015-12-09 15:48:47
4502340057same message as the one aboveGuest72015-11-08 10:21:59
4502522623Why would Samaritan center be calling me?Abby42016-02-15 17:20:02
4505529156Continue to call once a month even after telling them I am not the person they are looking for. Every. Single. TimeGuest82015-12-20 13:38:15
4503720145Southern Credit (debt collector)- caller ID shows up as "PRIVATE"anon82015-12-13 23:24:41
4503332112Rude and hateful comments made in the phone by complete stranger. The police will be contacted.Guest42015-12-16 10:07:24
4508888054somebody still my cell phone and exchange 10 messages and call,with that person.Guest12015-11-08 14:31:49
4508238848They don't say anything just like to play games and hang upGuest72015-12-16 07:54:25
4506805125Calls everyday at 10 am then another one an hour or so later, when I answer no one is there when I call the number I get a recording that it is Bell Collection.Guest12015-11-08 17:22:59
4502044297Called 5 times after midnight last nightGuest52015-12-16 08:55:37
4509837444No ShowGuest82015-12-09 13:03:36
4508293278No messageGuest12015-11-08 20:28:59
4506124196SpamGuest42015-12-18 23:28:35
4503481078faxGuest112015-11-08 22:56:59
4509900093Ils appellent pour nous offrir une subvention gouvernementale du Québec pour l'efficacité énergétique. Il demandent plein de renseignements personnels. Ils savent nos noms adresses et ils nous demande le montant des paiements de nos factures. Ils ne veulent pas nous laisser leur # de téléphone pour les rappeler. C'est louche ...à suivreGuest642015-11-08 23:13:59
4506511852Cold CallerGuest42016-04-08 15:01:20

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