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4509242242said  griffin m.  i figured its a spoofed caller i.d.  thru computer... wouldnt be first time someone spoofed a number to advance in their crime spree.disgruntledonotcallgirl72016-03-12 17:23:04
4509686650This man called JIM asked me if my boss was in by name. I told him no that he was not available at this. He was very rude, when asking, "When will he be available, he is expecting my call!" JERKCaller ID: FOUR POINTS CAP 516-408-7990George42016-03-14 00:25:53
4506930254J'ai recu beaucoup d appel de ce numero sans jamais avoir de message et impossible de le rejoindre. Je comprends maintenant que j'ai aucun intérêt a répondre . Merci pour les commentairesJOJO -72016-03-17 17:14:15
4506930256Keeping getting calls that when I answer, they wait then hang up.  May be an auto-dialer that is set up wrong from a telemarketing company.  The area code is Lancaster.Deal__Maker52016-03-17 20:06:07
4506930259Caller asked for name of an unknown person, then hangs up.A typical call, from a caller that gets past the anonymous caller block feature of your phone service, usually is a sign that they may be a scammer, a telemarketer selling cheap plastic kitchenware S#*t, or a crooked politician looking for campaign donations to fund smut videos and trips to foreign lands for prostitute orgies, which they fit the previous type of caller M.O.'s...... There should be a law against anonymous and robo calling with stiff penalties against the idiots that use such tactics, including extended prison time with a bunk mate named Bubba that has a stiff penalty to deliver himself !   OO-----> ~ ~  //*\\Fish Lips42016-03-23 04:08:56
4506930261Good Movers Severn offers International, Local and Long Distance Moving, Storage Services in Severn, MD. Call us at (410) 929-6947 for more information.I.L.62016-04-03 16:28:26
4506021608These people called my 86 yr old mother to tell her she won at PCH.  She had to go to the hospital from all the anticipation.  I hope these thugs get caught and end up in prisoners hell.Dee Woods52016-04-06 03:40:18
4506930262The caller was asking for $15000 for accredition of education institution in India.The number prefixed was +11 415 226 2810Zainuddin Shah42016-04-06 06:45:43
4505018789got a call from the SAME GUY who called me from 410-505-8128. Says his name is Martin Smith, but I somehow doubt it with that accent of his. I believe one of the numbers is a Maryland area code and the other is New Jersey. Sounds like a "boiler room" operation going in the background.singing irish32016-04-07 16:36:50
4507537066I received a call from them on Friday February 29th.  They said I was entered into some contest because I used my Visa or Mastercard.  They said that I had won the "small prize" from their local office of a diamond watch, and 4 magazine subscriptions for $20 (one time).  I said, sure why not.  They hadn't asked for my credit card number or anything.  The girl asked if I would be able to pick up a call from her boss in about 10 minutes to evaluate her performance.  I said "sure".After I did so, we talked about how nice the girl was.  He then proceeded to ask me for my security code.  I got suspicious at this point and asked "which credit card".  He said, doesn't really matter.  I hung up at that point, because if I had won some contest with my credit card they would know which one.Ryan52016-04-07 21:57:42
4509779500I already said I acted foolishly!  She recently moved to another state and I didn't know her number or address. I belatedly became suspicious when he asked for more money to pay a fine and lawyer fee. I only then contacted someone who knows her and got her number. Remember, when "she" called I really believed it was her and she didn't want anyone else to know. I learned a valuable and expensive lesson. One is never too old to learn.PENALA32016-04-08 05:06:04
4505756133I want this cellphone number banned from my damn phone forever and always I want nothing to do with her anymore.Guest42016-04-08 05:34:28
4503570809My parents used to be Secure Horizons subscriber, but they cancelled over a month ago. They have been calling once a day on average. They hang up and call again immediately if you don't pick up.retired72016-04-08 16:32:55
4505756138keeps calling my cell and they are trying to fax me, what a bunch of idiots.trying to scam someone and can'y even do that right, they are worthlessgoogle phone listing has them @LANDLINE     At&t Inc*    Los Angeles CA (includes La Paz County, AZ)att needs to stop them, but alas they are just in it for the money and haven't heard of FAIR TRADEannoyed52016-04-09 20:37:47
4509150946Received a call from this company and called our electric provider.  Our provider looked into it and said they are an electricity supplier and it is not a scam.  Since people are allowed to choose their service provider, our provider said that other providers are calling to get business.  The person who called us, Nicole Rivers, spoke quickly and was rude when I asked to take a message.  Not the best way to do business.Funny thing - after a while, the number on the caller id changed to 774-777-6350 and there are more messages on this website for that number...same thing - questionable call and rude people.Hate Scammers62016-04-10 14:19:15
4502464248This number came into my cell as Duquesne University. Absolutely impossible, It is a Verizon Waterbury Ct, cell phone type number. I have a similar number so this is a clever scammer making it tempting to answer because it looks like a local call to people in this part of CT. I have been getting a few of these spoofed Verizon cell assigned numbers lately which actually trace to real people in my area. No one so far has left a voicemail. I use Whitepages ID and call block on my cell.Very effective.Tom52016-04-10 17:57:59
4506021610Said he was a storm damage adjustor and was coming to my house after my husband told him not to. It is a SCAM.Guest32016-04-11 20:22:51
4502464249Called me every single day (man's voice) looking for a Peter. Apparently works for an A.C.S. but I have no clue what that is. I called back today; woman picked up named Melissa.Asked to stop calling back and she said she will try to accommodate my request. Will see tomorrow if they call again.Shawn62016-04-12 06:10:52
4506021613Why did I get some many times phone ccall from this number, but nobody speaking and just sound like fax machineLucy52016-04-12 19:36:51
4507537062Received a call from this number, but missed it -- when I dialed it back, the person answering was speaking in a foreign language. . .pretty scary and I am on the no-call list so. . .?????Bertie42016-04-13 11:03:13
4503570813Caller named Jamie - Said he was with the American Power Association and that it was part of the "stimulus package".He called my home and would not provide a physical address of his company and was extremely rude.I know that this IS a solicitation call and they are using loopholes to make these calls.  Does anyone know how to hold them accountable for making these calls when we are on a do NOT call list??jill42016-04-13 15:38:36
4503703064So 5 years later you are worried about a post someone made?  So possibly you could answer some questions.  This number is listed a s being in Washington, and your web site says that you are located in Washington.  But everything else I find says you are in Arizona.  Even your BBB page listing says that.  So why the discrepancy??Grindstone admin32016-04-14 02:30:39
4506511845I got the same thing too for a Craigslist ad. It is without a doubt a scammer. They love these (682) phone numbers, which most likely, is a spoofed number.I have had my ad on Craigslist for a month now and have five scammers who are sending their shippers to get my item lol.btw, I reported each of them to the FBI on the IC3 form. One of them was particularly obnoxious, so that person was also reported to the FTC and the Texas State Attorney General.Regular Seller on Craigslist72016-04-14 22:18:17
4505756139A lot of surveys, loans, and credit applications have questions; like would you like to repair your credit? When we answer them they sell them to other companies. Just call the company and ask to be put on there do not call listHLL62016-04-15 07:58:07
4503332117Began receiving two magazines several months ago that were not ordered by our household.  Unable to determine the origination of the subscription and never received billing information.  Recently received phone call from 303-474-4864 asking if we were receiving the magazines.  Girl said that her manager would call back to verify she'd been curtious and would have additional information and offers.  "Bryce" called back from 303-474-4861 and asked about the previous call.  Warned that other companies may be trying to get us to reorder subscriptions.  When I asked about the magazines, he wouldn't tell me anything except that the cost was $16.66/mo for 60 months and that the subscription could not be cancelled.  He then aksed for some personal information, including credit card info.  I hung up.  They called back again from 303-4744799.coopersdad62016-04-15 12:31:21
4509150950Oh, lucky me, this number now has my number!!  Another scam...... why do they have to waste our time with this.   Thank you for your reply "Things to believe", this is the best one I have seen yet.A. Thayer42016-04-15 21:03:35
4505756134Called at 3:51a.  When I answered the phone (could have been an emergency), a recorded voice stated "the callers voice mail was full, try your call later"  Are you kidding me, this number called me!Smeedmg52016-04-15 23:03:10
4506021614This number has repeatedly called my cell phone, 2 or 3 times a day.  There has been no one there and no one has left a message.Lori72016-04-16 11:15:20
4503703062Don't ever give Hilton your number- they will NOT STOP CALLING!!!!!!! Robo-calls everyday (even though I've requested to be removed from the list innumerable times) and they hang up. Don't even bother with a sales pitch- they just call and hang up!!!HILTON SUCKS52016-04-16 12:53:22
4505018785Need a payday loan up to $1500? Visit for INSTANT approval, get the cash that YOU need in one hour!(2optout rply stop)Guest72016-04-16 13:08:12
4503570812I have been receiving calls like that too. Asking for information like ss, dob & address verifiction. Then they say its from some attorneys office, but they wont tell me what its all about. They only say it is a personal matter and for me to confirm by identity. I just tell them that they need to send me the information to my address if they have it or to my attorney.gcalderon42016-04-16 14:31:38
4507537069Am glad i searched the number 'Noname' thanks for the advice, i do notice that your posting is very recent. My wife and I recently saw a craigslist posting regarding some properties in the Roseville CA area, the person behind the phone sounded very professional, but wasn't until she met this guy and came back saying that he looked some what creepy, not very well dressed, we don't judge any person by how they look, am sorry to hear your bad experience and once again thank you for the postingGuest62016-04-17 17:35:08
4509686661Received an automated recording about an immediate IRS lawsuit being filed, then they hung up. I called back and person barely spoke English telling me a random IRS audit was done between the years of 2008-2012 and I owed money. I asked if any documentation has been sent to me I could review and they hung up. Guess the person didn't like the fact we not fools!KR42016-04-22 06:35:47
4503703070I have gotten several calls from this number on two different days?  No message either.  I called back today and got the ' this is the voice mail for Jason Coldwell or Cadlwell'.  What's up with this?Sharpie72016-04-22 13:36:53
4502093028Receiving junk text messages from this # that I have $1100 loan waiting for me. Since I did not ask for a loan there is about a 100% chance this is a scam and they just want your info.Bob52016-04-28 04:19:19
4503599117this man has been threating me and my friends and hes been stalking my friend and she is scared .he told her he was going too get her killed he was going to kidnapp her and have his friends run a train on her.hes crazy and he said hes popped pills to make him act crazy i dont feel safe and she doesnt feel safe .hes followed her home and everythingjazmin72016-04-29 00:37:28
4503599118got txt from 502-350-7940Msg: WMB ALERT:Your CARD has been DEACTIVATED.  Please call502-233-8330.Searched and says landlne with Bell South, from Bardstown, KYWithout spending $9.95, didn't get any further info.When you call either number, says mailbox is full.anon42016-04-30 00:17:45
4503276723This guy called around 8:25 am asked about one of my special needs clients visa card, said there was an issue. I told him she didn't have a visa and that he was obviously a con artist faker and that he should hang up now. Caller sounded like a young adult east Indian maleSimon Pryor52016-05-01 03:52:53
4505043622This is Y.A.M. Marketing18361 SHERMAN WAY STE A RESEDA CA 91335(818)578-7815They own the block of numbers (818)578-7801-(818)578-7815.The principals of the company are Alon Guterman Rubinstein, and Mirit Golan.Mr. Golan resides at 5354 Yarmouth Ave, Encino, CA 91316 818-578-5746. This information was obtained from public sources.Give him a call and let him know you don't appreciate his unsolicited calls. Make sure you dial *67 at the beginning of your call, to disable your outgoing caller ID. Do NOT give him your telephone number to be "removed." It will only get you more grief. Just tell him to remove all numbers which have not given express permission to be contacted, and your number will be a member of that group. Call him each time you get a call from him.harumph62016-05-05 10:38:01
4505043624Got a call from this number and left no message.  I have one friend in Utah and thought it might be her, but I guess not.Kathy B.62016-05-07 10:02:38
4505043619I received the same message . I decided to Goggle the Phone no# on the internet , and come up with this website . the phone no# that showed up on my caller id was 1-800-575-7793. But the caller left a message to call back at 1-866-310-9505.Unknown name ( privacy  reasons)42016-05-15 06:36:42
4507922145Keep calling harassing my boss that I need to make a payment for some loan from years ago I have no idea who these con artist are but I will be reporting themallen42016-06-15 15:52:24
4507922141These crooks call my cell phone and home phone at all hours of the day and night and even on weekends.  They call me at least once a day.  They are rude, arrogant, profane and I have filed with the FTC and State Attorney General's office.  I am even on the Do Not Call Registry and these frauds don't give up.  How do we put a stop to this?  Furthermore, they have my SS#, my home address and phone next step is to file harrassment charges with my local police department.Tammy62016-06-15 19:43:44
4507922138They called my husband to say he was behind on a bill and they were about to make a hit on his credit report.  We were trying to do a refi on our home so my husband paid it.  When they kept taking the money each month he called to put an end to it.  They renewed his "contract" and told him to wait 30 days to cancel.  Now we seem to be locked in until July 2014 for magazines we never read. We have never spent $39.95 a month on magazines...we rarely ever buy magazines.Alicia52016-06-15 22:28:42
4507922140called back and number does not ring.annoyed52016-06-17 06:59:48
4507922139guy i dont even knowGuest62016-06-17 09:49:12
4507922147NegativeGuest52016-06-17 10:11:03
4503599114I'm getting threatening Text from this numberGuest42016-07-04 14:31:54
4503599112this guy's name is Brandon. He keeps harassing me and threatening me. Please stop his texts and calls. Thank youGuest62016-07-04 18:11:36

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