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Phone list in area 450

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4507922144Comcast collection center is what that number isGuest72016-06-16 03:30:11
4507923958Dan si tes la c audrey.... appele marc pis demande lui mon num�Guest22015-11-09 00:45:59
4503332113"Are YOU low on cash? You need a Payday Cash Advance up to $1,500. Apply now at and get YOUR cash within 1-HR. Bad Credit OK! 2optout rply NO"Sounds like a scam.Nicholas Hall52016-02-20 00:29:03
4509150949wants to get all kittensGuest72016-04-08 17:17:00
4507450761faxGuest22015-11-09 01:59:49
4502324740this service no longer is availableGuest82015-12-19 13:27:36
4506351214wich name?Guest12015-11-09 02:58:59
4509242239yes a callGuest32016-03-13 03:42:58
4505772148they called 3 times and i do not know who they are but they are annoying i did not answer becuz i do not know themGuest12015-11-09 03:55:49
4506470579VbvGuest12015-11-09 04:23:59
4504241327Caller , suppose to be from Microsoft service and my pc is suppose to bug .I said , i dont have pcGuest112015-11-09 04:43:59
4509659131Called and hung-upGuest12015-11-09 04:54:59
4503703851this guy has a baby dick and is a black dick sucking masterGuest82015-12-18 21:15:00
4503654584ex boyfriendGuest12015-11-09 05:49:59
4505173852its mmy exboysfriendGuest12015-11-09 08:02:59
4503599119Call everyday no answer when pick up .Guest42016-05-30 13:21:33
4506176985boringGuest82015-12-16 10:24:21
4505664585Called several timesGuest82015-12-14 08:55:49
4502514853have requested numerous time to stop faxingGuest82015-12-18 23:31:38
4504453740Trying to give casino chipsGuest52015-12-08 19:17:53
4505052007DNA Cheap black guyGuest62016-02-16 06:50:44
4502464241called and did not live a messagemm42016-04-13 11:07:03
4505750618annoyingGuest72015-12-16 16:24:11
4502340055have no idea who this is, but is threatening .........Guest72015-11-09 16:01:59
4507565008Called today at 3:05pm prank calling by imitating the grudgeGuest42016-01-25 23:46:41
4509782301She just say her name is LysiaGuest12015-11-09 16:42:49
4503599116marketing .Guest42016-05-19 21:19:09
4504912005Leave a comment about the caller hereGuest12015-11-09 17:11:49
4509779499They keep calling and when I tried to call back, it isnt allowed!Guest52016-04-14 02:56:26
4503579630its a jokeGuest42015-12-19 02:07:45
4505018791hallo347 409 606762016-04-13 09:42:47
4509779502I got that on my home phone yesterday too.  Still don't know who/what it is.Char62016-04-15 11:01:06
4505335858MnGuest12015-11-09 19:42:59
4509779498regions bank calling about owing companydreamer62016-04-11 10:46:28
4503703067Please remove from call list this number is a telemarketer.Guest42016-04-14 20:20:41
4505018793Two calls so far.Guest62016-04-13 18:07:35
4502278714Someone keeps calling me from this number who is it?Fred62015-12-10 04:06:37
4509242249this number calls with a recording, seems like a scam to meGuest42015-11-09 23:15:49
4505303338Keeps calling asking for some girl I don't know.theyarestupid52015-12-09 22:56:29
4504199872DddfbgurGuest62015-12-19 10:33:37
4504775330How come I won so much money and I did not do [***]. Let these retard people stop harrassing peoplesuriname girl62015-12-18 23:52:28
4503326939You are being blockedGuest52015-12-08 23:59:41
4503690404Don't need nor want you no moreGuest72016-02-15 23:36:12
4503703066EstúpidaGuest72016-04-12 12:36:00
4507565010I'm getting the calls too and I am moving with Allied as well.allied too42016-01-19 06:02:03
4506612511LeGuest52015-12-19 01:01:46
4502670776Calls over 8 times a dayGuest42015-12-18 15:00:57
4506021612DellAshley52016-04-12 18:08:16
4506650070Who is this?Johnny72016-02-15 23:57:48
4502011264Calls and hangs up. No message.Guest62015-12-16 11:38:50

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