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Phone list in area 475

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4752351037Striving for Book a house and Desired moneyGuest32015-11-07 07:31:21
4752230410Jerks keep calling attempted blocking number they use a Distinct number. Guest252015-11-07 09:06:54
4755062394Cease calling meGuest82015-12-20 16:46:52
4753556624BlockGuest12015-11-07 11:01:21
4752122933Doesn't leave messageGuest182015-11-07 11:18:21
4758032178dnt msg me or call me... sryGuest12015-11-07 15:01:54
4752017084errtyhbgfvRick52015-12-09 14:55:08
4754227282Scam Department of treasury .... Stated that we are going to be sued by the government! Do not give out any personal information.... Simply hang up. SCAM!!!!Guest132015-11-07 15:32:21
4752230311scamGuest42015-11-07 18:13:21
4753290899keeps calling my land line. I don't answer or when I do no one responds.Guest42015-11-08 02:11:54
4752000452Wants to lower my interest rate, Ha!Guest122015-11-08 03:56:21
4754227368did not leave a messageGuest62015-11-08 05:44:21
4757772770Tells you they have a package. They have legal documents on a debt worth a large amount of money they need to collect over the phone. Black people calling.Guest42015-11-08 06:23:21
4752230263It's a recording for a telemarketer to help with credit card debt..I don't have credit card debt.Guest52015-11-08 13:02:21
4755292189I see this number called three times minimum per day on my called list. never a message. This has been going on forever.Guest52015-11-08 13:24:21
4752383109Received text message asking if Nicholas wanted to make $607 a week.Guest22015-11-08 17:12:21
4752230292This number called me THREE times within less than ten minutes. When I answered, fully prepared to ask questions about the reference of the call, they hung up.Guest212015-11-08 21:24:21
4752227375wrong numberGuest42016-01-23 16:42:24
4754449090HarresmentGuest12015-11-08 22:39:21
4752434090drug addictGuest22015-11-08 23:26:54
4755290556Calls numerous times a day - when we answer there is never anyone there - I am going to report this number to phone company as a harassing call.Guest82015-11-09 00:04:21
4755930000I recv'd spam text msgs from the above number RE: HAMP mortgage modifications. I didn't request, solicit, etc. (I rent!!)LH92015-12-11 14:53:51
4755292167no message left.. repeated calls from this numberGuest42015-11-09 03:41:54
4752000398stalkerGuest52015-12-16 13:58:37
4752438867you win!!!! go be happy with your life!!!!!Guest12015-11-09 07:29:54
4752016330This person keeps harassing me!Guest72015-12-19 00:55:52
4752220073Yes, Woman left voice message, calling on old debt from 2006 that was written off, not going to return it.Gator82015-12-08 15:05:53
4752388772automated message left on voice mail - contact 'CFG' at 866-919-4905; number listed as a land-line; no other infoKB in AZ42015-12-15 15:36:04
4752230716some personali72015-12-23 17:34:55
4752430096Hook me upGuest62016-02-16 06:36:40
4752386056called and informed me my credit card was deactivated and continued to ask what my credit card number was before I hung upGuest82015-11-09 20:47:54
4752273667Calls and hang upGuest112015-11-09 22:02:21
4754227289Caller claims to be associated with US TreasuryGuest142015-11-09 22:02:21
4752120023called asking about mortgageGuest12015-11-09 23:41:54
4752120189Bastards are scammers get a real job and leave hard working innocent people aloneGuest162015-11-10 03:00:21
4758828325total wasteGuest62016-02-15 17:34:48
4752436409won't stop callingGuest42015-11-10 06:32:21
4756894610Keeps calling dont know why.Guest102015-11-10 11:16:21
4752230510bullshitterGuest62015-12-15 00:48:13
4755950000Same as all the calls I get that end in 0000Guest12015-11-10 15:17:54
4752097761First message with an automated message left saying that I closed a bank account fraudulently and owed a payday loan company money and a case had been filled. They gave me a date that I took out a loan and an address I lived at, though they couldn't confirm the amount of the original loan just a settlement amount. Though I had live there at one time, at the time they claimed I took out this loan I hadn't lived at that address for 9 months. Scammers!Guest52015-11-10 19:09:21
4752027795This caller even left a voice mail after refusing their call. Do not answer.Guest42015-12-16 04:06:33
4752120151Calls business constantly no name or message just hangs upGuest32015-11-11 04:22:21
4752383214aggyGuest12015-11-11 06:46:21
4752027073I need info on this number if you have it please.K82015-12-13 20:32:04
4752989260annoyingGuest12015-11-11 08:52:21
4752383341Texting me over and over again saying "watermelon slushie"Guest12015-11-11 13:55:54
4752273670This is from Connecticut and calls every friggin night. Leaves no answer on answering machine.Guest42015-11-11 14:06:21
4752019982Political call....I read papersGuest62015-12-14 22:36:24
4752010432STOP CALLINGGuest12015-11-11 18:00:21

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