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Phone list in area 475

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4754491576never call this number again.Guest12015-11-11 20:41:54
4752432432This girl was supposedly looking for a date but I am a happily married man not looking. Not sure how she got my email or number.Guest92015-11-11 21:59:21
4752351474KuZtom Home Outfitters1984 Lake Ave Lima, NY 1448558573732165855825741kuztom.comsasho72015-12-16 03:44:49
4752231484Car InsuranceGuest12015-11-12 02:39:21
4752439528dffGuest12015-11-12 03:02:21
4752220114They call all hours! You answer they hang up! You call back, busy signal! AnnoyingGuest182015-11-12 03:09:21
4758822945This number started texting me about my dog and and being very rude. I don't know the number and they won't say who they are. This is scary!!! I told them they had the wrong number but they keep texting nasty things about my dog.Guest12015-11-12 03:40:21
4752384092ERROR 23: This number has been blocked and reportedGuest12015-11-12 05:35:54
4752026461he is stalking meGuest12015-11-12 06:59:21
4752981883reverse lookup says it comes from British Columbia, CanadaGray42015-12-14 18:47:18
4752230335I have received calls from GBL Gift Card multiple times a day for about a week. No message has been left. I even answered once to get rid of them, but no one spoke to me.Guest192015-11-12 12:57:21
4752043611vet refiGuest62015-12-16 16:48:45
4752985227don't want to talk to you!Guest52015-12-14 22:58:01
4752821623some message about opening mailGuest62015-12-09 22:51:20
4752018278NoGuest42015-12-14 22:15:49
4754227250Calls and hangs upGuest42015-11-12 20:40:54
4752430088Rebeca renolds Security ?Guest82015-12-18 20:26:41
4752227374This person name nereyda torres who been harassing meGuest12015-11-12 23:48:54
4752351738was texting me as if they were looking for someone else then asked my name then said sorry and me not text the number againGuest72015-12-08 08:55:53
4752107092Keeps callingGuest82015-12-18 03:50:09
4752823842scamGuest12015-11-13 06:54:21
4752017991Cori pepGuest62015-12-16 16:21:15
4751827441Busy.Guest12015-11-13 10:49:20
4754417910no response.Guest22015-11-13 12:55:54
4759995783It a telomarklerGuest72015-12-18 15:59:32
4752271456this number is not accepting calls or textGuest32015-11-13 20:23:21
4752352092Wants to get loan informationGuest82015-12-14 18:38:48
4752386035my boyfriend got  a rude text message from this person.angel bryan62015-12-18 21:37:17
4752433955Got two phone calls from them in one day saying had one hour to contact them back or I would be served to go to court. Calling my parents telling them I needed to get a hold of them.Ang82015-12-19 09:49:11
4755290466Conner Crazy Comcast InstallerGuest72015-12-14 15:42:57
4754227366Put a stop to these annoying calls on your electronic home phone by getting a dial tone then dial *60 and follow the directions, you are welcome.Guest62015-11-14 15:46:54
4752350537Called about an online survey that I didn't take. Didn't wait around to find out more.Guest222015-11-14 17:32:21
4758828316Leaving sexual text to my under age daughterGuest12015-11-14 20:18:54
4752983293telemarketGuest72015-12-16 11:46:07
4752027796Indian recruiter. Boiler room.Guest82015-12-16 13:58:35
4752659891This person didn't say anything just hung up after a minuteGuest82015-12-16 10:55:49
4752983337this men is a perv. a sex predator, just spreding it. he sounds nice but he,s sickGuest12015-11-14 22:24:54
4752273662They do not say anything because I do not answer and they do not leave messages. They call several times a day. (Annoying)Guest22015-11-15 02:04:54
4754494111this person is harassing meGuest72015-12-16 14:08:17
4755293433Phoned and left no message.Megan52015-12-14 22:07:22
4752273664Caller ID shows up Connecticut. Keeps asking for someone who isn't here, even after we tell them no one lives here by the name they are looking for. Have called 5 times within 30 minutes.Guest62015-11-15 11:27:21
4752437043Spam, keeps calling and calling. Name is listed as aGuest112015-11-15 14:46:54
4758183108Quicklane wanting to do a courtesy call for a freaking oil change.Guest52015-12-16 17:54:35
4754226029leave me aloneGuest12015-11-15 23:35:21
4752048430sorry nao posso atender vcGuest12015-11-16 05:01:54
4752983421Tricks kill me being so concerned about looks. They want a model but Then they show up looking like a musty sumo wrestler. What if I let you come see me based on looks!!! Smdh!!!Guest12015-11-16 05:22:21
4754227004Solicitation calls skyrocketed since donor all.guv downGuest72015-11-16 10:27:21
4752273656Stupid ghetto Mexican from craigslistGuest92015-12-18 16:07:52
4752120143475-212-0143 called my unlisted cell phoneGuest22015-11-16 16:13:54
4756750391May be a scammerGuest12015-11-16 17:15:21

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