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Phone list in area 478

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4782469268HelloGuest42015-12-20 01:05:50
4782479286don t demand to become calling my phone understand more please thank you very much cheers so muchGuest32015-11-05 07:56:22
4785552447Discontinue calling and testingGuest52015-12-22 18:43:42
4789783089dent answerGuest42015-11-05 07:59:26
4783389000Called me within the Mid of a Sunday day. Asked me for my name. I for me by name sounded like a call Facility Subsequently Fundamentally Installed up. I m on that don't call list. It d become nice if that federal Authorities would go after these idiots like they seem for go after all that conservative groups. Display me ANYONE other than the Subscription geniuses who are making these calls that approve of your calls. Guest132015-11-05 08:01:23
47895385631Guest22015-11-05 08:03:55
4782017460block calls amp textsGuest12015-11-05 08:09:54
4787435529Harassing callingGuest22015-11-05 08:09:55
4784911150HatchetGuest82015-12-16 15:26:20
4787500755Does not give proper data on her business. Guest52015-11-05 08:28:26
4782461255Constantly calling very annoyingGuest292015-11-05 08:31:22
4785504871Received a text from this user. M42015-12-08 14:11:22
4786978742Could it be Ga mil Investments amp Insurance in Fort Worth TX. Andrew82015-12-16 14:31:59
4782849738got a callGuest62015-12-18 18:20:33
4788451765TelemarketingGuest12015-11-05 09:05:26
4787874122Took cash from meGuest82015-12-14 22:15:53
4782469033block text messages also pleaseGuest32015-11-05 09:36:22
4785691766Unreal I even added my number for national phone list and blocked the Man but they 've a different number each timeGuest62015-11-05 09:49:24
4783909545Spam promotionsGuest42015-11-05 10:01:24
4789557805Yes I get Nuisance calls they make all kinds of noises and don t state nothing. Guest22015-11-05 10:01:55
4782069144calling no messages. lou42015-12-16 19:44:43
4788456312I have gotten harassing texts from the number soliciting sex. I was deeply disturbed as nicely as disgusted. The number should become disconnected instantly. I can report the number to your Cops if nothing is done to Finish the harassment. Guest12015-11-05 10:17:26
4782875124I got the very same text message at W PM. Guest52015-11-05 10:27:22
4784743700hiGuest62015-12-14 13:46:10
4789529710don t ever response done with fake Folks. Guest12015-11-05 10:44:55
4784577818POLICEGuest12015-11-05 10:47:24
4789746536Do not textGuest12015-11-05 10:51:26
4788451767Received a text out of this Amount Hi quot xxx quot you there. ha vent heard out of you within a while. When I responded gotten a second text asking me to add them to yahoo messenger textileGuest22015-11-05 10:59:26
4785420502LolaGuest72015-12-09 21:27:31
4787507399Left messageGuest32015-11-05 11:08:26
4782205840Annoying. . . Guest32015-11-05 11:34:22
4787315010telemarketerGuest62015-12-20 09:22:53
4789789723Your man was very rude and would t tell me what Business that isStaci Ann62015-12-08 22:01:51
4783944531This really is 2 all of you personally who r go ogling your creditors PAY Your own BILLS. . B RESPONSIBLE Discontinue RUNNING amp HIDING Out of Your PREAMBLES Quit PLAYING Your VIC TUM. . . That individuals who you all r STEALING out of HANGING Upward ON amp lying 2 is the Actual VIC TUMS. . . Guest152015-11-05 11:43:55
4782279870Don t understand who this really isFFCU52016-02-10 05:49:29
4782341384Called a couple of times and no message. Avondale52015-12-16 13:25:05
4782164559your idiotGuest62015-12-15 00:08:13
4787559615Would simply leave name and Amount. Called my Partner s Telephone. Guest52015-11-05 12:05:26
4785958946no more Assessment anymoreGuest32015-11-05 12:09:25
4789786850do not like his conversations. Guest62015-12-09 15:47:04
4785385162FUGITIVE From JUSTICEGuest52015-12-18 11:44:36
4787445999Spam. Guest182015-11-05 12:39:26
4783940337don t need to be calling my Telephone know more please thank you personally greatlyGuest12015-11-05 12:55:55
4787330157Prohibited ROB Telephone for a Google listing SCAMGuest62015-12-20 04:19:12
4782904399PimpGuest62015-12-20 09:22:37
4788414660blockGuest12015-11-05 13:19:26
4783530739I block them and they call from another number So AGGRAVATING. . . . . . . Guest32015-11-05 13:44:23
4783305704Discontinue callingAdan62016-04-05 19:32:44
4782979997R A shrimpking72015-12-15 00:07:58
4782075361Many kinda debt relief program. Not certain if it is valid but I don t demand it Or solicit it. Guest52015-11-05 14:01:22

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