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Phone list in area 479

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
4793581138Really annoying numerous callsGuest72015-11-05 08:22:26
4792956580Need for know Joel Put brand new number . Guest72015-12-16 13:01:24
4794628939moronGuest12015-11-05 08:57:27
4796476775Wichita Eagle trying to sell subscriptions. Connie42015-12-08 15:03:59
4796518498BS tGuest82015-12-19 08:43:27
4792680098going through something. . . demand a few me time. Guest82015-12-20 23:54:11
4792594482You're now blocked from this number. Guest12015-11-05 09:56:55
4792142587I don t know the number. Guest72015-12-16 20:11:36
4794316998Keeps on calling. . . . Guest52015-12-08 13:42:52
4792220942they called for support my number Afterward Installed upGuest102015-11-05 10:13:26
4792394269Don t telephone meGuest72015-11-05 10:24:26
4792701826This same Man called a few minutes Past out of a Kingston Sean number stating had won two million dollars. Told him not interested amp Put Upward. Called back using the number revealed on your Owner IDGuest32015-11-05 10:35:26
4793853154Turn call. empire62015-12-18 19:32:15
4792682023Response or let it go for voice send and all it's is not alive atmosphere. Guest62015-11-05 10:50:26
4792763221Hi infant u are so goodGuest62015-12-21 16:15:45
4796784312Joke Face . Com. Guest12015-11-05 11:26:27
4792820666ID who it'sGuest172015-11-05 12:01:26
4797172860He keeps testing me and sexually harassing me and threatened for rape meGuest62015-12-19 22:32:21
4792268329Gentleman s Touch Phone. We come for your requirements. Fatefully AR W W County Method Fatefully Arkansas W W Web. insider pages. com b W mild mans Contact fatefully Serving that ladies of NW with a smile and that s Around it. Here at Guy s Contact we have a variety of guys for suit any occasion. Out of Bachelorhood Party s Birthday Bash s to Divorce Party s. Guest22015-11-05 12:16:26
4795021335Tisha Smith Jr. Guest12015-11-05 12:17:27
4798004017I blocked a previous spam Amount out of this person Striving for get me into a marketing scheme. The Individual s name is Stephen some healthy Site crap. Guest32015-11-05 12:17:27
4795610626Pimps phone and his how s uses the number. Guest42015-12-14 19:22:07
4797566544Acquired a call out of this number the morning. Was not Capable for response but a express send was left. All which was within that voice mail was static and noise. Could not make Outside any voices or if anyone was saying anything. Guest32015-11-05 12:49:27
4797704446End loveGuest32015-11-05 13:17:27
4792268240Calls about insurance. I tell them to Cease calling but they consistently phone. Guest122015-11-05 14:03:26
4796526719byeGuest22015-11-05 14:35:56
4794205425Complete looser. Guest72015-12-14 02:34:47
4795734070StevenGuest72015-12-14 23:05:55
4792130994TMGuest82015-12-17 00:48:26
4797194587do not telephone meGuest62015-12-17 00:13:46
4794396683The organization is telemarketing for Gifts to the Fraternal Order of Cops. They phone a lot. Most of that time their phone s Chaos Upwards and don t register you vie answered and it hangs Upward. Guest142015-11-05 15:45:27
4796667267did not leave a message. Must not 've been important. Guest532015-11-05 15:47:27
4792087660I get Regular calls from Van Bur en Arkansas which are all Vehicle dialed and there's just Stop or a beep behind them. Guest162015-11-05 16:01:26
4792028614W W W this is another number with GB at that Finish. And that s another W. W since yesterday. This really is not Songs though it s Electronic . That is nuts and worse than I idea. Broke husband52015-12-09 19:06:01
4794228981Says terrible wordsGuest32015-11-05 16:33:27
4792086231Phone from Occupation Sites return to schoolGuest22015-11-05 16:44:26
4796859493Is an escortGuest82015-12-19 12:36:11
4792219415IDGuest52015-11-05 17:03:55
4797635011blockGuest32015-11-05 17:04:56
4794595011 Tom Reid42015-12-19 14:09:48
4793586009Tex ted W times at 4 within the morning and woke my infant upGuest72015-12-18 21:40:26
4797637140This phone number was blasting my cell Telephone for about a week. Calling numerous times all hours of the nighttime. I don t understand who it is or how they got my Amount. when they first called me two times in a Line I called back after I woke Upward and got a Hispanic speaking guy on that phone. Guest12015-11-05 17:39:27
4795998777Something constantly comes up at the last minuteGuest32015-11-05 17:54:27
4792063720any thoughts on who this really is repeatedly calling my cell unknown number and Owner. jd72015-12-14 12:03:24
4799268745Credit card crapGuest492015-11-05 18:01:27
4792020861Scam. . . . Guest122015-11-05 18:28:26
4795613882sorry I m busy call back laterGuest42015-11-05 18:41:27
4794396682Receiving annoying calls out of this and other Practically Equivalent Amounts within Fatefully AR. One or two Bands then stops. Can t telephone it backGuest232015-11-05 18:54:27
4796667263Don't telephone this Amount again. Guest182015-11-05 19:16:56
4793581561Unsolicited callGuest152015-11-05 19:20:27

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